Friday, April 17, 2009


Hi again I just got back from Jersey shooting a vid with the sexy lavender Rayne. We've been wanting to do another video for a while. We did a cuckold video a month ago and wanted to do another but with our schedules and commitments we have not been able to do it.

(By definition, a cuck or cuckold is a married man whose wife cheats on him behind his back. That translation has been amended over the years to be; the man, not only knows about his wife's or girlfriend dalliances, but often enjoys the humiliation of being forced to watch. These men enjoy the pain and humiliation of the act sometimes it goes as far as female is dominant and she takes on additional partners, while the male takes on a submissive role where he is monogamous to her, or only becoming involved sexually when it is felt to be emotionally supportive of her and her lover, or remaining altogether celibate.)

Well we finally got together and did it. Lavender has a cuck that wants to be her boyfriend, (this really is true) but she really doesn’t see him as boyfriend material. He showers her with gifts and caters to all her whims. Most of the time a woman needs a real man that not going to jump and do everything she says, a man with a lil bit of balls and he obviously did not figuratively and literally have any. The crazy thing about this is he is totally aware he has zero chance with her. This bitch (cuck) loves the abuse lol. Any way it is very hard to find guys that are willing to get on camera and subject themselves to be humiliated with their faces showing. The video me and Lavender shot a month back had cucks but they wore masks to hide their identity, less their wives or colleagues found them out. Well her Cuck Zoe agreed to do it because he did not want to lose favor with her. Well she totally humiliated this bitch she verbally abused him and told him what a tiny cock he had. Man I thought this guy was gonna cry. Then in an act of totally disgrace where no self-respecting man would go. She made him put on pink lingerie with thongs to hide is tiny pecker cuz the though it was gross for a guy to have a dick the size of a clit I was in corner trying to suppress my laugh while she was going to town on this boy. She even went as far as to put make-up on him to make him feel less of a man. It was a crazy shoot. This also makes the first time in 4 videos I done with Lavender I went bare back. Raw is defiantly better lol. In a final act of shame Lavender made him err… her lick up my cum I had just splashed on her stomach. The video clip is coming soon but in the meanwhile check out the still enclosed of the encounter.

-B. Max

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  1. thanks for the story. Im a wannabe cuck except im not a submissive or sissy cuck. I just LOVE to watch my partner fuck other men. Im your typical alpha male type that likes to share especially with multiple men. Most women are repulsed by the idea so pickins are slim when it comes to finding a woman comfortable with me watching her get gangbanged or used by other men. Im glad there are blogs like yours out there showing that this is more common than people think. so thank you