Thursday, July 23, 2009


You got to love quickies; Saturday was a dud night nothing was going on. I was thinking on getting something local and quick so I called a couple of my regulars for a booty call. But everyone had plans or was out of town. Oh well I said to myself, my dick need a break anyways better save my load for my next shoot later in the week. So I chilled pretty much all day caught up on some movies I have had for months and had not finished watching. I wound up the evening watch the NCIS Marathon I’m slowly getting hooked on that show LOL… but I digress. When I was about to get to bed got a call from a couple I played with in the past. They wanted to do something that night. Cool thought not such bad night after all. But as luck would have it they called me hour later and told me they could not get a sitter for the night. Crap I thought went to bed horny woke up the next morning with a hell of a hard-on I needed to get into something. And as it always happen I got another call from another couple early that evening, they were in my neighborhood and wanted to know if they could stop by for a min. I love this couple cuz when they come over we get right down to business. And his wife comes for one reason… to get big hard black cock in her. I fixed them both a rum and coke it was not long after our drink I was massaging the wife’s breast and pulling on her nipples sliding my hand down her soaking wet pussy she moaned in her Spanish accent can we go upstairs. I had purposely not fucked any one in a week because I had a shoot coming up so I was loaded ready for her. I busted a nut on her in 15 min. just as quickly as I came they left just as quickly. I love Sunday quickies.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

ooohh ahhh yeeeah you really should join

Hi again Big Max here. I am not as good as a writer as my girl Talia is but I try. Kinda hard to follow after her blog entry lol but here goes.

Been a hectic week but I found time to drive up all the way to the country to visit the fabulous sexy n slutty Karen Kougar for those out the who do not know what a "cougar" is: it a an older woman who sexually pursues men at least eight years her junior. It was a nice ride did not realize NY State had so many beautiful scenic foliage. We been playing phone tag for a couple weeks now with both our busy schedules we finally found time to do it. And I was not going to miss it. Been wanting to fuck this foxy vixen ever since lavender told me what a fun romp in the hay she was. Since it was a lovely day we decided to fuck in her back yard. Lemmie tell you she was a good fuck nasty n slutty just the way I like em, but still lady enough to whip up some burgers for me, for my trip home. What more can you ask in a slut a unbelievable fuck that had me shooting my juice all over her face and then turn around and feed me after fucking the hell outta her. Got to love this gal I will be defiantly visiting her again. Guys you should check out her upcoming site and coming soon to

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Before going down to the hotel’s restaurant for dinner, Daddy worked my body out…and over - for 3 ecstatic hours. Returning from where I left off when I initially mounted him, the ease of taking him swiftly & fully inside me didn’t in any way diminish the fullness or sensation that if his cock were even just the tiniest bit larger that I couldn’t take it. After the torment of the month since I’d last had him and his parking lot greeting, I pitifully admit that it was under three minutes of riding him before I was letting go with my first orgasm… soaking him, the bed…annnnd probably the picture above the bed. Luckily there were 4 separate beds in the adjoining rooms we had. To answer his original question of whether I missed him? Yes, painfully so

After that delightful release, Daddy fucked me fabulously in several positions where he had much more control of my cumming… no more riding for me momentarily after proving that I was unable to contain my greediness. Doggie or with him on top he can always use his weight or other restriction to quell even my strongest attempt to buck myself to orgasm back against him. No, he wants me to wait, to savor it more or at times that is the prelude to taking my asshole. Funnily, in a brief moment of pause, as if on cue, hubby calls to see if I’ve arrived and gotten settled in the room. More truthfully, he is probably hoping I’d answer while Daddy was actively fucking me at the time and that he’d be allowed to listen in. A few seconds of chatting with hubby pass before Daddy emerges from the bathroom with a condom on his still ragging hard cock. I know what this means, and tell hubby that I’m going to have to set the phone down so Daddy can take my ass. A pleasure that hubby has NEVER been allowed. I barely let him get out a whisper of “Ok, take it good for him.” “Don’t worry….I will.” I throw the phone with the line open up to the pillows as hubby listens to me gasp, whine, & whimper as Daddy begins to take his deep & righteous descent into my incredibly tight little ass.

