Sunday, March 30, 2008


Let me begin by saying I am completely non-judgmental and supportive of any choices or lifestyle pursuits that any adult willfully engages in or explores. I share that thought initially to offset any possibility for my writings in this blog or any future posting to be misinterpreted. Statements made in reference to the person that I am (or am not) and things that I & hubby do (or don’t do) are nothing more than that; factual statements of my experiences, and should not be inferred to have any positive or negative judgments toward any that would make different or even completely opposite choices from my own. If everyone were the same, life would be boring, and you would not be reading this blog as it would mirror your life & the life of everyone else you know….YAWN!
My name is Talia, I am 33yrs old (although I keep referring to it as 29 with 4 years experience…LOL) I am happily married, for 8 years to my best friend, and a very busy Mom. I’ll apologize now in advance for the lengthiness of my introductory paragraphs. I just felt this being my 1st entry that it should impart my global experience and had some additional points to share beyond just the VERY HOT SEX! But I promise future entries will be much more concise. ☺
I’ll not bore you with all of the facts of how we came to desire and eventually became a cuck couple outside of saying that it we both had needs to be submissive, to be dommed & directed…just not by one another directly. I am very particular when considering a potential lover….so much so that it’s caused me to have spent much more time seeking, than finding. My stringent standards are not because I think I’m “too good” or better than anyone else. Simply, I have much to protect & tend to in my “REAL” day to day, very happy & but CRAZY- busy, life. So, in the, never enough, spare extracurricular time I have I’m looking for quality not quantity in a proper stud. I felt I didn’t have time to waste with anyone or thing that is not the ultimate, perfect specimen, that my pussy stays endlessly wet and aches for. In my 2 years of being on the hunt for the perfect combination of cock and mindset, I learned one thing, if your standards are super high and requirements are many, you’re not likely to get laid very often…LOL
It was an exhausting process searching & posting online ads…weeding out the many… white, weird & wayward who responded, despite my very
 specifically outlined desired qualities we desired any potential lover to possess. Yes, white was the first eliminating quality. Now is a probably a good time to share a point Hubby & I emphatically agree on. It is this, although not always or exclusively, 9 times out of 10 our Blessed Black Brothers are packing much more pleasure in their pants than white boys could ever hope to have. Eventually a girlfriend, of whom I idolize, admire and have endless gratitude toward, selflessly & benevolently introduced me to my new Daddy who exceeded my highest expectations on every level.Our initial introductions had been via IM, email, & phone chats which began around New Year’s. Collaboration of schedules & travel f
ound us finally mutually free last weekend. It’d been almost a year since I’d indulged in any outside of marriage cock…Honestly, I was beyond overdue to spend some quality time being worked out by a true, (not a poser or want-to-be mind you) black bull. I know they say be careful what you wish for cause you just might get it….I’ve found that if you wish & pray to god; or whomever you pray to, that you just might! ☺

After a little under a month of IM’s, phone chats, and scheduling coordination the plans were made to hook up at a mid-point hotel…which brings me to the ONLY thing I could ever desire to change about my phenomenal new stud…the distance between us which is about 3hrs…1 way! Not that the distance, no matter if it was doubled, could ever keep me from this man that I sought for so long and have finally found!!

