Thursday, February 24, 2011


I recently hooked with a wife I played with in the past we had lost contact for over a year. Her husband happened to bump into me online on my yahoo IM. He had been following the blog and was happy to catch up with me. We quickly reacquainted with each other and decided it was long over due for me to meet and fuck his wife again. A little history about the husband, he is a cuckold and nothing pleases him more than to be put in his place humiliated and watch an authoritative Bull take his wife and all her holes. Well did just that, and I am afraid to say she is now spoiled and asks me to bring some friends. She will work for dick she can't get enough BBC now lol the following is written by her. Enjoy


A Wife's Story to her cuck husband

So I had a chance the other night and again tonight to look over Big Max's blog. I found my nipples getting hard and my pussy getting wet as I read the stories and thought back to the time we had hung out. Thoughts of being filled by his huge cock took over and I found myself drifting off a bit from the stories I was reading and I began thinking about how I want to be used by him again while you watch how deep and hard he fucks me. Thoughts of being on my hands and knees waiting for that big cock, and you being made to spread my ass cheeks, holding them apart as he slides his big black cock in my ass. I still think about how you came as you watched him slide his big cock in my ass last time.

A couple of different thoughts passed through my mind – One being - rough, aggressive fucking and sucking. When I say rough and aggressive, I’m thinking along the lines of some hair pulling, having his cock forced as deeply as possible down my throat, being smacked in the face- both by hand and by his big black cock, being grabbed by the neck for just a moment as he thrusts that big cock deep inside my pussy, being held down as he is on top of me fucking me hard and deep, and of course some dirty talk – being called a whore and slut, begging for more cock. Another thought - well of course, a second big black cock, having my pussy and mouth stuffed with cock at the same time –thinking of being held down by the one fucking my mouth as the other is fucking my pussy is making my pussy wet right now. Mmm…..

It's only been two days since I had his big black cock inside me and already I want more. The moment Max walked into the hotel, my pussy began to get wet knowing I was finally going to have that big cock that I've been thinking about. When he unzipped his pants, revealing his huge cock, I instantly wanted it and for the rest of the night, I just couldn't get enough of it. He fucked my ass and pussy just the way I like it - deep, hard and rough, smacking my ass and grabbing me by my hair, pulling my ass up against him as he sunk his big black cock inside me. He then flipped me over on my back, I looked up at him and asked him to make me squirt. I never had anyone make me squirt until I met Max. Oh, so intense and I've thought about it ever since, so of course, I had to ask him, in fact, I would have even begged. He slid his fingers inside my pussy and worked his magic, making me squirt my juice all over. He then laid back and I began licking and sucking his cock, rubbing the head of his cock against my lips, my pussy dripping, so excited by his big black cock. He continued fucking and using me like a whore, any way he pleased, until he came. We laid back on the bed and relaxed for a few minutes.

I went into the bathroom to get myself together and I came out to find Max getting dressed, but I still wanted, no, I still needed more of his cock. I told him that I needed him to fuck me some more. I wanted him to use my holes until I was sore, I wanted his cock in my mouth and I wanted more of his cum. Understanding the needs of a slut whore, he undressed and gave me what I needed. He laid on the bed and I immediately went to him, got on top of him and began riding his huge hard cock, cumming over and over. He then taped my hands together, talking dirty to me as he forcefully pulled my hair and began fucking me again. I just couldn't get enough of his big black cock. On my back, legs spread open, pussy so wet, he knelt between my legs and began sliding his fingers in and out of my pussy, oh I moaned in pleasure, and I told him it felt so good, four fingers in he said as he continued to finger fuck my pussy deeper and sliding more of his hand inside me. Fuck me, I screamed, as I came again. I went right to his cock again, sucking and licking it, until I his cock exploded a load of cum in my mouth. By the end of the night, the bed was saturated with my juices, my pussy and ass sore, and I winced in pleasure. All night, my cuckold husband had sat watching Max fuck his wife like a whore, watching his big black cock use my holes. He was such a good little cuck, so when Max left, I gave my cuck his reward, I had him sleep on the cum soaked bed.



  1. Dear Max,

    Kelly is so lucky. Wish it was me.

    -Whore Amy