There is never any question or doubt while having him inside me that I am pushed to my maximum capacity. No matter his hole of choice at any given moment. Don’t get me wrong…there is more work involved in servicing him anally in the initial stages of working it in to balls deep penetration. However, my deep primal desires to please him coupled with now knowing the pleasure that awaits after the struggle & strain passes always gives me the discipline to take what at certain seconds seems…..ummmm “untakeable”. I get some brief pleasure and distraction knowing that hubby is listening, feverishly jerking his cock, wishing that he was there to witness Daddy doing things to me that he’s only dreamed of. I’ve left hubby out of the chastity of his CB since this was going to be an extended 3 day date, something that isn’t the case when I’m only gone for a day… I make him wait locked down until I return home to let him taste the pussy that Daddy has marinated for him. Daddy encourages me as I pant & breathe through the struggle, telling me what a good girl I am for taking him so well. Eventually he is balls deep inside me, he announces this to let both hubby & I know of the accomplishment. Slowly and steadily he begins to stroke his mammoth cock to further work & expand the capacity of my tight canal and before long, I’m loving it, thrusting myself back, meeting & mimicking his movements. Immediately I can feel the brilliant pressure of his dick rubbing the back side of my already frontally engorged g-spot. A pleasure I’ve never known with any other lover. Partly probably because I was never giving my ass up to another…but even if I had- I doubt any has the equipment, girth or reach to please me in this way. On this particular occasion I had my most intense ever anal orgasm…even shocking him a bit. He was feverishly pounding my ass with every thrust, I shamelessly loved it as I begged & praised him, “Daddy! Daddy! PLEEEEEAAAASSSE, it’s so fucking good to me, that’s right, fuck my ass in for me!” Blind and insane bliss overtake my body as he works- spanking me and occasionally pulling my hair back as he bottoms out to my ass’s deepest recesses.

He knows I am too ready to let go with a huge gush of cummy goodness and finally backs out allowing for a full body contraction followed by a ridiculous squirting flood, the ultimate testament of his skills. “Oh my god baby, I’ve never seen you cum so hard getting fucked in the ass!” was his amused response. I think I barely murmured a stupid, “I’ve never seen me cum so hard from being fucked in the ass either” in my moment of senseless, post-orgasmic, intoxication. No doubt he has brought me full circle in this department; I will admit I’ve become a bit of an anal queen for him, quite a difference from my virginal asshole status when we first met. This is a very hot & sacred act for me, one that I’d never give to another, born out of implicit trust in him as well as desire to give him everything I could ever have to give.

I was treated to one more session of him exquisitely fucking my pussy, hard, prior to dinner. Just when I believe every ounce of possible fluid within me has been expended, he proves me wrong. There were a few more riveting explosions for me before I was blessed with his greatest gift. My pussy shuddered as he gave me his first orgasm of the weekend; he pulled out and shot his hot & creamy load just at the opening of my pussy lips and then proceeded to fuck every bit of that cum deep into my pussy. His dick remained hard as steel as he continued to push his load deeper inside me, withdrawing occasionally to use the head of his cock to scoop & redeposit the excess that had squeezed out with his last stroke. I find this to be equally as hot & sacred as is my ass defilement however a bit more risky… I’m not on any type of birth control. Often, Daddy gives his cum to my mouth for this very reason. However when he is giving me such a stellar dick down and asks me where I want his cum, I often can’t resist responding with, “Where it belongs. Please put it in my pussy Daddy.” His reply, “You want Daddy to breed you? An enthusiastic response of “Yes Daddy, give it to me!” And he always obliges, it just seems all too righteous at the time.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


It had been too long since our last date, a little over a month. When there’s been elapsed time such as this I always have some bit of apprehension about initially working that monster cock into my tight little pussy. Hubby isn’t allowed to penetrate me at all anymore, so whenever it was that I’ve seen Daddy last is also the last time I’ve had anything in either my pussy or ass (outside of some fabulous glass toys Daddy bought for me to amuse my pussy with in his absence). I always voice this anxiety during our phone chats prior to our hook ups, “Oooooo Daddy, it’s been too long, you’ll have to go easy on me at first, my pussy has been sad & lonely…and I’m sure it regressed to “Born Again Virgin” capacity.” That always gets both a chuckle and reassuring response along the lines of, “Baby don’t worry, I intend to fuck you all weekend long, no need to rush or ruin you, we’ll work it in nice and slow.” Yes he is blessed with an enormous cock but beyond that he has exceptional skill & perception in using it. Outside of the welcomed stretch & soreness that ensues after spending a few days having marathon sex, he has never intentionally or accidentally caused me any true pain or discomfort. This is just another one of the many things that about Daddy that astounds & impresses me. B.D., dick of much less size & caliber had caused much more painful/uncomfortable experiences. It never ceases to amaze me. This man, who far supersedes the reach and girth of every past lover, manages himself into every crease, crack, crevasse, and hole I have to offer with ease, proceeds to fuck me harder and deeper than I’d thought anatomically possible, and brings sheer ecstasy to acts that before experienced with him, I would have rated somewhere between impossible and excruciatingly painful. Mmmmhmmm…Thank you Daddy for showing & teaching me how wrong I was

