Saturday, July 11, 2009


It had been too long since our last date, a little over a month. When there’s been elapsed time such as this I always have some bit of apprehension about initially working that monster cock into my tight little pussy. Hubby isn’t allowed to penetrate me at all anymore, so whenever it was that I’ve seen Daddy last is also the last time I’ve had anything in either my pussy or ass (outside of some fabulous glass toys Daddy bought for me to amuse my pussy with in his absence). I always voice this anxiety during our phone chats prior to our hook ups, “Oooooo Daddy, it’s been too long, you’ll have to go easy on me at first, my pussy has been sad & lonely…and I’m sure it regressed to “Born Again Virgin” capacity.” That always gets both a chuckle and reassuring response along the lines of, “Baby don’t worry, I intend to fuck you all weekend long, no need to rush or ruin you, we’ll work it in nice and slow.” Yes he is blessed with an enormous cock but beyond that he has exceptional skill & perception in using it. Outside of the welcomed stretch & soreness that ensues after spending a few days having marathon sex, he has never intentionally or accidentally caused me any true pain or discomfort. This is just another one of the many things that about Daddy that astounds & impresses me. B.D., dick of much less size & caliber had caused much more painful/uncomfortable experiences. It never ceases to amaze me. This man, who far supersedes the reach and girth of every past lover, manages himself into every crease, crack, crevasse, and hole I have to offer with ease, proceeds to fuck me harder and deeper than I’d thought anatomically possible, and brings sheer ecstasy to acts that before experienced with him, I would have rated somewhere between impossible and excruciatingly painful. Mmmmhmmm…Thank you Daddy for showing & teaching me how wrong I was

Ok, there is no doubt that my writings can be a bit lengthy. Both in the words used as well as the time it takes me to get those words My time for writing comes in short & sporadic intervals. My desire to share all of the hot details and depict entire scenes make it hard for me to pick & omit any of our time spent together…even in the interest of promptness from my “publisher” ha ha. After spending several days with him last week in between many mutually satisfying orgasms we came up with a mutually satisfying solution. The solution we decided on for my slowness is this, that my blogging will come as more of a chaptered compendium. This way it can be posted more frequently, with multiple segments for each “date”. I find it extremely difficult to get a 2 or 3 day date out in one quick, concise blog entry. Hopefully readers will check back often to get the continuations. So, with that being said, I’ll close our weekend adventures here. Soon I’ll have the rest of our romp down on paper and posted. Certainly equally as hot –Do check back to the slut blog often- I’ve already got ½ of part 2 completed.

Back in the room my eyes beam with excitement & wonder as he unzips his pants, eagerly & greedily I barely give him time to disrobe before dropping to my knees to pay his cock proper greeting with my mouth. He tastes exquisitely, as always, and allows me a few minutes of tongue worship prior to lying back on the bed and instructing me to come mount him. “Come get your dick Baby, you can work it in at your own pace.” Already soaked from my drive and our parking lot play, I straddle him and begin to rub the massive head of his bare cock all over my drenched pussy lips and clit to offer some natural lube to his cock in preparation for its deep descent. Slowly I begin to bear down and relish with delight as I feel my pussy lips part to accept their master. Working myself just a bit further down his shaft, pleasure & desire overwhelm and make me feel deliciously dizzy, intoxicated by his every essence. “Take your time Baby”, he reassures me as I look down at him. Barely having a third of him inside me, I realized for the first time ever-time was not what I needed, without a bit of struggle quickly I thrust myself downward and in an instant had all of him fully and deeply inside me. So much for taking time! In that moment I had a great epiphany; in all of our previous hook ups my pussy, after some work, was always temporarily able to accommodate his size throughout our time together. It was apparent to me now that my pussy had become permanently altered, accustomed & conformed to him despite the time since he’d last taken it. This is a good thing and pleases me greatly, further reinforcement and confirmation for his possession of my pussy.


  1. Dear Big Max,

    You have no idea how happy I am when you accepted to own a piece of my pussy. The pics of your huge cock is so beautiful. Promise you'll fuck me.

    Reading the story by your SlutNestDoor make me want you even more.

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  2. Dear Big Max,

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  3. Well, you two really have something special going, it shows through with both the pictures and the always very sexy. Thank you for making nasty,fun!
    Abby :)