As Hubby & I drove along to our date, I found myself trying to talk myself down in my mind from my excitement and nervous anticipation. I tried to keep my expectations low telling myself that much could still go wrong or fall short of the desired scenario as it had in times past. It was hard for me to keep myself focused in that line of thinking because although what I knew of my “soon to be met” BULL was only small details & surface facts, they all seemed to match so perfectly to what it was that I desired to find. All the more reason to remind myself that things that seem too good to be true usually are, in an effort to protect myself from crushing disappointment if he, like others in the past, fell short of either what he’d presented
 or I presumed he’d be. Knowing that my girlfriend had experienced hot fuck sessions with him and the fact that I’d seen his Humongous, Gorgeous, Black, Uncut (my personal favorite BTW) Super Human cock via pics & vid made it very difficult to keep things in the prospective I was desperately trying to maintain. OK……. so I failed at not being overly excited and optimistic.
Luckily for me when this gorgeous stud came to our suite, I knew within 10 minutes of his arrival that I’d not in any way be disappointed…now all I had to fear was being worthy of what he was bringing! I say 10 minutes, and I mean that quite literally…because that’s just about how long he was in the room prior to me feeling that monstrous cock part my wet, aching pussy lips beginning its journey of opening, reaching stretching, and training my tight, little, pink, hole to accommodate his massive manhood!
I was certainly attracted to the pre-meet photos etc. he shared with me, but standing in front of me when I opened the door it was almost overwhelming. He was HOT, smelled delicious, and when I greeted him with a kiss hello he had the most intoxicating lips I’ve yet to experience; soft, full & sweet tasting, yet firm & commanding. Immediately I felt my pussy slicken, eagerly anticipating what was to CUM! I tried to keep myself cool & collected, despite feeling like a horny, virginal teenager on the brink of experiencing something previously unknown to her. A momentary introduction to hubby, who was in the middle of lighting a fire in the fireplace, when my beautiful, black, Adonis came from behind me, wrapped his arms around my waist, and pressed himself against me, I could feel his raging hard cock through his jeans and breathed a slight sigh of relief assuming this was a sign that he too was pleased with what had met him at the door☺

Our suite was a bi-level, 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath, so I figured, since we had arrived before him that I would bring him upstairs so he could decide which bedroom he’d prefer so he could get his bags situated and settled. Briefly I showed him the downstairs bedroom then he followed me upstairs so he could check out the loft bed &bath. I was in the middle of fumbling on my words of, “This is the other room, here’s the bathroom around the corner….” When he grabbed me and pulled me close to him, again his cock stiff in his pants, I couldn’t help molesting it through his clothes for a moment. He lifted me up and sat me on the bathroom alcove’s vanity. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he kissed me with those beautiful lips and allowed me to taste his sweet tongue. I couldn’t help myself, as I wrapped my legs around him pulled myself closer to him grinding my still fully clothed and wanton pussy against the stiff gift that was held in his pants for me.

As he unbuttoned & unzipped his pants, revealed to me was one of the biggest cocks I’ve ever seen (even in porn, never mind reality) I was overcome with an almost primal drive and ambition to worship this man & his superior cock. I wanted desperately to please, suck, fuck, and surrender all of my holes; to be owned by him exclusively. Hubby & I had often discussed that would be the case once we found the right “one” who would compliment & complete our marriage. But up until this point, I doubted that we’d ever find what we truly sought. Did a man exist who would ever evoke feelings comparable to those conjured in my fantasies? I’d been with others prior, and had a good fuck/booty call friend here & there, but NOTHING prepared me for the all encompassing mind & body experience that I was on the brink of having.

As soon as his cock was partially exposed from his pants, I slid off the vanity counter and squatted down in front of it, awe struck, I wondered how much of this huge cock I’d be able to take in my mouth. I went to work straight away on my mission of discovery; I kissed and briefly licked the head of his cock moistening it for my mouth’s dissention. Slowly and carefully I began to work my mouth down his shaft as I grasped it at the base with both hands. Even with both hands wrapped around the massive base, one on top of the other, and my mouth filled to its maximum capacity a portion of his great length remained untouched between my lips and closest hand. BEYOND IMPRESSIVE! A few minutes of mouth worship and then he guided me to my feet and undid my pant’s button. Set back on the vanities edge, I leaned back against its mirror, I brought my legs up from their dangling position and placed my heels almost touching my ass cheeks on the vanities edge and prepared for my pussy’s christening. His bare cock head touched my now soaked pussy lips and waves of electricity coursed through my body. He taunted & teased me by barely penetrating the head of his cock past my pussy lips and then retracting it. It was sweet torture as I struggled with conflict of wanting so badly to have him quickly and fully thrust himself deep inside me and being afraid of it splitting me in two! Several more partially penetrating strokes then he led me over to the bed that he had dictated was to be hubby’s , and I laid back on it as he again began to penetrate me from his standing position at the bed’s edge. As pushed himself deeper inside me, I could feel my pussy stretching to a capacity only rivaled by child birth, and flooding of fluids rushing down the walls of my tight cavern eager to accommodate this stud of my dreams turned reality. He asked me how I liked it; I could only manage a weak gasp of “Unbelievable.” sure that the look on my face was one of dumbfounded. Now lying fully on top of me his response to that was, “Good, because it’s only half way in.”