Ok, there is no doubt that my writings can be a bit lengthy. Both in the words used as well as the time it takes me to get those words My time for writing comes in short & sporadic intervals. My desire to share all of the hot details and depict entire scenes make it hard for me to pick & omit any of our time spent together…even in the interest of promptness from my “publisher” ha ha. After spending several days with him last week in between many mutually satisfying orgasms we came up with a mutually satisfying solution. The solution we decided on for my slowness is this, that my blogging will come as more of a chaptered compendium. This way it can be posted more frequently, with multiple segments for each “date”. I find it extremely difficult to get a 2 or 3 day date out in one quick, concise blog entry. Hopefully readers will check back often to get the continuations. So, with that being said, I’ll close our weekend adventures here. Soon I’ll have the rest of our romp down on paper and posted. Certainly equally as hot –Do check back to the slut blog often- I’ve already got ½ of part 2 completed.

Back in the room my eyes beam with excitement & wonder as he unzips his pants, eagerly & greedily I barely give him time to disrobe before dropping to my knees to pay his cock proper greeting with my mouth. He tastes exquisitely, as always, and allows me a few minutes of tongue worship prior to lying back on the bed and instructing me to come mount him. “Come get your dick Baby, you can work it in at your own pace.” Already soaked from my drive and our parking lot play, I straddle him and begin to rub the massive head of his bare cock all over my drenched pussy lips and clit to offer some natural lube to his cock in preparation for its deep descent. Slowly I begin to bear down and relish with delight as I feel my pussy lips part to accept their master. Working myself just a bit further down his shaft, pleasure & desire overwhelm and make me feel deliciously dizzy, intoxicated by his every essence. “Take your time Baby”, he reassures me as I look down at him. Barely having a third of him inside me, I realized for the first time ever-time was not what I needed, without a bit of struggle quickly I thrust myself downward and in an instant had all of him fully and deeply inside me. So much for taking time! In that moment I had a great epiphany; in all of our previous hook ups my pussy, after some work, was always temporarily able to accommodate his size throughout our time together. It was apparent to me now that my pussy had become permanently altered, accustomed & conformed to him despite the time since he’d last taken it. This is a good thing and pleases me greatly, further reinforcement and confirmation for his possession of my pussy.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Hello All……..Ok, it has been a ridiculously long time since my first blog was posted. Fortunately for me however, my lack of posting has not been due to a lack of seeing Daddy or having exquisitely delicious experiences to share. It has been a crazy-busy time fraught with family illness and commitments that left me no spare time to write of all the new heights Daddy has brought me to over the past year and a half. Luckily for me he is a benevolent dictator and has understood my hardships and been very lenient with me throughout my lack of writing. The upside now that I find myself with a bit more time to devote to blogging, I have a great number of fabulous dick downs & dates with Daddy to pull highlights from & write about

I’ll share an account of one of our most recent rendezvous from a few weeks ago, its details remain vivid in my mind and its scenario & schedule mirrors so many of our interludes. I believe it will give a good window of what’s been going on in our time spent together and our evolutions throughout my blogging hiatus.

Our three hour distance from each other hasn’t really hindered our hook ups, rather just made us more efficient schedulers. Usually we find a mid-distance suite somewhere in between to save either of us from the full 3 hour trek. Because of the driving time we try to schedule so we have at least two nights to spend together. Two is good….but three is better, LOL, which we were able to indulge in on this particular occasion. Hubby’s presence on my dates with Daddy varies around his work schedule and/or my preference of the moment. Hubby is a good cuck, and his servitude is always enjoyed and appreciated when he is in attendance. I’ll share more on hubby’s role & progresses in a bit. He was invited to spend one night with us and when I get to that portion of our weekend I’ll enlighten you more on hubby. Daddy and I require our “alone” time as well so we often make plans that accommodate & incorporate both scenarios just as we did in this, our most recent hook up.

