Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Before going down to the hotel’s restaurant for dinner, Daddy worked my body out…and over - for 3 ecstatic hours. Returning from where I left off when I initially mounted him, the ease of taking him swiftly & fully inside me didn’t in any way diminish the fullness or sensation that if his cock were even just the tiniest bit larger that I couldn’t take it. After the torment of the month since I’d last had him and his parking lot greeting, I pitifully admit that it was under three minutes of riding him before I was letting go with my first orgasm… soaking him, the bed…annnnd probably the picture above the bed. Luckily there were 4 separate beds in the adjoining rooms we had. To answer his original question of whether I missed him? Yes, painfully so

After that delightful release, Daddy fucked me fabulously in several positions where he had much more control of my cumming… no more riding for me momentarily after proving that I was unable to contain my greediness. Doggie or with him on top he can always use his weight or other restriction to quell even my strongest attempt to buck myself to orgasm back against him. No, he wants me to wait, to savor it more or at times that is the prelude to taking my asshole. Funnily, in a brief moment of pause, as if on cue, hubby calls to see if I’ve arrived and gotten settled in the room. More truthfully, he is probably hoping I’d answer while Daddy was actively fucking me at the time and that he’d be allowed to listen in. A few seconds of chatting with hubby pass before Daddy emerges from the bathroom with a condom on his still ragging hard cock. I know what this means, and tell hubby that I’m going to have to set the phone down so Daddy can take my ass. A pleasure that hubby has NEVER been allowed. I barely let him get out a whisper of “Ok, take it good for him.” “Don’t worry….I will.” I throw the phone with the line open up to the pillows as hubby listens to me gasp, whine, & whimper as Daddy begins to take his deep & righteous descent into my incredibly tight little ass.

There is never any question or doubt while having him inside me that I am pushed to my maximum capacity. No matter his hole of choice at any given moment. Don’t get me wrong…there is more work involved in servicing him anally in the initial stages of working it in to balls deep penetration. However, my deep primal desires to please him coupled with now knowing the pleasure that awaits after the struggle & strain passes always gives me the discipline to take what at certain seconds seems…..ummmm “untakeable”. I get some brief pleasure and distraction knowing that hubby is listening, feverishly jerking his cock, wishing that he was there to witness Daddy doing things to me that he’s only dreamed of. I’ve left hubby out of the chastity of his CB since this was going to be an extended 3 day date, something that isn’t the case when I’m only gone for a day… I make him wait locked down until I return home to let him taste the pussy that Daddy has marinated for him. Daddy encourages me as I pant & breathe through the struggle, telling me what a good girl I am for taking him so well. Eventually he is balls deep inside me, he announces this to let both hubby & I know of the accomplishment. Slowly and steadily he begins to stroke his mammoth cock to further work & expand the capacity of my tight canal and before long, I’m loving it, thrusting myself back, meeting & mimicking his movements. Immediately I can feel the brilliant pressure of his dick rubbing the back side of my already frontally engorged g-spot. A pleasure I’ve never known with any other lover. Partly probably because I was never giving my ass up to another…but even if I had- I doubt any has the equipment, girth or reach to please me in this way. On this particular occasion I had my most intense ever anal orgasm…even shocking him a bit. He was feverishly pounding my ass with every thrust, I shamelessly loved it as I begged & praised him, “Daddy! Daddy! PLEEEEEAAAASSSE, it’s so fucking good to me, that’s right, fuck my ass in for me!” Blind and insane bliss overtake my body as he works- spanking me and occasionally pulling my hair back as he bottoms out to my ass’s deepest recesses.

He knows I am too ready to let go with a huge gush of cummy goodness and finally backs out allowing for a full body contraction followed by a ridiculous squirting flood, the ultimate testament of his skills. “Oh my god baby, I’ve never seen you cum so hard getting fucked in the ass!” was his amused response. I think I barely murmured a stupid, “I’ve never seen me cum so hard from being fucked in the ass either” in my moment of senseless, post-orgasmic, intoxication. No doubt he has brought me full circle in this department; I will admit I’ve become a bit of an anal queen for him, quite a difference from my virginal asshole status when we first met. This is a very hot & sacred act for me, one that I’d never give to another, born out of implicit trust in him as well as desire to give him everything I could ever have to give.

I was treated to one more session of him exquisitely fucking my pussy, hard, prior to dinner. Just when I believe every ounce of possible fluid within me has been expended, he proves me wrong. There were a few more riveting explosions for me before I was blessed with his greatest gift. My pussy shuddered as he gave me his first orgasm of the weekend; he pulled out and shot his hot & creamy load just at the opening of my pussy lips and then proceeded to fuck every bit of that cum deep into my pussy. His dick remained hard as steel as he continued to push his load deeper inside me, withdrawing occasionally to use the head of his cock to scoop & redeposit the excess that had squeezed out with his last stroke. I find this to be equally as hot & sacred as is my ass defilement however a bit more risky… I’m not on any type of birth control. Often, Daddy gives his cum to my mouth for this very reason. However when he is giving me such a stellar dick down and asks me where I want his cum, I often can’t resist responding with, “Where it belongs. Please put it in my pussy Daddy.” His reply, “You want Daddy to breed you? An enthusiastic response of “Yes Daddy, give it to me!” And he always obliges, it just seems all too righteous at the time.

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  1. Dear Big Max,

    I want you to do me 3 ecstatic hour, too. I want you to cause my pussy to shudder the way you did her. I'm so jealous of the slut your fucking.

    When I meat up with you I'm gonna quit my pills and let you breed me. Will you knock me up, please/

    Kisses, and Fucks,
    -Your Slutty Pussy Amy