Remember that Hubby was left downstairs when we ascended the stairs for the purpose of room choosing, and clearly able to hear our activities over the loft’s half -wall. Briefly my thoughts turned to what hubby must be thinking and on cue as if reading my mind, my stud lover called out to hubby and invited him to come up to, “See how your wife is doing.”

I could see hubby’s face when he reached the top landing of the staircase, which I saw had equaled amounts of amazement & approval for what he saw on his arrival. His little, 5 ft 4” tall, 104lb, white wife, fully enraptured, legs spread wide to accommodate her 6ft, 220lb black bull. It wasn’t until that moment that I was blessed with complete and full penetration from my, from that moment forth, new Daddy, God, Master, & Obsession! Hubby’s vantage point upward from the bed’s right corner offered unobstructed view as I was, “Oh so expertly dicked-down.” A few minutes of beautiful, struggle, strain & stretch as my pussy was called to task of accommodating his cock had passed before shameless greed had me grabbing & holding my legs up off the bed from below him, positioning myself to receive him even deeper. I shit you not when I tell you the head of his cock was buried beyond my cervix! I heard Hubby exhale loudly and say something along the lines of, “Oh My God!” Positioning now offered hubby a gander at this stunt cock, buried to balls deep, moving and molding my cunt to his conformity, and at the same time ruining it for hubby as well as the majority of the male population. I had orgasm after orgasm and felt free to share my joy & amazement with Hubby as I told him ecstatically that it was the best cock I’d ever had. Hubby obviously impressed by the scene before him told me how beautiful my pussy looked stuffed to beyond what either of us could have imagined to be its maximum capacity. I couldn’t help but to profess my undying loyalty and allegiance to Daddy, thanking him for fucking me so well, begging him never to stop! He seemed to appreciate this and began to outline the parameters of our newly proposed “relationship”, all the while he continued to strongly & steadily fuck me.

Some of its design had been roughly and hypothetically outlined & discussed prior to our meeting based on the assumption of a mutually satisfying first date. Never had I gone bare with any outside partners…condoms were always used, for the obvious health reasons as well as the fact that I’m not on any type of birth control, hubby & I had always gotten by with the famous “pull-out” method. Sooooooo, Condoms, without a doubt, were my best friends and served me on multi-levels in every prior outside of marriage experience. Their use did have drawbacks which lie in two categories: I’ve always had great appreciation for not only the added sensation of skin to skin but in the decadent feeling of accomplishment as a lover’s cock explodes and pulses his hot load deep in my pussy. Hubby of course, as a good & wanton cuck always maintained the unrealized fantasy of cleaning my pussy of my lover’s cream pie with his expert tongue.

My stud early on in our cyber chats clearly understood the benefits of such enhancements for both me as his faithful slut and hubby in further definition of his sub-cuck role. Mutually we agreed it’d be preferred to indulge unencumbered by rubbers. In prep we obtained blood work and proof of our mutually negative STD statuses.