Late Friday morning, I hurried to grab my last bag of packed weekend essentials, shoved it in my car and screwed out of my driveway: Destination Daddy. Not ten minutes into my 2 hr ride, I could feel it happening…as it always does. My pussy (his actually-just attached to my body) KNOWS when it is returning to its true owner and despite my mind’s attempt to distract it until my arrival, it never blocks or prevents the “Pavlovian Pussy” spell Daddy cast upon me the very first time he put himself inside of me well over a year ago. I was ridiculously wet…seemingly for no reason, thoughts running through my mind at that time were focused on closely following my directions to a hotel & town we’d not stayed at before as well as if I’d remembered to pack everything I originally wanted to bring with me, etc, boring & benign.

Here is my theory for this strange pussy phenomenon; Daddy is a fair, patient, & fabulous teacher. He has dedicated many countless hours training my pussy in The Arts of Fucking & Being Fucked, painstakingly schooled her in how to properly take and please his HUGE, Superhuman, Cock. My hypothesis is this: All of the instruction, discipline & direction that Daddy has educated my pussy with have caused her to develop her own instinctual consciousness, completely separate from my own conscious thoughts. None of my conscious thoughts can distract my pussy from the wet and wanton focus of its mission. This always surprises me to some extent; that my pussy produces & expends more fluids in pre-cum just in the act of getting to him then has ever naturally been evoked by any other, even during my best B.D. (before daddy) heights of orgasm.

He is well aware of the effects he has on me and my ritualistic pussy soaked drive to all of our dating destinations, often he enjoys taunting me with it immediately when we first greet each other in the hotel parking lot. Pressing himself against me, my back against either of our vehicles side door, we embrace, he bends down to kiss me hello at the same time sliding his hand directly & deliberately up my skirt. A devilish grin comes to his mouth as he whispers to me, “Baby, did you miss Daddy?” in the same second his fingers very briefly stroke my already super slickened, now throbbing clit and pussy lips, his smile widens coupled with an expression of smug satisfaction in finding me yet again shamelessly soaked for him upon my arrival. Only seconds pass and he thrusts his magical fingers deep into my pussy, immediately locating my G-Spot then working it mercilessly. I gasp and bury my head into his chest; surely I would buckle to the ground if he & the car weren’t holding me up. In seconds he has me a mess, riled up to a feverish pitch, ready to let go with a gushing wet flood as he brings me just to the brink of cumming - then stops in the instant before I do. Continuing to clutch his shoulders, still smothering my face into his chest from attempting to hold quiet my panting & pre-orgasmic squeals, his fingers remaining deep within me, but still, the “Good Girl” in me fought against my pussy’s true desire & urge to buck on his momentarily motionless fingers and give sweet release to what they’d incited. I manage to whimper a weak, gasping, half-hearted, plea for him to stop, “Pleeeease, Daddy. So I can go check in…not looking a mess.” Obviously pleased with the quivering frenzy he had me in; he couldn’t resist one more torturous round of bringing me to just the edge of cumming all over myself once more before extracting his fingers, tightly gripping my ass cheeks as he straightened & pulled my skirt back to its original “pre-parking lot, mid-day, fingering” position.

Benevolently, he allowed me to have a cigarette, regroup & re-apply my lip gloss without teasing or taunting me and I was able to check in without looking like I had just been at an amusement park, sliding on water slides….fully dressed in a skirt and heels no less!

After check-in gets handled, we usually go to find our room location prior to getting our bags etc. from the car. Somehow our rationale for this ritual is flawed. The premise being it is better to find where you’ll be staying prior to lugging your stuff all through the hotel – once located it is usually easier & quicker to move our cars closer to the room’s location, less effort, distance & time wasted unloading & carrying our stuff in. Once the room is found & entered… (ummm…maybe to just put my purse down-one less thing to carry, you understand) …. quickly getting our belongings from the car seems to lose priority and becomes a super hard task to have ambition toward . A more proper “Hello” consisting of further tasting of Daddy’s wonderful lips, sweet tongue & dry humping my bare, panty-less pussy on his jeans, his already stiff cock presses tightly back against the fabric that momentarily imprisons it. To be honest at this point, I couldn’t give a shit less if a million dollars or scrolls containing the answers to all the universes’ secrets were sitting on the front seat of my unlocked car. We do make our way back to our cars before our first round of deep penetrating reunion on occasion, but admittedly those occasions are due much more to Daddy’s restraint than my own.

...To be continued

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


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