Monday, August 27, 2007

Confessions part 1

Confessions from a slut next door at PleasureFest

My husband has been bugging me to relax, get away, but I never seem to have the time. I’ve met up with black men before, and love it, but can’t quite fit it in unless on vacation or something. The last time was with this huge dicked handsome man from Florida – Paul. Wow, he made our vacation very very special. When we left Fla Paul suggested we hook up with a friend of his, Brutus, from NYC. But I never seemed to have the time. And frankly, one black man can be a bit of a bore. So months go bye, until my husband starts talking about a “party” in FLA in July, which gets moved to August, where there will be other women and a bunch of guys. It was referred to as ‘pleasurefest,’ and I was invited. Hmmm. I put my husband through the ringer over the next couple of months, ensuring the girls are hot and the guys are hung. Had enough disappointments. Eventually, I agree to go. My husband is thrilled!!! (He’s a cuck if you didn’t guess.)

August comes and the plan is the guy from NY, Brutus, will pick me up from the airport ‘cause Paul will be busy that morning. Turns out the group at the weekend party will be ‘shooting’, which I came to learn is filming clips for porn. I’m a bit reticent about the crowd, but excited at the same time. If the girls film, they must be hot. (I’m bi- but supper, supper particular.)

Meanwhile, I have not been with a girl in years. I start fantasizing about the clean, waxed pussy, eating it and getting satisfied with hard black cock. I make my appointment for a Brazilian wax, and start packing.

I pull out a box from the back of my closet where I keep my slutty clothes. It’s mostly stuff my husband bought for me that I never wear. I figure all the panties should be thong, and I won’t need bras. I pick a denim mini skirt that barely covers my ass, some short shorts, a bunch of tight tank tops, and a selection of platform heals. I pick a leopard print dress that almost exposes my breasts and a bunch of lingerie. I also throw in a ‘nice’ dress in case we go to dinner in public. Since I know the girls will be pretty hot, I include fake eyelashes and nails.

The trip is a bit harried and organizing my life to disappear for a few days has its complications, but I get on the flight. What to wear on the flight is an issue. My husband thinks I should dress slutty, ‘ready for it’ when I’m picked up. I’m more reserved than that though. I have to be comfortable before anything happens, and nothing is a sure thing. I half think I may stay away from the party house in a hotel the whole time. So I dress for comfort on the plane. But when I land, I go to the restroom and put on make-up, take off my bra, and switch into high heels. Needless to say, I see no need for condoms in the carryon.

Which brings me another issue. I’m not on birth control. My practice when I ‘party’ is to use condoms, and did so with Paul in Fla last winter. But, in planning for the weekend, I learned that everyone is shooting bareback, which means they come with test in hand. Am I really going to go bareback with a big black dick??? I was getting wet just thinking about it. The calendar assured me I was not ovulating. But, what if the calendar was wrong . . . the thought made me hot. Anyway, no condoms needed.

So Brutus picks me up. Very nice guy. Very respectful. We made it back to the house with GPS and a few wrong turns. When we got to the house there were other people there, and I was aware I was supposed to be the ‘house slut.’ But, I was not yet into the vacation mode and still a bit uptight. I shook hands with the guys hanging out. There were a couple of girls there but they were still in bed. Brutus suggested we go to the beach – which was perfect. He suggested either a regular beach, or the nude beach. I picked the nude beach.

I went to the back of the house to change. I had to tiptoe through a bedroom where this Asian girl named Momo and her ‘daddy’ D ( were sleeping. She rolled over to say hello. I thought how pretty she was. I changed into a green string bikini and put a white, partly see-through cover-up over it. When I was ready I walked back to the kitchen with my beach bag, ready to go. One of the guys at the kitchen counter said “come here.” I walked over to him and he lifted the white cover-up up, looked at my body, and made a sound. I think he liked it. I was still a bit stand-off ish though, and wasn’t sure what his name was. We left for the beach.

When we picked out spot the beach attendant set up our chairs and umbrella and drove off. Brutus took off his clothes. I tried not to stare and took off my cover-up. I was not going naked. Lying on the beach under an umbrella was perfect. I got to adjust to the fact that I was not the responsible dutiful housewife for a few days, but just an anonymous person on the nude beach. An anonymous person who happened to be lying next to a true Adonis. Brutus’ physique is a gift, which he takes wonderful care of. I felt so lucky to be so close to him.

As we lay in the sun and shared earphones to my Ipod, I began to thaw out. It was hot and Brutus was ready to take a dip. I sat up and watched him walk to the water. I stared, in awe, with everyone else on the beach. His back is work if art. I decided to join him and walked in myself. I think I was the only one on the beach with a bathing suit. But I still felt naked because it was this tiny string thing my husband bought from Fredericks of Hollywood.

I was still feeling timid so I did not approach Brutus in the water. I just took a swim and enjoyed the water. Walking back to our spot I could feels eyes on me. I wondered if they thought Brutus and I were a fucking each other. I couldn’t wait to make that true.

