Monday, November 26, 2007

Big Dee Party part 2

Daddy came over and asked me if I was OK or if I wanted anything to drink. I said a glass of wine would nice and Big D said I could open whatever bottle I wanted. I picked out a red and Daddy poured me a glass. I wondered around the apartment with my wine, poking my head in the various rooms. It was dark in the room off the kitchen but I could see the back of a naked black man with white legs wrapped around him. It became obvious what kind of party this was.

I walked down the hall and looked into some of the other rooms. In one, two people were sitting and talking. From the other room I could hear moaning and sounds of sex. I poked my head around other spectators and saw a man fucking a woman, and another woman lying by herself, laying on her back, naked, rubbing her pussy and moaning very loud. I wondered if it was the couple next to her fucking, or all the spectators watching here, that was getting her off. I left the room and looked for daddy. I was a bit uncomfortable and hoped he would put my leash on and keep me close.

I saw him talking to a group of women, all in various states of undress; they seemed to know each other and were catching up. I did not want to interrupt, so I stood against a wall and took a sip of wine. He must have sensed me nearby and read my mind. He took my arm and pulled me toward him, and took out the leash. He hooked it on my collar and said to the women, this is my slut. One smiled and said, nice. Another introduced herself. Daddy then gave me kiss on the cheek and I stood by for a bit as he chatted with the women.

Daddy then took me to the living room and we sat down. He asked me if I was interested in anyone I saw. I pointed out Nicole, the beautiful black girl. He said he did not know if she was bi, but suggested I talk to her. I told him I tried, but she seemed shy. I pointed out a black guy who had no shirt on and looked like he lifted weights. Daddy suggested I go talk to him and he took off my leash. I introduced myself and made an attempt at conversation. He was nice, but there was really nothing to talk about. But, he looked good and I told Daddy if he ever had a party for me, he could him. By this time the wine may have been kicking it because I was curious as to what was developing in the back room where I saw the woman masturbating. I walked back with Daddy and we stood against a wall. I saw a very tall black man lying on his back with a petite blond woman sitting on his stomach giving him a blow job. She had long blond hair tied back in a ponytail, smooth pretty skin and firm petite tits. I wanted to get closer to her. I asked Daddy if it was ok to join them and he said yes. I did not disrobe, but sat on the edge of the bed near his feet and put my hand on his leg. I stroked him lightly along the shin. He opened his leg a little wider and extended my stroke up to his thigh. I watched her pretty mouth go up and down on his cock while she held it in his hands. His legs were spread and his balls were neglected, hanging unattended from the base of his cock. I knew she needed help and I was anxious to get closer to her mouth. So I leaned forward, cradled his balls in my hands, and whispered to her, can I help. She said yes and I took his balls in my mouth. After a few more strokes she lifted her mouth from his cock, and I lifted mine from his balls, and we kissed; a deep French kiss, as I held her face in my hands.

I loved kissing her soft lips and feeling the soft skin on her face. Our bodied moved closer and we stroked each other and we continued to kiss deeply. I was envious of the black man we were both straddling in that wanted I big black cock I could shove inside her little pussy. My daddy did buy me a black dildo for such an occasion as this, but I did not have it with me. I was hungry for pussy and wanted to get between her legs.

I lifted her off the bed and away from the black man, who may have felt abandoned, but another woman joined him, which soothed my guilt a bit for having stolen the petite blond. I laid the blond down on the carpet next to the bed and opened her legs. I dove into her lips, licking and sucking deep into her pussy. I reached up and tugged gently on her small, firm breasts, and then moved my mouth to them. I wanted to bite her, but was afraid to hurt her. I kissed her more on the mouth as her hands moved across my body. We linked our legs together and each leaned back, grinding our cunts together, pushing our clits into each others’ and rubbing hard. It had been years since I did the scissor fuck, as I think of it, with another girl and I was aching for it. I could have shot cum all over her and into her pussy, but I held back. I was a guest in the house and did not want to mess up the room with my squirting, or shock the pretty blond with a flood of liquid she might think is urine. So I held my orgasm back.

