Sunday, January 6, 2008


When we woke up Daddy took my pussy and shot his morning load in me I love being waken up like that… just being taken without being asked. Then he told me to go back to sleep because he got a hotel suite in the city and had a big night Planned for me. I had already made an appointment to get my hair done at a salon in the city, and daddy said the day was mine to relax and pamper myself at the spa. I asked Daddy what he had planned, and he said I was ready for multiple guys, and that I would be fucking a lot that night. I got excited. The thought of strange men, multiple strange me, fucking me, one after the other was getting me wet. I begged daddy to fuck me more, to get me off, but he said no. I had to wait the party he had planned. Frustrated, But excited, I went back to sleep.Daddy roused me and said it was time to go into the city. He picked out an outfit he wanted me to wear for the party and packed it with my makeup. Daddy dropped me off at the salon where I was to spend the next few hours. While my hair was being done the Stylist asked me what my plans were for the night, and how I wanted my hair to look, I told her I was going out with my boyfriend, and I wanted it to look "sexy". 

I did want it to look sexy, even though I assumed it would be messy, sweaty and pulled back, as soon as the party started. I thought I should at least look good for the first guy.
When daddy picked me up and brought me back to the suite, I put on my makeup and the outfit daddy picked out. It was a short white dress, which was almost see-through. You could see my brown nipples and the outline of my matching white g-string. I also put on clear platform shoes that made me feel like a stripper.
We put on some music and waited for the guys to arrive while daddy took some photos of me. I heard a knock on the door and got a tingle in my pussy. I looked through the key hole, saw a black guy and opened the door. He was a big guy and very nice looking. I introduced myself and invited him in. I took his jacket and hung it up and offered him something to drink. He accepted a bottle of water and took a seat on the couch. I was happy, and a bit relieved, that I was attracted to the first guy who showed up. I took a seat next to him on the couch and started to chat. He immediately lifted his hand and moved it up my skirt toward my pussy. I froze, grabbed his hand, and said, not so fast. I was still nervous and did not know how everything was supposed to get started, but I didn’t think that was the way. I told him I wanted to wait for more guys to arrive.As each guy arrive, I repeated my greeting: introduced myself, took their coat and offered them a drink. I wondered if this was how a geisha was supposed to act. I stood among the men as they stared at the walls. It this point, I was really at a loss about what to do, and kept going over to daddy asking him if I was doing the right thing. 

He kept telling me it was my party, so to just do whatever I wanted. What I wanted was for a guy to just take me – lift me up, carry me into the bed room and start fucking me. And when he was done, the next one walks in. But that did not happen. In fact, they tended to group together and if one touched me, others followed, and it was the dreaded group grope. So I was coy, dancing away from their hands, and stepping out often to check my makeup. And I waited.
At one point a couple arrived and the woman was very pretty. A voluptuous blond named Maya who was in the scene longer than me and probably had a number of gangbangs. I figured I would follow her lead from that point. They had also called earlier and asked if they could bring anything. I suggested a wine I particularly liked, and they brought it, so I was attracted to their thoughtfulness immediately. We all had wine and they seemed comfortable. At one point when she was sitting in a chair, He was standing behind her fondling her breasts, which was the first overtly sexual thing to occur. I took daddy aside and asked if she was bi – cause she was so pretty I wanted to kiss her. And, since I did not want to take the lead with one of the guys, I considered initiating things with her. He said to go for it.
I walked over to them and looked at her breasts as he rubbed them, pulling her tits from outside her shirt. I asked him; I think his name was Sergio, if I could touch his wife’s breasts. I wouldn’t ask her because if she was anything like me, they were not her’s, they were his, and it was up to him what I could to her. He said yes and she smiled. I got on my knees between her legs and took her left nipple in my mouth and cupped her right breast in my hands. They were large and soft and real and her nipples were erect. I then went to her mouth and gave her a strong deep kiss. I was aroused by how receptive she was to me. At that moment I could not care about the room filled with black men, but just wanted to take this woman. She was still sitting in the chair and as I gauged it, about my size. I stood from my knees, put one hand around her back, another under her thighs and lifted her up. She squealed with surprise, but I was determined to be the first to fuck her that night.

I carried her to the bedroom as the guys looked on, some laughing, some cheering, and put her on the bed. She laid back and I took off her panties. I thought about the strap on I brought with me, got on my knees on the bed and started to eat her pussy as she moaned I felt hands grab my ass and lift my dress. There was a big black man on my right and one to my left. They followed us in to fuck and there was no stopping them. I was so aroused by eating her pussy I was ready for their black cocks. There were two other guys all over Maya I could not even see her breasts. So I abandoned my plan to fuck her and turned to the guys. I saw the big good looking one who was the first to arrive that night standing in the doorway. I stepped off the bed, up to him and said, I want you to be my first cock tonight.
I led him out to the couch and sat him down. I straddled him and we kissed. As we kissed, I whispered, asking him if it was ok if I got rough. He said, what do you mean? I told that I might push him away and be rude to him, but that I just wanted him to fight me and show me how strong he was. He laughed, and said ok.