Before I lay back down I moved my beach bag from between our chairs and pushed them together. They were fully reclined and touching, so we could lie right next to each other. Brutus was to my right. I decided to lie on my stomach so I could ask Brutus to rub sunscreen on my back. His hands are not only big, and strong, they are rough. I immediately fantasized about his holding me down. This time, I turned onto my right side and I started to touch him. I followed the sweat beads rolling down the side of his chest, first with my finger, then with my tongue. As he sang softly along with Shakira, I circled his left nipple with my finger. I watched his cock grow.

I was unsure of the laws in Fla or the rules for a nude beach, so I kept it gentle, just touching his nipples, chest and shoulder. Brutus turned on his side started to kiss. What a wonderful month. Since his cock was facing me, and not too exposed, I asked him if I could touch it. He said yes, but not to stroke. So I touched it. Then wrapped my finders around it and held it in my hand. I was full and firm. I was ready and getting wet. Brutus rubbed my thighs a bit, and my stomach, and had me completely whipped. I felt like a panting puppy dog. Brutus wanted to take another dip, so we stopped and laid back so his cock would go down. I again, watched him go into the water.

I joined him. This time I went right up to him where the water was chest high, put my arms around his neck, and wrapped my legs around his pelvis. We kissed and I felt his hard cock against my stomach. Since everyone else was naked, I thought it would be ok if I took of my bikini bottoms. I held them in hand with his arms around his neck. He slipped his cock in and my pussy was so wet inside, he had no trouble getting it all the way in. We kissed as he lifted me by my ass up and down on his cock. People were watching, but I didn’t care. I let go of his neck and arched my back, leaning back into the water, floating, with his hands holding my ass, pressing my pussy down onto his cock. I felt the sun on my face, the cock in my pussy, and I felt truly relaxed.

Neither of us climaxed; it was just a tease. When we stopped I swam around a bit and put my bottoms back on. Walking back to the chairs I could feel the eyes on me. This time they were sure I was a slut a black cock.

We soon decided to head back to the house. While packing up we were approached a number of times. Brutus has that body that attracts everyone, from gay guys, to straight women, to just admirers of the human form. The gay guys seemed particular aggressive, and not at all concerned that he was there with me. Brutus took it all in stride. But I couldn’t wait to get back to the house.

When we got back we hit the showers. I went to the room Brutus and I were to share and started to choose my outfit to wear around the house. Before I could, Brutus was of the shower and in the room. Naked. He took me and put me on the bed. He was over me, kissing me; I still had my robe on. He took it off and I felt his cock in my hand. I go on my knees and sucked it, like I was waiting to all day. The door was shut and we fucked, just the two of us, and I squired come all over. Thank goodness my robe and towel were there to absorb most of it. Brutus came in my pussy, which was his first load of the weekend.

We showed again, and this time dressed. I put on a miniskirt with thong panties, a halter-top and high sandals. By this time everyone was up and planning his or her day for what shoots would happen when. I was to be just a spectator and off camera participant. I walked around, got a drink of water, and tried to be polite to everyone. I could feel people checking me out and felt like I was wearing a sign, ‘house slut.’ When I was approached, which I was, I told guys they had to ask Brutus. I like having someone else in charge and telling me whom to fuck. And it was safer that way. Brutus new who was tested and had their papers with them.

I watched two girls I didn’t meet yet come out of a room where they filmed some girl/girl stuff, and get ready to take stills with each other. I watched them pose with each other in front of the camera and touch each other. I wondered if it was for the camera, or whether they were bi. I didn’t know if I was going to get any pussy. One girl had the most gigantic breasts I’ve ever seen in my life. I thought she looked a little to porn for my taste. I ended up spending time with her later, though and found her to be supper sweet and kind innocent, which was a turn on. More on that later.

During the action one of the Producers I had met earlier approached me and looked down my skirt. It was a big open room with the kitchen, dinner area, living room all open, looking onto the patio. Everyone in all those rooms could see us. He reminded me what his name was, Big Max, took my tit in his hand and pulled out his cock. I got down on my knees and started sucking. Max was a Producer so did not have to ‘save it for the camera.’ It was all mine. He lifted me off my knees and asked Brutus if he could take me into his bedroom. Brutus said, sure and Max lead me by my hand into his room. He gently pushed me back on the bed, laid on top and started kissing me. His cock was still out and my skirt was up. He took off my panties and started whispering in my ear. He said things I never heard before, and it made me wild. He said he wanted to ‘breed’ me, get me pregnant and watch my belly grow with his black baby. I lost it. The orgasms were pretty intense. I don’t know if Max had an inkling that I was not on birth control, but he seemed to know it was a possibility. He shot his load in my pussy and I wondered all weekend, if it took. Chances are no, but no confirmation yet. . .

I was passed again from Max back to Brutus. I could not believe the physical release I was getting from all the cock in my pussy. I kept coming with them both. I squirt and I kept thinking I was done, but more would come. My husband was right. I needed a break.

A couple of other guys took their turns with me. They would pile on and take turns and I did not see all their faces. They didn’t come though ‘cause they had shoots coming up. I knew I could relax and take it all though because Brutus was overseeing everything and making sure I was safe. I just let go and loved it all.

-Married Slut

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