We moved back to the bed and another petite woman joined us – with a similar body but short brown hair. I wanted to hold them both down and fuck them; make them my pussy pets. But again, I was a guest, and I did not have my dildo. At one point in our girl on girl on girl action may daddy come over and whispered to me that there was someone I should take care of. I looked up and saw the big black man I stole the bland from standing naked next to the bed with his extended out from his body at a 45 degree angle. I left the girls with each other and got on my knees. I took his cock in my mouth, holding his balls in my hands, and sucked up and down. He looked at me and then to my daddy, and said thank you to him. I loved doing what daddy told to do even more than fucking a girl. I was so aroused I wanted the big black man to fuck me, but I did as I was told, and kept sucking up and down. He shot his load in my mouth and swallowed. Daddy leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, good slut.

I was so pleased I got to scissor fuck a petite blond, suck off a big black man, and be a good slut for daddy. I even met a couple of other black guys that daddy may let me fuck in the future. I liked the party very much. When we got home daddy said since I was good girl that he would give me his cock. I got it, thick and deep. I let go of all the cum juice I held back at the party and soaked daddy’s bed. He said he knew the two girls I played with and if I was good, he would have them over his place for me in the future. He also said he may have a gang bang for me. I knew I met the right daddy for me.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Big Dee Party part 1

Big Dee Party part 1

I did not know what we were going to do that night – whether we were going to go out or stay in. I didn’t really care, as long as I got some of Daddy’s cock. Daddy told me that it was momo’s birthday, the pretty Asian girl I met at Pleasurefest, and that he wanted to drive out to her house to give her a gift. I was cool was that – she seemed nice and pretty and her Daddy, Big D, made my pussy tingle. I was game and asked him what I should wear. Daddy said there may be other people there, and that he was not sure if they were having just a few people over, or swinging party. I hoped it was a party. Daddy picked out a black dress for me to where and a collar. He also took a leash but told me if he took the leash off, I was free to do what I wanted. I got excited.

I did my hair and makeup and had a glass of wine. I couldn’t wait for daddy to take me out in public and introduce me as his slut. Daddy came out looking all pimped out with a black leather blazer, which made me think; maybe he could be a pimp and I, his whore. I wondered if people would pay and if he could sell my pussy. I got wet and begged to be fucked before we left. Daddy said no. He said I had to be a good slut at the party and earn my cock. We left for the drive.

Daddy did let me hold his cock while he drived, which I love, since it is so big and thick. When we arrived, we saw Big D in the driveway and I immediately recognized him. I gave him a hug hello and was glad he recognized me, since it had been months since Pleasurefest. We went inside and I looked for Momo to say hello and happy birthday.

Momo looked spectacular! I remembered a cute Asian girl, but she looked more beautiful than I remembered. Her hair was long and thick. It seemed whenever I saw it in Florida it was up or back because she was sucking or getting fucked. I had not realized how long and thick it was. I wished I had a comb and if we were alone I would have asked her to sit between my lets so I could brush it. After I noticed her hair, I noticed her body. She had a metal chain link dress on, which was beautiful and slutty at the same time. It exposed everything, especially her full breasts. Again, I had not realized how big and full her breasts were. I wanted to grab one in my hand and kiss her nipple hello. But I did not know her well enough for that. I just gave her a hug and said happy birthday, and she said it was good to see me again.

I then looked around. Other people were there. But most had their clothes on and I wasn’t sure what kind of party it was at that point. I didn’t know anyone else, so I stood against a wall while Daddy gave his greetings to people. I notice this other beautiful woman who was sitting alone on the couch, fully dressed, and I went over to introduce myself. She was young, and black and stunning. Her legs were long and thin and her hair was curly, and it looked soft. Again, I wished I had a comb with me.

I introduced myself, and I think she said her name was Nicole. She was shy and quiet, and I realized I was not the only one who felt out of place. I asked her if she was here with someone and she pointed out a young black man who was also very good looking. They made a stunning couple and I wondered if they were swingers.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Married Slut and Max pt4

When daddy's friend walked in the room, he looked familiar. It was Donny, a young black guy I fucked two years earlier. I knew I would be fucked well and I was pleased. He said he remembered me and asked where I had been. I told him I was waiting for a daddy. I stood up off the bed and asked Donny to take off his hat so I could kiss him. We kissed lightly and I felt between his legs. His cock was hard.