And so The Rules were spoken to us in between my orgasms and the occasional position change as hubby sat mesmerized almost to the point of speechlessness and watched on from the bedside. Unequivocally hubby & I both stated & reiterated our desires for this stud to take complete ownership of my pussy. He informed hubby, who had expected to be told that he could no longer fuck me bare and would have to wear condoms now, that, yes that would be the case, IF he were ever to be allowed to penetrate my pussy at all! That hubby would never be fucking me at all, in any way, condoms or otherwise, unless it was directed or preapproved by Daddy. Furthermore, even hubby’s orgasms via masturbation would be limited and on decreasing schedule that would be routinely reviewed and modified as our new bull saw fit. I glanced over into hubby’s eyes that was eagerly agreeing to all of his new restrictions and saw acceptance, understanding and reverence in his face. This would be difficult but helpful for hubby who had been accustomed to only rare deviation in his routine of daily release. He’d be allowed to eat my pussy per my desire and the only porn materials available to him when he was to jerk off (once every two days at this point) would be those provided to him by our new sexual delegate. All of which were flicks & pics of our bull fucking various women. It should go without saying, but I fully understand and am good with the fact that Daddy has his harem of women and my desire is for him to happy & satisfied at all times, regardless of my availability to provide that at any given time. As I mentioned early on for me, what I sought and have now found, was quality and it just seems extremely righteous and just to maintain all of my holes pristinely & exclusively for him.
This man captivated me in ways I’d never anticipated, and I fucked, worshipped, and attempted to drink in his every essence as if it were the last chance I’d ever have.

We took a break to eat dinner in the room, which was oddly comfy as the three of us had multi-topic conversations at the dinner table as we sat and ate; Daddy & I barely clad, looking freshly fucked, hubby fully clothed, looking exactly as he had hours earlier when we left the house. Being a good host & cuck, he set and cleared our meal, which ended when Daddy stood up by the table side I was compelled to slide out of my chair and on to my knees to pay further mouth homage to his super human cock. I’d hoped to enjoy his sweet cum as my dessert. Hubby continued to clear & tidy around us carefully in attempt not to disturb us as I attempted to deep throat and choke on his beautiful, black, cock.

Eventually we moved out of the living area into Daddy’s 1st floor bedroom where he schooled me in all the benefits of having a lover with beyond ample length. He expertly guided me through multiple position changes, throughout which his cock remained inside me. Transitions that would have been an impossible feat for most men to execute without having their sub standard or average cocks slip out mid maneuver. Most just aren’t blessed with the reach Daddy’s dick was blessed with. He fucked me senseless in every imaginable position for what seemed like endless, blissful, hours. I clung close to him, kissed & pawed every inch of his glorious body. I attempted to meet his every thrust, buried my face in his chest to smell, lick and drink in every essence of his being. I came over and over again in full body waves as I whimpered in his ear words of shameless thanks & praise. Throughout our communion Hubby watched on from the adjoined living room in amazement of our apparent mutual drive & stamina for one another. My pussy had been deliciously and thoroughly beat up and we were thirsty so hubby was instructed to join us with some beverages in our moment of pause. After fluids were replenished, Daddy invited Hubby up on to the bed for a closer look and taste of the modifications his cock had made to the pussy that just a few short hours ago was tight & his. Hubby was beyond pent up after the live sex show he’d been allowed to “view only” for hours without participation or being granted permission for self gratification. The fact that I’d not let him fuck me in the week preceding our date surely added to the taunt. He stared awestruck at his close up view of my freshly fucked hole and eagerly plunged his tongue deep inside my still uncummed-in pussy. As I lay with my head on the pillow beside my bull, hubby relished the taste & aromas of our sex as his hungry mouth explored & offered added lube to my well worked out pussy. The whole time Daddy speaking to us, telling hubby, “Get her pussy real wet for my cock because I’m not done fucking her yet.” Explaining to me that if his instructions, especially that of complete denial of pussy to hubby were not followed that he’d not continue to see or fuck me. Thoughts of such consequence inspired immediate fear & anxiety. I HAD to fuck this man again…and again… and hopefully, many more agains☺ I had no problem pledging that I would stringently follow his instructions…and, didn’t just say it, meant it in all earnest. As hubby lapped up our love juices I stroked my lover’s cock and we tongue kissed deeply. Eventually Daddy decided to resume his rightful place inside his newly acquired pussy. Hubby did surprise me as my bull pushed hubby’s face away from between my legs and prepared to mount me, hubby began to beg him, “Please cum in my wife, please fill her pussy with your seed, mark your territory, I promise not to try to fuck her anymore.” This seemed to please Daddy as he did oblige him by pumping his seed deep inside me. When he pulled out a small dribble of cum remained on the head of his cock, which he offered to my mouth to which I shared with hubby in a deep wet kiss prior to him performing his first ever true pussy clean up duties. The room, for the first time was still and quiet outside of an occasional suckling heard from hubby relishing his reward and smelled deliciously of sex. Exhausted my bull and I laid, silently in the trance-like wake of our afterglow. I’m not sure how much time had passed when I felt my body jump just prior to drifting to sleep, hubby still between my legs tonguing my now sore and truly worked out pussy, knowing that he was beyond blue balled at this point and hearing my bulls rhythmic breathing of slumber we retreated to hubby’s loft accommodations. It was there that I allowed hubby his first release in days…which took all of 5 minutes as he feverishly jerked his cock while I whispered reiterations of the fact that we’d not be fucking anymore and that although I’d always continue to be his wife and mate that my pussy was now under new ownership of which he’d need to concern himself with pleasing and consulting if he had any future hopes or desires to ever feel my pussy again. I added that it was the best fuck of my natural young life and that I planned to keep fucking him…FREQUENTLY. In an unparalleled explosion of huge amounts of back up cum, he told me he understood and that he knew that our newfound stud was exactly what our marriage needed. Hmmmm, I don’t know I’ll get back to you on whether or not hubby is able to maintain his now cool as Barry White, acceptance of his new situation and guidelines between now and my next blog entry…ha ha ha.

