Monday, September 8, 2008

Shooting Barbi

Sup y'all hope every one had a great weekend despite the stormy weather; well at least it was here out in the east coast. It’s Monday and it’s back to the grind... yes I know looking at porn all day can be a very tasking endeavor (sarcasm) LOL it a fun job but still a job, but who am I kidding I love it. Anyway got a pretty exciting week coming up my good friend Barbi and her husband are visiting me this week Wend and Thurs. and we will be shooting videos while they are here. Barbie is a blonde knockout and a lot of fun I played with in past n made some videos with her. Whenever you guys get a chance you should check out her site she is a real down to earth slut and loves to do public sex hopefully we can get some great stuff while she is here. I may be looking for some Black guys to shoot with her, so if you are in the NYC area and interested fire me an e-mail at: or hit me up here.


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