Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Hmm getting up today... refreshed and happy despite the lack of sleep from going to bed at 3 am. Last night I was online surfing, on a site called Swinger Life Style Just checking out profiles not looking for anything in particular but after bout half hour of that I got a lil bored looked at the clock n saw it was 11:30 PM, still to early to go to bed I thought. Maybe I'll watch some TV in bed. As I was leaving my desk I heard the familiar ding on my computer indicating I got an e-mail. It was from a couple from the SLS swing site they had seen my profile there and wanted to know if I was available. They wanted to meet me. I told them if you are serious meet me on Yahoo IM, which they did. I was chatting to the husband, he informed me they were a couple and were really horny tonight his wife was craving some black dick and would I be able to fuck her tonight. We then traded our info, which established we lived fairly close enough to meet that night. He asked if I can host, I said give me a half hour to get in the shower and meet me at midnight. We then exchanged our cell numbers. The husband called me and started to give me some insight on his wife, how she is such a slut and love to be used fuck hard and talked dirty too, he also told me he is not a cuck but she loves to watch him eat black men deposits after they leave them in his wife. I told him as long as there was no male on male bi-sex going on I am cool, if you want to eat my seed after I breed and dump my load your wife ...hey go for it.

They arrived a lil after midnight (parking in my neighborhood is the worst) she was a hot MILF typical city housewife, but for a white girl she had a very plump n round ass the kind you slap and it jiggled. The husband introduced her to me. “Hi this is Tia My slut wife” hello slut I told her. “How you doing” in a thick Brooklyn accent she replied. The husband sat on the couch and I told her turn around and show me that booty. My GOD her ass was phatt I palmed squeeze and tugged at it. There was a heart indentation at the crack of her ass when she bent over. I slid my middle finger between her ass cheek it was warm I could feel the dampness and the fold of her cunt as I fingered her through the thin layer of her jogging pants. She started to air hump my hand I pushed her down on the arm of the couch and without my prodding he raised one of her legs with her knee bend as if she was a dog about to pee rubbing her cunt across the arm of the couch she moaned please fuck me. "Beg me" I said. Her husband was at the other end of the couch started saying yeah make her beg for it while furiously rubbing his crotch. I whipped out my cock and slid it on her ass slapping her ass cheek with my dick. She was genuinely surprised she had no idea how big I was. She gasped “oh my got you’re huge.” She renewed her efforts in dry fucking me, wiggling her hip more aggressively, pressing her ass back at me. As much as the velvet texture of her jogging pants felt on my cock I wanted flesh.

We proceeded to go upstairs to my bedroom where I ordered the slut to undress. For the next 20 mins I teased and talked to the slut very nasty called her a no good whore a slut that can’t help her self around black dick. I also cuffed her hands to my headboard and blindfolded her as well. I teased and poked her with my dick on every part of her body except her cunt rubbing and dragging it across her face, lips, legs and tits. Pre-cum was leaking giving her that glossy trail only cum can give. I had her withering on the bed begging me to put my dick in her; exclaiming how I just met her she don't derseved to be teased like that. Please give her what I want she begged. Any time she sensed my dick near her pussy she raised her ass high in the air in vain trying to get some contact with my dick. Her pussy was wet even in the dark I could see the glistening of her pussy lips. When finally inserted she shouted "OH GOD, OH GOD it is so big from her hip movements I could tell I did not have to do much to make her cum. I could have blown on her and she would have came, but I was not done yet. I fucked her till she was just at the edge of coming, then withdrew I did this about 4 times even though she had blindfold on I could tell she was frustrated and wanted, needed to cum she pounded her fist on the bed and begged please let me come she almost sobbed. Finally I let her have it I pounded the way I knew she needed. She was a fantastic fuck. I busted 3 nuts on her last night. Hubby eagerly cleaned her cunt after I withdrew from her pussy. She had no break, she was a natural nympho doing as she was told. Opening her legs n spreading her pussy lips for me she was all about fucking. She played with her clit while my dick slick with our combined juices glided in and out of her, I don’t know how many time she came like that, but it was hot watching her.

The thing about sluts is even when the say they are done they still can take more dick. Her case was no different. After fucking for about an hour she asked to go to the bathroom. When she got back she informed us she was done and too sore for more dick. I walked up to her n placed my hand on her swollen pussy and whispered “then why is your cunt so wet, get your ass on the bed I gonna fuck you doggie style” she took a deep sigh and said yes I am a slut I cant help I love to fuck. I then fucked her for another half hour. Despite her earlier protests she was screaming, “fuck me, fuck me harder.” She came several more times before I deposited my 3rd n last load in her waiting mouth. By that time t was 3am and they had to get going. During that time I promised her I would get the crew together the next time we meet to give her a proper gangbang. She smiled and said “I would like that.” With the lights now on both of them started to dress picking up their clothes. As she reached for her panties I grabbed them before she could, and said first time fucks at my crib I keep your panties. She pouted and said “but hey are my favorite.” Then I guess next time you are here you just have to bring a pair you don’t care to lose, in the mean time these stay here, they are now my property.


Sunday, May 10, 2009


What a night last night I finally connected with a slut I been trying to get together with for a long time. I met her at a swing party. The first time I got up to fuck her I could tell this was a special kinda slut, the kind that needs a man to take charge. The first time I entered her she started to buck and say fuck me hard. I pulled on her hair and growled no you slut I gonna fuck you the way I want at the pace I want. She melted and whispered yes. After that session I mingled with other couples at the party playing chatting generally having a good time I really did not play with her for the rest of the party. Almost at the end of the night this slut slipped me her number in my pocket when she hugged me good-bye and breathed in my ear text me and please be discreet I have BF. Every since then we been texting in code but kept missing each other. I do have a lot of sluts I fuck and my weekends are usually booked, and she could not really get away in the week.

