Monday, March 7, 2011


Hi all I just thought I would post a hot n wet clip of my latest encounter with the very naughty and sexy Christie Wett. I had a hot and torrid time meeting her. The slut was insatiable. She came to my crib just to do a shoot for another friend of mine but she wound up staying ditching her hotel room and spending the night with me. When I met her she was a bit shy and did not say much. Introductions were dispensed when she and her posse arrived at my house. The first thing I noticed about her was her ass firm round and her long red hair I wondered if it was all-natural I have never been with a natural redhead.

I had no intentions of playing that night. I was just doing my buddy a favor and be cameraman for this project. But after she came into my room where we would be shooting, I saw her eyes lit up like a schoolgirl when she saw the chain and handcuffs hanging from the ceiling. That perked my interest. She greedily latched on the chain put her weight on it and idly swayed on it and said, “I like these what are they for”. I felt my dick twitching as we locked eyes. There is a moment of Clarity when a Dom recognizes a sub and vice versa. I approached and took her hand and whispered I don’t think you could handle it. She looked me dead in the eye I did not have to say a word, she raised her hands and offered them to me to tie her up there was lust and submission in her eyes. With a stern voice get on the bed I commanded her, I am not going to tie you up just yet. Daddy wants to see what you got between your legs first. I was on top of her before her ass hit the bed “yyyes daddy” she murmured my hands were down her pants only to find her pantyless with a sticky slick barrier of precum vainly trying to protect her cunt my fingers slipped in. It was met with clenched thighs and an audible gasp of “Oh my god”. Her pussy lips were puffy and pierced it was topped with the finest crown of red hair so faint it could have been mistaken for blonde. Ahh curtain matches the carpet I thought. Just then there were footsteps and voices approaching the room. It quickly snapped us out of the moment and reminded us we where her to shoot a video. She looked very sad when I pulled a way and told her don’t worry you will have me later. “You Promise?” she asked not let going of my hand before I nodded and said yes slut later.

As I set the lights up and selected the outfits for her to wear for the stills I was going to snap of her. Christie flirted with me. Even going as far as taunting me. At one moment I was adjusting my flash on my camera she came up and rubbed her ass on me I grabbed her wrist and told you are being a real tease I am going to spank the shit out of you if you keep it up. After that she was relentless and I knew I was in for a night of debauchery and discipline, which made it hard for me to concentrate on the task at hand. Just before the video shoot started she was on the bed and another friend dropped by and mentioned she is a squirter hence the name Christie Wett. Is that so I asked her she nodded yes. We will see about that. I pushed her on the bed and pulled her legs apart and inserted my fingers in her moist pussy and began my fingering in less than 10 seconds she had drenched my bed. It was unbelievable she was shaking it took her a minute to recover I fed her the excess juices off my fingers the whole room was astounded by her performance. As they all filed out the room to go down stairs I pulled her towards me and said what are you doing after the shoot. Hoping to fuck you she said. I chuckled and said, when does your flight leave to go home? 11am tomorrow she replied. This is the plan I said you are spending the night here so clear your schedule. You need to be properly disciplined and fucked. Yes daddy she replied with a smile as we walked down the stairs

-B. Max

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  1. Dear Big Max,

    Every time I read your story I wished it was me the slut you're pleasuring. It's the way you treat your sluts and the commanding tone you use to order your sluts to please you that made me so horny and desire for you.

    -Whore Amy