I got on my knees, undid his buckle, unzipped his pants, and pulled out his cock. I took Donny in my mouth and sucked up and down until he told me to get up and get on the bed. I laid and he got on top on top, kissing me. He was gentle. We switched positions and I straddled him. I held him down and challenged him, telling me he was a baby and did not know how to fuck a woman. We wrestled and he pinned me. He was naked over me and my dress was around my neck. He thrust his cock in my pussy and put me in my place. I loved it. He shot his load in my mouth and I look it all down my throat.

When Donny left daddy told me I was a good girl and gave me a gift for servicing his buddy. I loved it. But I also wanted daddy's cock. Daddy's friend was an appetizer, leaving me wanting more. But Daddy told me not yet, but to get dressed for dinner.

I went upstairs to use the bathroom. Daddy's roommate was in the shower. I opened the door a bit and asked if he minded if i use the sink while he is in there. He pulled the curtain back and said it was ok. I started to use the sink, but curiosity got the best of me. I wanted to know if his cock was hard. I pulled back the shower curtain and took a peek; he looked at me in shock with hard cock. I asked if I could come in. He said yes, but not to tell his roommate. I promised, knowing it was a lie. I stepped in the shower and immediately crouched down, taking his cock in my mouth. With one stroke his body jerked and he shot his cum load. I swallowed and stepped out. I finished at he sink and went downstairs. I told daddy I sucked off his roommate. He was surprised and laughed.
He said, I couldn’t help myself because I am a slut. He was right.

We dressed and went to dinner. Daddy had me wear my collar and hold his hand as we walked through the city. I loved that people knew he owned me. At dinner I kept my hand on his crotch and kissed him between bites. The sushi was delicious and two pretty girls sat at the next table. I told daddy how long it had been since I had pussy and I wondered if the two girls slept with each other. I had daddy’s cock in my hand as I took bites of sushi and looked at the girls.

Walking home I brushed the front of daddy’s pants, feeling for his cock. He took it out in public and put it in my hand, and kept walking. He told me to hold it while we walked. I did, pretending it was my leash. I loved how thick and long it was and my pussy was wet.

When we got home Daddy rewarded me for being a good slut with Donny by giving me his cock. I straddled him and rode his fat cock. I took it deep and shot cum all over Daddy’s chest. Daddy gave me his load in my mouth and told me i was a very good slut. I felt content and fell asleep. I woke up to daddy tugging at my breasts. I looked at the clock, it was 3:15. I felt his cock and it was hard, I was wet and opened my legs to take it. I had been fully primed and my arousal was peaked. His thick long cock hit that special place, daddy's place. I let go my juices and soaked the sheets. Daddy pulled out and shot his second load in my mouth.

I was soaked and needed to rinse off. I went upstairs to the bathroom, and by his roommate's room. The door was shut. I rinsed off and came out. This time, his roommate’s door was open; his roommate was sitting on his couch, naked, with the light on, is cock in hand, Jerkin-off, He must of heard me and daddy fucking. He was staring at me. I walked in and got on knees between his legs and took his cock out of his hand, placing it in my mouth. He shot immediately; my fourth mouth-load for the night. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and he whispered, our secret. I said ok, but knowing I would report to daddy.

When I came back to the bedroom I told daddy. This time he punished me. He said, from now on, I need to ask permission before I suck off his roommate on. I tried to explain I did not go looking for it or start it, like last time, but that he had the door open, with the light on, naked, looking at me. Daddy didn't care and he spanked me. My ass was stinging; I came close to tears as I felt the harsh blows of his hand connect with my ass. I promised to be a good girl after that. Daddy then fucked me again. He flipped me over and I heard my favorite words from daddy’s lips “Get on your Knees slut” I felt Daddy’s hand push my chest onto the bed. My ass stuck up in the air exposing my wet pussy to him. Daddy drove is cock in hard and deep pounding me as l screamed in ecstasy. This time Daddy Shot his load inside me. I begged him to push it in deeper as I pushed back against him. I came again knowing Daddy seed was deep in my womb. I knew I still had to get that prescription for birth control, and hoped it wasn’t too late.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Married Slut and Max pt3

