Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cherri Cola

Hi everyone just was stopping by to drop a note. I have noticed in the last couple weeks there has been a flurry of new members to the group. I wanna say thanks for joining and hope you enjoy this ning social network. I am Big Max and yes I do produce amateur/semi pro porn. This group is primarily an adjunct to my main site which is a paid site but you get much more photos, clips and full-length videos there. I created this group to interact with people interested my videos, porn or just swinging in general. It's a way to get feedback also to meet people and to network. You don't have to want to be in porn to join the group. Matter of fact I am a swinger as well and I do fuck off camera lol. My hope is you can meet other people with similar sexual interest and hook up with them. Feel free to post pic and videos or contact other members, maybe even start a discussion.

Well what been going with me I been working a lot over the last couple weeks shooting n playing but mostly editing. My latest venture was very interesting to say the least. My buddy Brandon Longwood of called me up a couple weeks ago and wanted me to help him and Big Dee shoot a scene in the NYC subway with this girl Cherri Cola. She had a really sick n cool concept of pole dancing in the subway no nudity just stripper pole go-go dancing since we did not want to be arrested we mutually decided to do it when the least amount of people will be on the train… 2AM and lemmie tell yah the NYC subway is NEVER empty. Cherri Cola turned out to be a real cool chick fun full of energy and a real freak too. No inhibitions she danced her ass off in the subway while onlooker gawked. We had a lot of fun but I was tired as fuck got home at 5AM LOL. Anyway I am not sure when she will post it but you can check her out on The gang came over to my crib the next day to shoot some stills I manned the grilled and BBQ. After we ate Cherri came into my bedroom n saw all my whips and floggers, she grabbed my dick n said we have to shoot when I come back to NYC. So time will tell folks. I cant wait to see how much nastier she gets. In the mean time till she put it up on her site here is a small clip of what we shot

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