Monday, March 12, 2012


The Vegas Experience.

Join Big Max in his Vegas experience. 4 hot scenes. Shot in the hotel rooms of Las Vegas during AVN 2012. Slut Racheal, Deborahann, Shane Diesel, Carey Riley, Natasha Starr, and more stars on this video. 2 hour long of nonstop fucking. This has it all gangbangs anal, cream-pies interracial. Click here for your copy

Big Max Banging the MILFs No. 21

Killercram brings you number 21 in the popular Big Max Banging the MILFs series. This one spans Las Vegas to NYC 5 new slut Max taps. And as usual it’s nasty. Back by Popular demand slut Rachael is here with part two of her encounter with Max in Vegas. Also Max meets sexy BBC Lover Shannen Wilde and it wont be the last time they meet. Slutty Kate Faucett gets it good in the bathroom. Rounding out this video is one of Max’s favorite Deborahann and her new friend Rachel Richards. There is a bonus anonymous wife scene also. Click here for your copy

House wives Gone Rogue 6

Count them 5 sluts in HGR3 these freaky slut love BBC. Christy Wett, Naughty Fiona, Slut Momo, Kat Noir and Ginger Black show why they love BBC everyone of these slut s get a different BBC and it nasty. Just old fashion hardcore interracial fucking no script just sluts doing what they do best. Click here to get your copy

House wives Gone Rogue 7

Housewives Gone Rogue is now on volume 7 and his series just keep getting better. Big max and D. Wise give Deborahann her first interracial DP she get 2 cream pies one in her ass the other in her pussy Sexy round assed Amber Peach has a one on one with big Max in his hotel room POV style. Christie Wett has round 2 with DFW Knight. This squirting queen ruins another couch. Finally introducing new cummer slutty Shelly this gothic buzz cut slut experience her first black dick. Here on this video. Click here to get your copy

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


It long over-due for a blog update, sometimes work get in the way of writing them. I recently met another sexy couple visiting NYC. They contacted me online through my blog. One sure way to fire me up to meeting a couple is after the first email is exchanging numbers to actually chat. I am old school and don't believe in texting all day when first meeting a couple. Hearing their voices and confirming they are for real goes a long way for me. It shows me they are serious and I will bend backward to accommodate if I feel they are the same. I really never take anyone seriously who can text or IM me all day or but don't have the balls to have a phone conversation.

They told me that they saw some of my videos and got some referrals they would love to meet if they could. They where in town and had only one night to play. They had some family business to do here. They explained to me they lived in Europe and had a niece that just moved here and the were getting her adjusted but right now the wife needed some release and a BBC is just what she needed. After the initial phone call we preceded to text each other to update the time we would meet. It was agreed I would meet them at 8pm at their hotel room in midtown Manhattan. Her husband was very excited he told me she was looking forward to this all day after seeing her pics I felt the same way she was a married MILF and horny. There is nothing sweeter than married woman spreading her legs for you with no interruptions from her husband. When he told me she want it in the ass, I wanted her even more.

Getting to the hotel was more problematic that I had expected apparently there was some UN session going on at the Untied Nations so the roads were gridlocked for someone who prides himself in being on time this was maddening I called to apologize for being late. Her husband answered n said it ok she is just here sipping on champagne getting ready waiting for your dick so get her as soon as you can. After breaking a couple traffic laws I finally got to the valet parking at the hotel and made my way up to their suite.

Her husband greeted me at the door with a firm handshake and introduced his wife, which was a fine specimen of a woman. She wore a leopard print tight mini dress with stiletto heels and stockings classy slutty I thought to myself. Hello Max she said with her accent, I embraced her, deftly placing my hands on her hips and then palming her ass bringing her closer to me. Her hair smelled magnificent her perfume and body scent wafted to my nose it had a slight hint of her aroused pussy. She was all woman. By her body language I knew she was ready to fuck I held her body for a bit longer deeply massaging her ass. When we finally broke away she offered me a glass, which I accepted but did not drink we, chit-chatted for maybe 20 min the booze had relaxed her quite a bit. She was laying in the bed with her glass in hand legs crossed. I smiled at her n looked her In the eyes n said open them before she could react I was on the bed next to her she looked at me as if in a trance and slowly opened her legs my hands found her warm cunt and heaving breast I pulled her panties aside and slipped two fingers in her sopping cunt he husband rushed over to grab the glass that was about to fall out of her hand. I want to suck your dick she moaned.

Go-ahead baby I replied suck that fat black dick you been waiting for all day. She scampered with relish and assumed her position bent over on her elbows with her ass in the air eager awaiting for me to unzip. Her eyes lit up when I unfolded my dick and plopped it on her tongue that was sticking out. Her warm wet mouth took a big gulp and inhaled as much of my dick that she could she really enjoyed sucking she passionately tried to take as much as she could savoring the taste and heft of my dick she tirelessly stroked my dick trying to coax some of my pre-cum then use it as lube to polish my cock head. I grabbed a lock of her thick hair to help guide her and fuck her face. Her husband interjected she loves sucking dick we both laugh at the comment. I tighten my grip on her head and started to forcefully fuck her face choking her with my dick compelling her to gurgle. As much as I enjoyed it I was ready to fuck her now. Do you mind if I tape her husband asked. Go right ahead I said reaching for a rubber.

Her cunt was wet and ready She laid on her back n raised her legs in slightly up, knees to her tits hip flailed thigh quivering in anticipation. I got on top and demanded “what do you want slut” Your dick Please I need your dick she earnestly said looking at me pleading, “Please I need to be fucked.” Without warning I penetrated her tight hole with one hard long stroke her eyes flew open and arms instinctually grabbed my neck n pulled me close YESSSS she moaned fuck me she whispered and that is exactly what I did. But I wanted her ass. She has such a sexy ass that begged to be fucked after plowing through her pussy her husband got the lube and greased her up for me. She spread her ass cheeks, and face-planted her head on the bed and I took what I came for… her ASS

-B. Max