It must have been about 8:00 am when I felt Max’s hands on my ass while I was still slumbering on my stomach. I was glad he let me sleep during the night. I mumbled good morning and he asked, good morning, what? I didn’t know what he was taking about. He gave my ass a slap and said, good morning daddy. I tried to repeat after him, but I felt stupid, and told him so. He said he didn’t care; I had to call him daddy when we were alone. I liked thinking of him as daddy in my head, but felt it felt weird to say. Relived it was just when we were alone, I said, good morning daddy, and he gave me a light kiss and said, good slut. I liked that. I wanted to be a good slut. He said, do you want to be a good slut and give daddy a blowjob? I said yes and got in position. I wanted to make my daddy happy and I took his cock in my mouth. I paid special attention to his balls, and he said encouraged me, telling me I was a good slut, which I liked. He told me not to forget the ass, and I did as he said. My pussy was dripping as I followed his instructions. When he told me to sit on his cock I was relieved because by that time it was aching and dripping. I got to ride and come and go back for his cum in my mouth. It was a wonderful wake-up call. Before my visit we left open whether I would stay for one or two nights. I knew I wanted more cock, but wasn’t sure I wanted to spend all day with Max, or now, Daddy. I definitely need space and don’t like too much non-sex togetherness. So I suggested I go into the city for personal time, to exercise, shop, read the paper, and check-in by phone a bit a later. Daddy liked that and said he had some stuff he wanted to do himself. By about 3:30 in the afternoon I was feeling good from my workout and a bit bored and having some cock craving. Absence definitely makes the heart grow fonder, and I called to check in. We decided I would come back to daddy’s place, we would go to dinner and I would stay over again.

My pussy got wet as I drove back. I wanted to shower, do my hair and put on one of the dresses we bought the day before so I would look pretty for daddy so he would want to shove his thick cock in my cunt. When I walked in I said hello at a bit of a distance and suggested I shower. It was hot that day and I sweat a lot from my workout. And I had not brushed my teeth since I woke up. I stood in the doorway, but Daddy called me over. He said if I wanted to be his slut I had to do what he said. I squirmed and was self-conscious. He pulled up my shirt and stuck his face between my breasts and said he wanted to smell his slut. I begged him to let me shower first. He told me I could not take a shower till he fucked me. He was serious. I stopped resisting. He pulled down my shorts and panties. He smacked my ass, saying I was not supposed to wear panties with him. I tried to explain it was just for exercising, and I wasn’t with him in the afternoon . . . he said he didn’t care, and smacked my ass again. He held up my panties and said this is what he going to do when he sees me panties, and ripped them in half. He bent me over the couch and stuck his cock in deep. I held my breath; I did not know if ripping my panties was my punishment or if there was more to come. He pounded. But it could not have been punishment, I loved it. The sheer dirtiness of it. Daddy shot his load. Feeling that hot blast of cum shooting in my pussy I lost it, my legs quivered my pussy contracted and I heard the splashing of my cum on the floor. He told me to stand up and said look at the mess you made. Daddy was right… there was a puddle of my cum on the floor. I tried to apologize he just smiled gave me a light kiss and said, now take your shower. I washed up and put on my makeup. Since we staying in I wanted to look pretty for Daddy. As I was dressing Daddy said his roommate and his girlfriend would be in the apartment. He said I could flirt with her if I wanted, but that he had no idea if she was bi. I wondered what she looked like, and thought, if not bi, maybe she is bi-curious. . Daddy came in when I was dressing and told me to put on the short denim mini skirt. I told him I didn’t think girls liked that and I might want to flirt with his roommate’s girl friend, but he said he didn’t care; he wanted me in the mini skirt. I put it on, with high heels, and I thought I looked a bit slutty. But daddy liked it so I kept it on. We went out to the patio since it was nice outside and daddy gave me a glass of wine. I liked the feeling of a glass of wine, especially when not diluted by food. I felt like the wine goes right to my pussy. Sitting with daddy, knowing I would be in his bed, and sipping the wine, my pussy started to drip. Daddy told me to sit on his lap. He fingered me while he smoked and I stroked his head. When he fucked me over the couch earlier I was so nervous and tense about being punished for wearing panties and having not showered– I was relaxed now my pussy was warming up and I knew if he fucked me again I would cum hard. I asked Daddy to fuck me, but he said no, not yet, but that he had something for me. He took me into his bedroom and told me to strip.

