Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Hi folk Max here with another Blog entry. I recently shot a video with this new young upcoming slut that was interested in doing some porn with me. One of my associates introduced me too her. Her name is Sasha her ethnicity is Thai and Black. Real cute with a bubble butt. A lil shy but loves to fuck. This shoot almost did not happen. My man Mr. Ed came by to fuck this slut. But she was late very late. Lol make that 4 hours late, every time we were about to pack it up and call it a loss she would call and say she is 20 min away or traffic was holding her up. That is one of the exasperations in shooting amateur porn it usually a crap soot sometime they show up sometimes they don’t you just have to roll with it and hope for the best. Anyway she finally showed up. By this time Mr. Ed had some pent up frustrations and took it out one her. He blasted her with one of his biggest cum shot I have seen from him. The scene will be on my site: in the coming weeks but here is a sample clip. Enjoy

-B. Max


  1. i love this slut do more with her

  2. more sasha damn she's hot i love the red bones