Sunday, July 24, 2011


What a great start for the summer (although technically not the beginning of summer) my buddy DFWKNIGHT invited me out to Vegas to do some shooting, the trip started off slow. I inadvertently booked my flight to Las Vegas out of Newark airport in NJ which was a pain in ass to get to because it cost more to get there from New York which cancels out any saving you may have gotten on the initial fare.

But I digress (I do that a lot lol). One of the girls DFWKNIGHT told me that would be staying in the house he rented was Mandy Monroe. Now she was a girl I have been wanted to fuck for while. We had been texting and tweeting each other for months when I found out we would cross paths in Las Vegas it made the trip much more interesting,

Well today is the second day I have been out here and am having a blast I finally met Mandy Monroe yesterday and let me tell you she is a lot more sexier in person her photos don’t do her justice she is a 5’ sexual fire cracker and loves to fuck. And I was the first on to get a crack at her. Her head literally reached mid-chest to me. I was worried the this little 102 pound slut would be able take the pounding I was going to give her. I must admit she was tight but when I looked into her eyes she did not have to say anything her eyes said fuck me. After getting the head in she wrapped her legs around me and surprised me by fucking me back her cunt got looser and soon was taking all of me fucking me back as I fuck her.

There is nothing quite like have black dick unprotected entering marred white pussy watching your dick being hugged by a woman that is already taken with her yelling "Yesss fuck me with your big black dick pound me it’s so deep ooooooh".

Watching her perform got my dick so hard I lifted this sexual vixen and stood up and fucked her standing while she wrapped he arms around my neck positioned her legs and moaned as I reinserting my BBC in her still tight pussy my big hands globally grabbed both ass cheeks and exerted my control by lifting her up and pounding her standing. By the time I put her down she was sufficiently loosen up to get fucked

I whispered in her ear. Do you like it in the ass. She moaned oh yes I love it in my ass. But you have a big on so please be gentle. A mischievous smile creped across my face as I positioned her doggie style and encompass her lithe frame. Both my hands covered he waist and used her body to fuck my dick literally pulling her back n forth. Her yells punctuated the air with cries of pleasure. Watching her ass bounce back in my dick was getting to me I want to take her ass but wanted to cum too the day was young so I said fuck it and I pushed deep and let loose my sperm in her pussy she spasm as I pulled out it was a fantastic fuck. And surprisingly my dick was still hard. I am going to take that ass I hissed and with my cum and a drop of lube I rubbed my dick head over her rosebud and sunk in it was tight and perfect I let her work her ass over my dick which grew immensely in her ass. I must say the first day was awesome to see more of Mandy Monroe check out her site

-B. Max


  1. she looks stunning!

    Glad you sorted her oout bro!

  2. The clip was kewl & your description amazing all very HOT

  3. Very Hot!
    John and Samantha

  4. how do i convince my wife to try bbc we never did anything like this