Monday, November 26, 2007

Big Dee Party part 2

Daddy came over and asked me if I was OK or if I wanted anything to drink. I said a glass of wine would nice and Big D said I could open whatever bottle I wanted. I picked out a red and Daddy poured me a glass. I wondered around the apartment with my wine, poking my head in the various rooms. It was dark in the room off the kitchen but I could see the back of a naked black man with white legs wrapped around him. It became obvious what kind of party this was.

I walked down the hall and looked into some of the other rooms. In one, two people were sitting and talking. From the other room I could hear moaning and sounds of sex. I poked my head around other spectators and saw a man fucking a woman, and another woman lying by herself, laying on her back, naked, rubbing her pussy and moaning very loud. I wondered if it was the couple next to her fucking, or all the spectators watching here, that was getting her off. I left the room and looked for daddy. I was a bit uncomfortable and hoped he would put my leash on and keep me close.

I saw him talking to a group of women, all in various states of undress; they seemed to know each other and were catching up. I did not want to interrupt, so I stood against a wall and took a sip of wine. He must have sensed me nearby and read my mind. He took my arm and pulled me toward him, and took out the leash. He hooked it on my collar and said to the women, this is my slut. One smiled and said, nice. Another introduced herself. Daddy then gave me kiss on the cheek and I stood by for a bit as he chatted with the women.

Daddy then took me to the living room and we sat down. He asked me if I was interested in anyone I saw. I pointed out Nicole, the beautiful black girl. He said he did not know if she was bi, but suggested I talk to her. I told him I tried, but she seemed shy. I pointed out a black guy who had no shirt on and looked like he lifted weights. Daddy suggested I go talk to him and he took off my leash. I introduced myself and made an attempt at conversation. He was nice, but there was really nothing to talk about. But, he looked good and I told Daddy if he ever had a party for me, he could him. By this time the wine may have been kicking it because I was curious as to what was developing in the back room where I saw the woman masturbating. I walked back with Daddy and we stood against a wall. I saw a very tall black man lying on his back with a petite blond woman sitting on his stomach giving him a blow job. She had long blond hair tied back in a ponytail, smooth pretty skin and firm petite tits. I wanted to get closer to her. I asked Daddy if it was ok to join them and he said yes. I did not disrobe, but sat on the edge of the bed near his feet and put my hand on his leg. I stroked him lightly along the shin. He opened his leg a little wider and extended my stroke up to his thigh. I watched her pretty mouth go up and down on his cock while she held it in his hands. His legs were spread and his balls were neglected, hanging unattended from the base of his cock. I knew she needed help and I was anxious to get closer to her mouth. So I leaned forward, cradled his balls in my hands, and whispered to her, can I help. She said yes and I took his balls in my mouth. After a few more strokes she lifted her mouth from his cock, and I lifted mine from his balls, and we kissed; a deep French kiss, as I held her face in my hands.

I loved kissing her soft lips and feeling the soft skin on her face. Our bodied moved closer and we stroked each other and we continued to kiss deeply. I was envious of the black man we were both straddling in that wanted I big black cock I could shove inside her little pussy. My daddy did buy me a black dildo for such an occasion as this, but I did not have it with me. I was hungry for pussy and wanted to get between her legs.

I lifted her off the bed and away from the black man, who may have felt abandoned, but another woman joined him, which soothed my guilt a bit for having stolen the petite blond. I laid the blond down on the carpet next to the bed and opened her legs. I dove into her lips, licking and sucking deep into her pussy. I reached up and tugged gently on her small, firm breasts, and then moved my mouth to them. I wanted to bite her, but was afraid to hurt her. I kissed her more on the mouth as her hands moved across my body. We linked our legs together and each leaned back, grinding our cunts together, pushing our clits into each others’ and rubbing hard. It had been years since I did the scissor fuck, as I think of it, with another girl and I was aching for it. I could have shot cum all over her and into her pussy, but I held back. I was a guest in the house and did not want to mess up the room with my squirting, or shock the pretty blond with a flood of liquid she might think is urine. So I held my orgasm back.

We moved back to the bed and another petite woman joined us – with a similar body but short brown hair. I wanted to hold them both down and fuck them; make them my pussy pets. But again, I was a guest, and I did not have my dildo. At one point in our girl on girl on girl action may daddy come over and whispered to me that there was someone I should take care of. I looked up and saw the big black man I stole the bland from standing naked next to the bed with his extended out from his body at a 45 degree angle. I left the girls with each other and got on my knees. I took his cock in my mouth, holding his balls in my hands, and sucked up and down. He looked at me and then to my daddy, and said thank you to him. I loved doing what daddy told to do even more than fucking a girl. I was so aroused I wanted the big black man to fuck me, but I did as I was told, and kept sucking up and down. He shot his load in my mouth and swallowed. Daddy leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, good slut.

I was so pleased I got to scissor fuck a petite blond, suck off a big black man, and be a good slut for daddy. I even met a couple of other black guys that daddy may let me fuck in the future. I liked the party very much. When we got home daddy said since I was good girl that he would give me his cock. I got it, thick and deep. I let go of all the cum juice I held back at the party and soaked daddy’s bed. He said he knew the two girls I played with and if I was good, he would have them over his place for me in the future. He also said he may have a gang bang for me. I knew I met the right daddy for me.

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  1. This sounds like it was our kind of party. We wish we could have joined you!