We kissed some more then I pulled back, and said, I never told you, you could fuck me; what makes you think you can fuck me! Pinning his hands over his head, I said, you couldn’t even fuck me if you tried you pussy wimp! The other guys laughed, and he stood up, bringing me with him. He said, oh yeah? And put me on the ground, pinning my arms over my head. He pulled out his cock and I resisted, blocking his body with my legs, pushing him away, taunting him, and telling him I was too strong for him. I knew it was a farce, but I needed it to bring it, to become the incredible hulk and take me. He did and I let up, releasing control of the pussy to him and letting his cock pound me. I squirted all over and he pounded harder. Other guys took their chance, but I fought each one at first, making them hold me down and control me, before I gave in. Once the cock was inside, I was under their spell, and would do whatever they said. Black cock in my pussy was like a drug, and I was addicted, taking one after the other.
I was being done doggie style on the couch by a couple of guys, before long the sheets I had spread on the couch earlier were soaked. I then stumbled, naked and wet to the bedroom, where I saw Maya with three guys getting dp’d. She was moaning with pleasure and I was glad the guys took over and fucked her because girl with a strap-on is nowhere near the real thing.

I took a quick rinse off shower and daddy came in to ask if I was ok. I said, yes, I loved, it. I had already had about 4 orgasms, fucked about 4 guys, and the night was just beginning.

I came back out, with a robe on, and again passed by the Maya session. In the living room I saw another couple who arrived. She was a pretty brunette and, since I liked it one at a time, one after another, I hoped she entertain some of the guys.

I chatted, saying I was on break, and got another glass of wine. I was really just waiting for the Maya session to end so I could use the bed. We had other bed in the living room, but it was too “stage like” for me, and the couch was too small. After a few minutes, the guys and Mia came out and she needed to freshen up. I went into the bedroom with three guys and at first; I tried to fight them off. I was soon overwhelmed and forced to take all their cocks. My mouth, my hands and pussy were full of big black cock and I loved it. I kept squirting when there was a black cock in my pussy, and I loved making them cum. Daddy watched the door to make sure extra guys did not push in but waited their turn. When all three came, it was time for a new set. I never seemed to get enough, and got more excited with the new guys, who I had never met with names I did not know. The bed would get soaked and we would put on a new set of sheets. I wondered what was happening in the living room with Maya, the brunette and the other guys, but I didn’t really care. I just kept taking more cock in my mouth and pussy and loved my job.

After a few sets of guys, I took another shower break and went into the living room. I saw a couple of handsome guy that looked familiar and recognized them – friends of daddy I had met before. I went up to talk to them, and Donnie, who knew what I liked, said, you are not here to talk, you’re here to get fucked, and pushed me back into the bedroom. That group needed no provocation, and they just took my pussy for what it is – a hole for their use. I shot more and more cum with each thrust of their cocks and they came, they pulled out and took off their condoms and shot their warm cum all over on my face. They called me a dirty whore and I loved it.

After that set daddy was telling the guys the party was coming to end and I took a shower. I stayed in the bedroom while daddy suggested the guys leave, and got contact information for future parties. When they all left he came back in the bedroom, where I was sitting on the bed in my robe, freshly showered. I agreed with him that I was tired, but thought I could have taken more cock. He said, you will get more cock. He took off his pants and shirt and could see his huge cock in front of me. I laid back and opened my legs and felt it move in, past my lips, into the deepest recesses of my pussy, (daddy’s spot) pushing against the sidewalls and hitting my cervix. I hadn’t realized how truly hungry I was for his cock. Daddy had told me I took 18 that night, but it was just an appetizer for this. I had five organisms while he thrust his cock in and out wetting the bed each time I came. I was delirious. Daddy shouted obscenities at me, hearing his voice telling me what a slut I was tonight just got me wetter and hungry for his cock. Then he shot his cum in my pussy in dropped down on me I held him tight I did not want his cum to escape.

I felt like the prior few hours were just foreplay which prepped me for his fuck. And getting cum in my pussy with his raw cock, when all the other guys wore condoms, was an extra special treat. I laid still in the wetness until daddy rolled over. We contemplated cleaning up and checking out, but decided to wait till the morning. The only dry spot however was the air mattress on the floor, with no dry sheets or towels, other than the fitted sheet on the air mattress. So I rinsed off and put on my only dry things - jeans and a sweatshirt, and we cuddled on top of the mattress. As my mind started to enter that other zone, I felt daddy's hand on my ass. I said no, and squirmed away, it was sooo cold and we had nothing else dry, and begged him to just let me sleep. But he told me he owned my pussy and I had to open my legs for him whenever he wanted my pussy. I pleaded with him, he just came in me, how could he be hard again. But he was. He had me pull off my jeans and open my legs, and straddling me with his arms, he pushed his cock back into my pussy. I was still hot and tingling and screamed with pleasure. I begged him to stop because I was going to come again and soak our only sheet. He said he didn't care and would not stop. I shot again and again. He kept thrusting; pinching my nipples calling me his personal slut whore I came again. The air mattress was now soaked, right through the sheets. But he kept thrusting until he came in my pussy again. He then said I could go to sleep. But there was no spot to lie down that was dry. So I put my jeans back on, rolled up his jacket to use as a pillow, and we slept on the floor. Daddy told me I was a good slut for taking all that cock and I smiled and went to sleep. It was cold and uncomfortable, and the best night I've ever had.