But I we finally connected and she asked if I was free and could she come over. We were originally supposed to meet at 6 but she was late and did not get to my crib till about 8 she texted me before-hand told me she as going to be late I texted her back n told her she would be punished for that. Her reply was yes daddy I will try to get there as soon as I can. When she finally got to the crib she hugged me and whispered I missed you and you have no idea how much I want to fuck you, and be trained by you. I have watched your movies the ones you gave me at the party over n over. I said good then you know what I like. I got her drink and we chatted while I rolled a joint. While we smoked she began to tell me she is on and off with her BF he does not understand what a slut she is or how she need to be dominated by a man, to be told what to do, to be trained he was way too diplomatic and docile with her. Some time she just need to be put in her place. As the smoke billowed up in her face she then said that why I was attracted to you at the party you did what you want with me you looked like you were in charge you are older and was so dom with me and by the way thanks for the DVDs you gave me at the party. I want you to train me.

I took the joint out of her hand and said "come with me" I turned on my computer sat her in front of it and showed her my latest clip on the blog I stood behind her and watched her. She began to breathe heavily as she saw my cock on the screen. I stood behind he and roughly grabbed one of her tits pulled he nipple while pressing my hardening dick on her neck she gasped her hip stated to grind on the chair. I said so you want to be one of my sluts she hoarsely whispered “yes daddy I want to be your nasty cum slut,” she reach back to grab my dick I took it out and slapped her face with it and told her “your training begins now, you only touch my dick when instructed if you want to get fucked by me do exactly as I say and when I say.” She dutiful replied yes daddy. “Go upstairs and get naked and get on your knees and wait for me,” I instructed her.

When I got in the room she was wearing lingerie kneeling waiting for me I told her I said I wanted you naked. She replied I wanted to show you the lingerie I wore for you daddy I chuckled and said take off the panties for not following exactly these will stay with me. They were so sticky n wet I could see the elasticity of her pussy juice clinging the panties crotch. I began to train her in how to suck my cock in a way that pleased me. In a calm steady voice I told her where and when to lick or suck. She was a very quick learner. Her full lips massaged my cock expertly when she went too hard or too soft a quick pull in her hair corrected her mistakes she learned quickly, her head movement became more fluid her mouth got wetter she was visibly turned on worshiping my dick salvia was running down her hand when I rubbed my dick in her face smearing her make-up I sneered you want go home looking like a whore she mumbled yes I then pulled her away from my cock and pulled her up say it louder "yes Daddy I want go home looking like a whore.” She yelped I could smell the scent of my cock wafting from her lips good slut I said now get back down and lick my balls which she greedily did. Her mouth was so warm n wet then I heard her muffle on my balls "daddy can I please lick your ass too? You may slut I replied and she went to work licking and slurping at every crevices on my crotch she had learned how to blow me I did not need to hold her head any more but I did it anyway. I pull her up flipped her on the bed wrapped my finger around her neck and slowly inserted my black dick in her dripping pussy. It was like as if she was hit by a lighting bolt. Her eyes rolled and pleaded to be fucked hard. “Daddy pound my cunt please she moaned. She was Cumming before I even pumped her.

No yet I said you have got to learn to control your self I put her over my knee and spanked her as she squirmed she promised to do better. “I will be a good slut for you I need this so bad she begged. “Then get on your back n spread your cunt I hissed she scrambled and spread eagle on the bed pulled her pussy lips open for me and pleaded with her eyes to fuck her. I slapped her clit repeatedly with my fat cock her juices were leaking so fast, it was wetting my belly as it splashed back at me I then began to fuck her with no mercy. All throughout the night the sound of my wet dick pounding her reverberated in my bedroom punctuated by her screams of “oh daddy fuck me! Want to be your nasty slut oh my god I am Cumming again” I fuck her hard and aggressively with abundant. Her pussy that was once tight was now sloppily swallowing my black dick the rougher I fucked the harder she came I gripped her ass cheeks and spread them and watched her ass hole wink while her cunt made sloshing sounds with my dick going on all cylinders in her. She was clutching and releasing the bed sheets. You want daddy cum now slut I yelled at her. “Ooooooh yes daddy I want to taste you” Get on your knees and lick my balls I ordered her. I laid on my back jerking my dick while my new slut washed my balls with her mouth her slurping was too much for me I exploded and pulled her hair positioned my dick and shoved my cock deep in her mouth I pumped my black seed in her mouth it was like candy for her she licked and swallowed every drop including the overflow that ran down my balls to my ass she cleaned every drop smacking her lips savoring my taste.

My slut then scooted over and laid next me looking up to my eyes for approval that she did a good job. You did very good slut I complimented her as she idly stroked my softening dick squeezing the excess cum out it she smiled and asked permission to kiss me. Only on my nipples I told her. By this time my cock was hardening again the combination of her stroking me and licking my chest got me rock hard again. She felt it she murmured I want it again daddy. I smiled and said go for it I looked at her as she scampered down to grab my dick to sit on it. There is a lot of cum still on my dick I said. “I don’t care she uttered I will use it as lube and stuffed my raw dick in her wet hole.” We fucked for another hour fucking her in every poison her body contorted too. I even hog tied her and fucked her doggie style till we both collapsed. She thanked me for wearing her pussy out. While getting dressed she reiterated her desire to continue seeing me and being my slave. So who knows maybe my next blog with her there may be some video.