Tuesday, September 15, 2009

R.I.P. Big Dee

Sorry I have not posted anything recently been sort of numb for the last several days my good friend, comrade partner, and colleague passed a way in his sleep on Sunday just before Labor Day. It was very shocking me and I still can’t believe he is gone. Of all my friends in and out of the industry he was one I could have truly called friend, the type person you can call up at 2 am and have question about your site he would help you out in a heartbeat. We spoke every other day He was instrumental in me getting my site up. With him I as a partner I never had to worry bout a thing even this blog I write today if it was not for him I would not be writing. He called me up 2 years ago and said Max I set up a blog for you it all you have to do is write and that is how this blog started. lol Even right now I feel I can just call and he would pick up and be there. One of my fondest and last memories I have is him and Momo showing up at my birthday party in August. Even if it was not a sex party, they were there because it was almost like a family. As much as I mourn him I know in my heart he would still want me to keep on doing what I do have fun enjoying Life. He was not a sad Person he was a very happy fun loving giving person who loved life, throwing parties and having a good time. I miss you Big Dee. I will be posting more my adventures but I wanted to thank Dee for being who he was and what he inspired Keep Your Head Up Momo We are all here for you.


Friday, September 4, 2009


Maybe a couple years ago or more I was a member of a bunch of yahoo porn/swinger groups. I encountered a number of folks on those groups many where couples that where looking for well hung black men to be part of a 3some or gang bang. Some were genuine, but majority where not. Anyways it was in this period I encountered John and Samantha. We chatted extensively but never hooked up. It was very hard to do so because they lived very far away.

Sam’s pic were hot n amazing I wanted to fuck her, but I could not bring my self to fly or drive to buffalo just for a fuck no matter how good the pussy was. So we kept trying to work out scenarios on where we would meet at a halfway point, but nothing ever materialize. John and Sam often came down to DC for parties and have often invited me to drive down and meet them at one of those events, but truth to be told I often resisted the idea of driving more than 3 hours just for a party besides the time driving I would have to think about where would I spend the night the expenses of food lodging and not to mention gas and traffic. Logistically it seems a lot of effort to go so far to be just one of many guys in a group holding their dick hoping an waiting your turn to fuck. Often their parties would involve multiple men 5, 6 sometimes up to 9 guys. Not to sound pompous there is no way I am going to go through all that trouble just to go stand in line holding my dick waiting my turn in a gang bang when I can have my pick of sluts here in NYC. Yeah I am kinda spoiled that way lol. Any way we chatted for more than 2 years fantasying lol.

Then over the Summer john IMed me told me they had some friends they been meaning to visit in NY and wondering if we can finally make it happen. Thus the wheel went into motion trying to get this party going. There were couple false starts, conflicting dates. 3 times we had to postpone but finally we got a date me my crew and Sam and her husband could agree on, and believe me I was worth it. The ride was not bad me and all the guys rode in my car. It was a bitch getting out of the city during rush hour but soon we were on the highway trading stories of all the hot wives we had fucked in the past. I had shown them pics of Sam before and all the guy were real eager to fuck needless to say when we got to the hotel we were all ready for some action.

The 5 of us guys got to the hotel and I finally met Samantha for the first time in person I sized her up with my eyes she was hottie I noticed her fine rounded ass and hour-glass figure as we made our introductions. She was very laid back and causal, a very sexy confident and easy to talk to woman. John got us some beers are we started idle conversation. John pulled me a side to let me know what she into and would I be able to shoot some video for him. After a brief conversation with john I made my seat next to her on the couch we chatting about random subjects but what I was really doing was undressing her with my eyes boldly touching her as if I had known her for years and also trying to figure out how to get this slut clothes off lol. I got straight to point on how her photos did not do her justice, and we all wanted to fuck her. She laughed and acknowledged the compliment.

“On that note” she said “let me get into something more comfortable” she slipped in the bed room closing the door and then emerging 15 minutes later in a fuck-me one piece mesh fishnet body suit with her cunt exposed where it was strategically cut open exposing her thick curly pubic hair with her full pink pussy lips jutting out for all to see. In about 2 second the guys were on top of her probing groping tugging kissing her. Their dicks were all out; there was not one soft dick in the room. I stood back to take in the sight. All you could hear was the sound of unbuckling belts and her cooing and moaning “oooh they are so big and hard” she was soon on her knees with their help and the sounds were replaced by the nasty slurping sound she made as one hard dick after another probed for her mouth each trying to get in the warm recess of her slutty mouth her tits where pinched fondled. At one point she had 2 mouths on her nipples one between the crack of her ass licking her pussy and ass the licking was to intense her eyes were fluttering it was driving her to squeeze the dicks she had in her hand unconsciously. I grabbed one of John’s camera and started to film. Her eyes were now glazed over in lust I really think she was in another world. This conservative MILF that works in a cooperate office was on her knees sucking on 4 big black dicks she had never meet before her spit was beginning to drool all over the floor her grunting was only matched by the compliments the guys echoed about her cock sucking skills. Her mouth was a blur trying to take in the next dick deeper than the previous. All four guys took their turns fucking her face, she was even taking 2 at a time. By the time they pulled her up the bed the sweet innocent lady looked more like a whore than a respectable wife. The mascara was running, and her lips and cheeks had the markings of dried pre-cum with trails of spit, and her hair was disheveled.

That is when it hit me how much I wanted to fuck her. She was guided on to the bed into the best position to be fucked (like a dog) Her ass was in the air wantonly shaking waiting for some dick; it was only matched with the lust in her eyes. The guys scrambled to be the first one in her pussy. At that point I said to myself I need to get into the action and I set the camera down and proceeded into the fray. Mr. Ed was the first the hit her pussy after a couple strokes his dick was ladled with (no lie) the creamiest thickest copious amount of pussy juice I have ever seen dripping from her cunt onto his dick her ass was vibrating and she was creaming all over the place. A unified chorus of “holy shit” reverberated in the room now every one was craning their necks the see this slut cum I did not think my dick could not get any harder till that moment we all took turn on her she never stopped creaming this went on through out the night her legs never shut. We were we calling her all sort of dirty names her response always the same “more, more” each made her cum at least 2 times.

At no time was she unoccupied She got slammed at both ends the she was tossed in any position that accommodated a cock she was insatiable When finally got my turn to fuck her I had no mercy. I pounded her for all it was worth as I hit her from the back I pulled on her hair and demand her to fuck me back she had a heady scent of cum mixed with her sweat watching her take all that dick had sent me into a frenzy. I then got on my back and had her ride my dick spanking her ass and pulling her hair I commanded her to cum for me again My hot breath in her ear and me pulling her hair from the roots while I piston my dick in her cunt at a rapid rate brought her to the edge and over. I felt her thighs quiver with the unmistaken tremor of her orgasm punctuated with her scream of “Oh Gawd I am cummmmmming” she slumped on my chest after she busted her nut. I felt the wet strand of her hair as it trailed over my stomach as she struggled to lift her leg over to get off, but when she did she slumped in the fetal position only to readjust her self on her back and say she need some black cum. I was jacking off watching her almost on cue I position myself over her head jerking my dick over he face slapping my dick head over her lips the soft wet sensation and the pleading look in her eyes for cum was too much to bear. I unloaded thick creamy blast that hit her smack on the lips it made spider trails along the side and corner of her lips as it dripped down the side of her neck she smiled and mouthed thank you to me that immediately started a chain reaction one after another every one shot their cum on her face she did look like a glazed donut when we were all done. There is nothing more beautiful than a well fucked wife after cleaning her face Sam gave us each a kiss and invited us to doing again soon