A few hours of sleep were grabbed prior to my being awoken from my slumber next to hubby when I felt something touch my lips and was awoken with a brief kiss from Daddy prior to him standing and rubbing his beautiful cock on my face and mouth which I eagerly began to tongue, kiss and suckle. He pulled the bed covers from my naked body and led me by the hand down to his room, which appropriately held the larger King sized bed and we left hubby behind still sleeping in the Queen bed we had shared. My pussy was still quite swollen and slightly sore from its earlier, well needed, perfected-punishment. I relished every thrust as he quickly put me on back, spread my legs and plunged his cock deep into my tight, sore, little, pussy hole that shamelessly soaked for his accommodation. I loved it; feelings never before evoked flooded my cunt & consciousness. It was exceptionally freeing & liberating to know that he was now in full control of my pussy and would take it at will. Desires I thought I had to be submissive prior to this were fully deepened and solidified in that moment. I knew then there could be little that I could or would ever refuse this man and I was eager to carry-out and submit to his every whim to ensure that he would continue to guide & teach me to please him as he had me. Hubby woke to hear grunts & whimpers in the room below him which he quickly came down to view. Quietly & obediently he waited in a chair just beyond our bedroom door, where he could see but remained outside the room’s threshold, appropriately waiting to be invited in. Daddy waited awhile before granting the invite, reinforcing the fact that we were all there with the priority focus being on our new bull’s pleasure and that unless there was a specific task for hubby, his front row presence would be a privilege or reward granted to him by Daddy and not to be expected or assumed. Toward the end of this yet again multi-orgasmic session he did invite hubby in for some added mouth lubrication for his wife’s beautifully beat-up pussy prior to pushing his head aside and providing me my final ecstatic explosion.

We actually had a relatively early am departure; unfortunately we had a family function to attend and had leave early to assure our timely arrival to our prior commitments. In the morning we agreed that we’d need to be hooking up again…sooner rather than later, and I grabbed a few more precious moments of sucking Daddy’s cock while hubby gathered all of our belongings and packed the car for check out. I am forever grateful to my understanding husband and my overachieving stud for a night of true and utter ecstasy. I hope to have cause to sit and type of our next adventures soon, which I am highly anticipating as the intention is for Daddy to take my ass, a pleasure always desired by but completely denied to hubby. So I guess that’s it for now as I wait on baited breath for our next hook up.


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