Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Had a quick lil gang bang over the weekend. A cute lil red haired slut one of my buddies found on craigslist. She wanted a gangbang for her birthday. She was a bit nervous never has this many guys going to fuck her at one time (4) so I offered her a drink and some "herb” after about a half hour she was relaxed laughing and ready to get started. The brothas and me proceeded to fuck her for about 2 hours we kept at it till she was thoroughly fucked. No names or numbers were exchanged here. All she wanted were well hung anonymous black men to fuck she did not want to know any of us. The clip here is me making her squirt for the first time. Enjoy

-B. M.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Here is the clip of the vid me and lavender shot. The full version will be on the site www.theslutsnextdoor.com in the coming months

-B. Max

Friday, April 17, 2009


Hi again I just got back from Jersey shooting a vid with the sexy lavender Rayne. We've been wanting to do another video for a while. We did a cuckold video a month ago and wanted to do another but with our schedules and commitments we have not been able to do it.

(By definition, a cuck or cuckold is a married man whose wife cheats on him behind his back. That translation has been amended over the years to be; the man, not only knows about his wife's or girlfriend dalliances, but often enjoys the humiliation of being forced to watch. These men enjoy the pain and humiliation of the act sometimes it goes as far as female is dominant and she takes on additional partners, while the male takes on a submissive role where he is monogamous to her, or only becoming involved sexually when it is felt to be emotionally supportive of her and her lover, or remaining altogether celibate.)

Well we finally got together and did it. Lavender has a cuck that wants to be her boyfriend, (this really is true) but she really doesn’t see him as boyfriend material. He showers her with gifts and caters to all her whims. Most of the time a woman needs a real man that not going to jump and do everything she says, a man with a lil bit of balls and he obviously did not figuratively and literally have any. The crazy thing about this is he is totally aware he has zero chance with her. This bitch (cuck) loves the abuse lol. Any way it is very hard to find guys that are willing to get on camera and subject themselves to be humiliated with their faces showing. The video me and Lavender shot a month back had cucks but they wore masks to hide their identity, less their wives or colleagues found them out. Well her Cuck Zoe agreed to do it because he did not want to lose favor with her. Well she totally humiliated this bitch she verbally abused him and told him what a tiny cock he had. Man I thought this guy was gonna cry. Then in an act of totally disgrace where no self-respecting man would go. She made him put on pink lingerie with thongs to hide is tiny pecker cuz the though it was gross for a guy to have a dick the size of a clit I was in corner trying to suppress my laugh while she was going to town on this boy. She even went as far as to put make-up on him to make him feel less of a man. It was a crazy shoot. This also makes the first time in 4 videos I done with Lavender I went bare back. Raw is defiantly better lol. In a final act of shame Lavender made him err… her lick up my cum I had just splashed on her stomach. The video clip is coming soon but in the meanwhile check out the still enclosed of the encounter.

-B. Max

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Hi folk Max here with another Blog entry. I recently shot a video with this new young upcoming slut that was interested in doing some porn with me. One of my associates introduced me too her. Her name is Sasha her ethnicity is Thai and Black. Real cute with a bubble butt. A lil shy but loves to fuck. This shoot almost did not happen. My man Mr. Ed came by to fuck this slut. But she was late very late. Lol make that 4 hours late, every time we were about to pack it up and call it a loss she would call and say she is 20 min away or traffic was holding her up. That is one of the exasperations in shooting amateur porn it usually a crap soot sometime they show up sometimes they don’t you just have to roll with it and hope for the best. Anyway she finally showed up. By this time Mr. Ed had some pent up frustrations and took it out one her. He blasted her with one of his biggest cum shot I have seen from him. The scene will be on my site: www.theslutsnextdoor.com in the coming weeks but here is a sample clip. Enjoy

-B. Max

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


here is a a video clip of the night Me, Mr. Ed, and Blaklex fucked hot wife Kay.

This is what she said in her own words:

"Over the last several hours I was busy sucking big black cocks and getting the shit fucked out of my pussy and my ass. They did me in a bunch of different positions. I also had a hot DP experience with the two biggest cocks of the three that felt so good. I also enjoyed it when Big Max pulled out a glass dildo and fucked my pussy with it and made me squirt in buckets while the other guys and my huband watched the hot action." see more of her at: hotwifekay.com

Monday, April 6, 2009


Hello folks Big Max here again. Sorry for the delay in posting another blog entry, well better late than never. I had a blast over the weekend I hooked up with a classy slut by the name of Kay She has a site called www.sensualpersuasions.com this is a hot wife I loved meeting. One of my buddies Mr. Ed introduced me to her and her husband. He called me one evening, he said “Yo Max you got to meet this one she bad loves to fuck and has a insatiable lust for Black Dick she and her husband are cool peeps, she saw your site and would love to meet you.” He went on to tell me how he and couple other mutual friends hit it the previous week… how much she loved BBC. Well that certainly piqued my interest. Ed told me she was an all niter real charming classy lady your typical PTA mom, but if you show her your dick she will throw all that conservative thinking out the window. Well he was not lying bout the all niter part. Me, Mr. Ed and this new guy I met (Blaklex) practically fucked her all nite into the morning. But I am getting ahead of myself.

