Friday, February 26, 2010


Couple weeks ago, my buddy Donnie Pipes called me and mentioned a new couple he had met; Bruce and Rachel. A couple that he wanted me to meet he said they are right up your ally Max. Send me some photos and what are you doing this weekend? He asked.

This woman is the nastiest slut you will meet she will do whatever and anything, take it in the ass then suck your dick lick your ass and ask for more, and she love to talk nasty. So I said cool sound like my kinda slut I'm not doing anything this weekend send me a pic of her as well.

When I got the pics he was not kidding the slut, was smoking hot, tall, blonde with a nice rack and a look that said fuck me now! So I sent them e-mail with my name and number and a couple more pictures of myself. A day later I got a response from them. Bruce her husband called me, he said they thought my pictures are hot “my wife can't wait to meet you” so we made arrangements to meet some time the following weekend. I gave them a call and we hit it off right away. She was a real slut that loved BBC she told me she had a weakness for Strong black bulls. The more aggressive the better she did not want romance or flowers just a man that will take her to the limit pull her hair and treat her like a whore just her telling me this just turned me on even more. Do anything you want to me I am your fuck toy spit on me degrade me abuse me. I knew immediately this is going to be something special. The following Friday on my way over as I got on the on the highway I got a call in the car and it was Rachel she wanted make sure that was on my way. Apparently a lot of other guys that have made appointments with her in the past back out at the last min, She was a lil too intimating for them to handle and did not believe she would do what she said. She just wanted to make sure I was coming. She sounded like a happy schoolgirl when I told her I was 30 miles away on the road. She started to talk to me dirty tell me all and nasty things wanted to do to me. She had just finished a blunt and wanted something bigger she want to suck my dick she want me to take all her holes asked not to be gentle do anything to me and take anything from me. She want me to pull her hair and make her choke on my dick till tears to come down the she wanted be slapped around and come on and do whatever. My dick was getting hard I was getting so turned on by her nasty mouth I couldn’t wait to meet and fuck her so by the time I got to her house I had such a raging hard-on.

I pull-up the house she was wearing a sexy corset and thongs she just made quick intro and she handed me a blunt I shook Bruce’s hand and she lead me upstairs after a few puffs I said on your knees bitch. I grabbed her hair and started to fuck her face she shot back at me with equal verbal fervor in her shit talk she was an aggressive slut which I love. I soon had her doggie style pounding at her married cunt we started at 10 pm and I did not leave till about 4 am before the night was over she had a gapping ass swollen pussy and a mouth full of cum I fucked her in every room in her house often leading her around with a leash she was a very flexible and contorted her body to give me access to the deepest recess of her pussy and ass I have never seen a slut take my dick that hard for that many hours I even gave the slut a golden shower she relished in it. Her husband captured it all on film for me. Check out her performance in my latest vid Big Max Banging the MILFs Vol. 16

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  1. Well we know what certain people did for Valentine's day

  2. You are a true legend the way you consistently get this ladies...Hats off to you!