Monday, October 20, 2008

Slut Wife Gang Bang

Want to thank Mr. Ed and Donnie Hypes for coming through Sat night. I had this Married wife that wanted some BBC in the worst way. The 3 us gave her what she wanted… a double anal cream pie plus a cream pie from yours truly. Her husband had called me earlier in the week wanting me to set something up for his wife. She was craving some Black Dick, the last party she went too there weren’t any available BBC to fuck. So she was craving wanted a good pounding from some heavy hitters. I called up some of my buddies and got the crew together for her. After hitting some shots of Petron (tequila) this slut wife was ready… not that she need much prodding. It was good thing too cause soon as she started to grope for my Dick through my jeans Donnie and Mr. Ed rang the door bell and we went to work on her pounding all her holes. Her husband sat n the corner n cheered us on he even took over the camera and shot video for me while I fucked wife. I think he did a pretty good job considering we were all taking turn fucking her nice Phat ass. She wore sunglasses to give her self a little anonymity. Enjoy the clip.

-B. Max

Friday, October 3, 2008

My Week

Wow had a very exhausting week but not complaining lol Lavender came over on Tuesday for a long overdue spanking. I just bought a new whip just for the occasion; she had been giving a lot of lip lately so I had to teach her a lesson the hard way. After securing her legs with my homemade spreader I tied her wrist up and secured them on the chain hanging from my ceiling. I used my flogger paddle and whip on her. Lavender was a real trooper though she did not shed a tear once, but did yelp and screamed every time my instrument of punishment rained on her. She took her punishment like an obedient slut. When I took her down and put her over my knee she did squirm a lot but it did not stop me from spanking her tender ass. She had been a bad girl and knew this is what she needed and deserved. When I was done she thanked me profusely I then rewarded her by giving her the black dick she craved. I sent her home happy with cut lil cris crosses on her ass.

I thought my week was over then my buddy freaky call me and said he needed my help in shooting an older slut. Despite my apprehension and the fact it was raining cats and dogs. I decided to come out. So I dragged my ass out in the rain and drove up mid-town to the hotel suite they were staying at. That is where I met Anneke a sexy mature lady. She is a very sexy 62 year lady that loved the younger studs, that what we call a Cougar; Cougar refers to an older woman, usually in her 40s, 50s or 60s who usually sexually pursues men in their 20s and 30s. Well she devoured my buddy freaky but being the freak that he is took all in stride he gave as much as she gave. I was a cool shoot they both had a lot of fun fucking each other brains out in the end freaky deposited a huge load on her face. Anneke turned out to be a real cool classy lady that loves what she does when you guys get a chance check out her site
We hung for a lil after that them I dropped freaky off home

Well I did not get home till about midnight. When I got in, I started to do some editing and fell asleep at my computer. Next thing you know it’s daylight and I get a call from a German slut I have been corresponding with online, she informed me that she had a layover and was staying at the Marriott hotel and would I be able to come over at 5 pm to give her some dick, she had a small window of time because she had a connecting flight that day/evening. My mind was racing because I was invited to participate in a gangbang later that night for the wife of this guy I also had been corresponding with. His party was at 8:30pm and a 90-minute drive from the hotel. I surmised to myself if worked my cards right I would be able to manage. It was tight but I could pull it and do both, plus I am a “man slut”, I just can’t pass up “New Pussy” so I made the arrangements. Man oh man this German slut met me at the door to her room with no panties and just a teddy on, she got on her knees and started to suck my growing cock immediately. We barely spoke but I fucked hard n fast which from our chat I knew was what she wanted after a long flight. We also shot a little vid to send back to her hubby back home. We fucked for 45 min, after I gave her my load I jumped in the shower and headed back to Brooklyn to pick up my buddy Mark for the Gang Bang that night. I was sore but feeling no pain, took I-95 and broke every speed limit to get to CT and meet this new couple. And it was worth it. I was not disappointed, she took on 3 guys while her husband watched. In between fucking her we watched on and off the vice presidential debate and agreed we all would love to fuck Sara Palin lol. We took all her holes – ass, mouth and pussy, she got a deposit in all 3 holes.