Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Big Dee Party part 1

Big Dee Party part 1

I did not know what we were going to do that night – whether we were going to go out or stay in. I didn’t really care, as long as I got some of Daddy’s cock. Daddy told me that it was momo’s birthday, the pretty Asian girl I met at Pleasurefest, and that he wanted to drive out to her house to give her a gift. I was cool was that – she seemed nice and pretty and her Daddy, Big D, made my pussy tingle. I was game and asked him what I should wear. Daddy said there may be other people there, and that he was not sure if they were having just a few people over, or swinging party. I hoped it was a party. Daddy picked out a black dress for me to where and a collar. He also took a leash but told me if he took the leash off, I was free to do what I wanted. I got excited.

I did my hair and makeup and had a glass of wine. I couldn’t wait for daddy to take me out in public and introduce me as his slut. Daddy came out looking all pimped out with a black leather blazer, which made me think; maybe he could be a pimp and I, his whore. I wondered if people would pay and if he could sell my pussy. I got wet and begged to be fucked before we left. Daddy said no. He said I had to be a good slut at the party and earn my cock. We left for the drive.

Daddy did let me hold his cock while he drived, which I love, since it is so big and thick. When we arrived, we saw Big D in the driveway and I immediately recognized him. I gave him a hug hello and was glad he recognized me, since it had been months since Pleasurefest. We went inside and I looked for Momo to say hello and happy birthday.

Momo looked spectacular! I remembered a cute Asian girl, but she looked more beautiful than I remembered. Her hair was long and thick. It seemed whenever I saw it in Florida it was up or back because she was sucking or getting fucked. I had not realized how long and thick it was. I wished I had a comb and if we were alone I would have asked her to sit between my lets so I could brush it. After I noticed her hair, I noticed her body. She had a metal chain link dress on, which was beautiful and slutty at the same time. It exposed everything, especially her full breasts. Again, I had not realized how big and full her breasts were. I wanted to grab one in my hand and kiss her nipple hello. But I did not know her well enough for that. I just gave her a hug and said happy birthday, and she said it was good to see me again.

I then looked around. Other people were there. But most had their clothes on and I wasn’t sure what kind of party it was at that point. I didn’t know anyone else, so I stood against a wall while Daddy gave his greetings to people. I notice this other beautiful woman who was sitting alone on the couch, fully dressed, and I went over to introduce myself. She was young, and black and stunning. Her legs were long and thin and her hair was curly, and it looked soft. Again, I wished I had a comb with me.

I introduced myself, and I think she said her name was Nicole. She was shy and quiet, and I realized I was not the only one who felt out of place. I asked her if she was here with someone and she pointed out a young black man who was also very good looking. They made a stunning couple and I wondered if they were swingers.

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