He put a blindfold on me. I could hear him tussling with the bedding, and I heard ripping sounds. He told me get on the bed, face down. The sheet felt different. I heard him manipulating something and then felt him wrap my ankle. He attached the restraint to the sheet. He told me to move my hands higher and he secured my wrists. It was a Velcro restraint system – my ass was in the air and I was pinned to the sheet. I hoped he would fuck me. I squirmed and begged for his cock. He said no; that it was time for my punishment. I got nervous, I could not move. I thought of the safe word he gave me. I felt a smack on my ass. It was not his hand; not the spanking I liked. I was sharper. He whispered in my ear, I never want to see you in panties, and smacked again. I said, yes, daddy, never again. He smacked again. I asked him to stop, it hurt. He told me to be quiet and take my punishment. I did as he said and could feel pussy juice dripping down my thigh. He gave me one more smack and then said rubbed his hand on my ass and kissed it lightly. He said it would red for a while but I took my punishment well and I that I was a good slut. My punishment was over. I was so aroused I though I might shoot come if he touched my pussy at all. But he told me to get up and get dressed Daddy’s roommate was home, He wanted me to say hello. I got dressed and walked downstairs to meet his guests. I flirted with daddy’s roommate and his girlfriend. Nothing happened and I think I made them nervous. Daddy & I went outside to the patio for another drink. I sat on his lap and felt his hard cock in his pants. I was still wet and hopping to get some. I was glad daddy suggested we go upstairs. We walked past his roommate and into his room, where he pushed me on the bed while he pulled out his cock, and shoved it in my pussy. He told me that is why I could never wear panties in his presence; he wanted easy access. I tried to be quiet but can’t help it when I am getting big black cock. I hoped his roommate, and his roommate’s girl friend, were not offended by my moans and screams. Daddy told me he owned my pussy and I shot cum all over him. He also told me he was going to put my pussy to good use he would repay a favor by giving a friend of his my pussy. I got hot and shot again. I can’t wait for daddy to lend out my pussy. I liked that I didn’t own my pussy anymore but had a daddy who did. When daddy told me to come up to visit him the following weekend, because he had a friend that did him a favor he wanted to repay; and the payback was my pussy, I was psyched. When I arrived daddy had a dress laid out on the bed with a collar. He told me he wanted me to wear it for his friend and to be a very good slut for his friend and do whatever he wanted. Daddy told me to undress and hand him my underwear. I am not allowed to wear panties in his presence. He inspected to me to make sure I was perfectly groomed for his friend, with no pussy hair and my finger and toe nails manicured. He told me to suck his cock to see what I would get if I was a good slut for his friend. I sucked daddy's cock and balls and promised to make his friend happy. I dressed in the black dress daddy had for me, and put on my heels and did my makeup. I liked how I looked and hoped daddy's friend would as well. Daddy told me to wait upstairs on the bed and poured me a glass of wine. I sipped my wine as daddy checked my pussy. I was wet with anticipation. Daddy told me I would look so much better once I had my collar on, and he told me to hold my hair back. After he had it secured, he told me to look at it in the mirror. I liked it, I was glad I would be staying in with it on. It showed his complete ownership of me. Daddy told me he had one more thing for me to put on. He showed me a piece of paper, and I turned it over. It was a black spade with a Q inside. He said it was the temporary tattoo symbol for a black cock queen, and it was a tattoo he wanted me to put it just above my pussy. I followed the instructions and put it on. I liked how it looked and wondered how much a real tattoo would hurt.