So Saturday night we drove out to meet them. Kay’s Husband had e-mailed me and told me his wife was excited about meeting me and they had reserved a hotel room for us and we could have the room all night if we wanted. Traffic was pretty bad on I95 so Mr. Ed and I arrived a little later than anticipated. But it was all good because they were running a lil late as well. Kay Husband greeted us a t the door like old buddies we got in and had a beer and just chatted and got to know each other. Kay was in the other room with the door closed getting herself ready to meet us. She had beer and champagne waiting for us the room was all lit wit an assortment of tea candles. Finally Kay stepped out the room wearing this very hot black skirt that could not hide her fantastic ass, it just begged to be grabbed n spanked she also wore a top the with zipper that hardly contained her ample breast. I took her hand and pulled her close to me and said “hi, I’m Max”. I felt her body tremble as I kissed and felt her body make contact with my rising jeans one look at her and my Dick was having a reaction. After pouring her self a glass of Champagne she said I was better looking in person than my photo and I expressed the same about her. Since Mr. Ed had met her before he and the husband were chatting on the other side of the room, which left me alone to charm Kay. But I did not need to try very hard after a couple glasses she was sitting on my lap with her arms around my neck kissing the top of my head telling how much she is turned on by bald black men. By this time my hand were snaking up her thighs n squeezing her plump ass while my other hand was pinching and pulling hr rapidly hardening nipples. I could feel her whole body quiver as I got up and held her head n soul kissed her. Vaguely in the background I could hear her husband faintly saying “hold that pose I have to get my camera, that is so hot” Mr. Ed Joined us soon both of us was fondling this hot wife while hubby clicked away. Kay breathing became ragged and she vainly tried to reach our still concealed dicks. She pulled tugged and marveled at our dicks when she finally got them out. As she was about to blow us the bell rang, the third guy Blaklex had arrived, now the party began

Kay was hot n horny n ready to fuck she slipped back into the room to change and came out with this slutty see though dress. I grabbed my camera as she made out with the 2 guys on the couch she was giving both of them a very wet sloppy throaty blowjob. She was moaning and getting into that zone both guys were whispering nasty things in her ear and she just spread her legs and let her self open to be taken. She had become quite a slut what ever we told her to do she did. She was begging for dick. By this time my dick was hard I told her husband to take over, and take this camera I am going to fuck your wife. He took the camera from me and I grabbed a lock of her hair n said come suck daddy’s dick now. She gasped n moaned lustily. She then dipped my dick in champagne and sucked me like a slut, she started to groan and shake like she was Cumming when I forced it deep in her throat I held her there till her eyes watered. I then took my dick and started to slap her face with it. “You like that don’t you slut,” she hoarsely and emphatically said yes. Man she looked so fuckable with her mascara running and her spit mixed with pre-cum running down her chin. Then I held up my shaft up and ordered her to lick my balls. Kay used the broad side of her tongue and greedily licked my balls, as a dog would. When I told her now suck my cock, she devoured it like she was in heat. The nastier I talked to her the more she got turned on. Then said “get up I am going to be the first dick in you tonight.” She got up and I spit on my dick got it shiny and she inserted it in her soaking pussy and rocked on my dick while I sat on a chair. Her eyes were fluttering as my dick inched it way in her she rocked with me muttering “Oh my God” all the guys now wanted to fuck her. She reluctantly got off my cock and we took the party to the bedroom. Mr. Ed Jumped on her and fucked her hard her legs were shaking with her fist clutching the bed sheets she was screaming fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. And that we did we all took turns using her. She was indeed insatiable. Mr. Ed was the first to take her ass then we all followed suit. Her ass was indeed velvety I took my 10 incher and fucked it like a pussy. After that we DPed her she was in such a zone when one guy was done another came and took over. She even squirted 3 times two of them with me finger fucking her and the 3rd with a glass dildo this lady was an incredible fuck. The time when by, the next thing you know I looked at my phone it was almost 6 am we been fucking since about 10 pm. She was aghast when she saw herself in the mirror both her holes gapping and her hair unkempt plastered to her forehead and wet. she said “I look like a whore I have to freshen up” but we all laughed n said no we like you looking just like that.

I followed Kay in the bathroom to thank her for the fuck. She was bending over putting lotion on her legs her hair was brushed and tied in a bun she was wearing a G-string. Her ass was too much for my dick it sprung into action. She turned around and coyly asked me if she pleased me? Did she do a good job fucking me well I did I enjoy fucking her. I grabbed her and stuck my tongue in her mouth and kissed her deep and told we are not done she giggled as I took her back into the bedroom and we proceeded to fuck her again violently. Blaklex was already dressed ready to go. After seeing her scream she wanted more. He said fuck it got undressed and we had another round of fucking where he came 3 times back to back in her mouth. By the time we where done we were all exhausted. But before they left Kay slipped me the pink panties she was wearing and said hold these for me till the next time we meet.