Saturday, September 18, 2010


I just finished my latest DVD, and it is hot. This is a new series, I call Housewives gone rogue. No porn stars just freaky sluts that want to perform on camera. And I got 4 hot ones for yah in a brand new 2 hour DVD.

Minx heats up the screen with her very first video. She starts off shy n quiet but with her husband pounding her. This Latina soon moans in Spanish how much she wants that dick. Hot wife Kay is always a favorite of mine; it is a quickie but good. I pound that Phat ass till she cums and ruins another couch with her squirting. Submissive slut Michelle continues her training when I get together 3 new guys for her. They fucked her very well for over 2 hours this cougar now is officially a BBC slut. You guys are going to love the sexy and slutty Fiona. I Know Frank Steedz did he fucks this petite blonde and gives her a nice warm cream pie. These are all brand new content take a look at the preview below. The DVD can be purchased at:

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Last week was a week to remember. I met up with a new hotwife Named
Naughty Fiona. I initially found her on an online swing site. Her Ad
mentioned she was going to be in Atlantic City for a week and was looking
to meet guys to shoot videos for her site So I contacted
her and spoke to her husband through email. We exchanged numbers and
called each other. We hit it off pretty well. He told me they were looking for
some reliable guys to come out There and fuck her. The problem was they
have not been able to find a lot of guys that were willing to be shot on camera.
After I showed him my site he said, “holy cow, we would love to do some
thing”. So the plan was set in motion and for the next 3 weeks
we chatted back n forth.

There were two new guys J.ROYAL and FRANK STEEDZ I met recently and they both wanted to get into the adult film biz and were asking if I had any projects coming up, they would love to work with me they both came recommended by other friends. This was the perfect situation. Fiona informed me she had not had black dick in a while and very excited to meet me and see the new guys. She was nervous but excited. She said we were all big and was a little apprehensive. But after chatting with me in the course of a week she felt really comfortable and ready for the fuck session. The day of our meet it was arranged we all would meet in their hotel room in Atlantic City. So I Packed my new camera Ana bought me for my birthday, text the guys the hotel address and picked up my buddy Freaky and we left around 9am and headed to the shore. The ride was uneventful virtually no traffic was doing 80 most of the way as a result we got there hour earlier than expected

When I pulled up in the parking lot I gave them a call. They were on the
broad walk shopping and were surprised we made good time. So me
and freaky sat on a park bench and just Bull-Shitted till they showed up.
Fiona was even more hot n sexy than I expected she was tall n slender
but immediately me n Freaky noticed the same thing. For a tall slender
white girl she had a nice round ass she was also very shy. Me and freaky
showered her with rightly deserved compliments. Fiona blushed from all
the attention, she clearly loved it. Since we gotten there so early she wanted
a little privacy to get ready for us so the 3 of us (myself, Freaky, and
Fiona husband) hung out in the park and chatted till she was ready for us.

Man this slut was hot I thought when I got into the room every outfit she
tried on she looked smoking in it. She was perfect; sexy sweet not
pretentious just your average Hotwife MILF that loves to fuck and do it on
film. I felt my groin start to stir when from the corner of my eye I saw her
bend over to rummage through her clothes in her suitcase, looking for a
pair of stockings. I could see her cunt peaking through the hem of her
already low cut stipper dress. I am gonna have fun with this one I thought
to myself. I made every excuse to fondle her as we talked. I could feel her
body tremble when she hugged me. I am sure she felt the dent forming in
my pant as her petite belly rubbed against my crotch. Since the other 2 guys
were not going to be there for another couple hours we decided to start
playing. I let freaky go first. I wanted him to prep her for me lol. By the time
he was done with her she was primed and ready for me. She chose a hot pink
ensemble that hugged to her skin like a second skin. Before we started I had
use the men’s room as a I was getting out she cornered me and told me she
was very excited to finally fuck me and she said “ you probably heard this
before… but you very attractive”. I laughed and said you’re just horny
and need some dick. No no it’s true you just have that look. I know I am
going to have a good time. Now you making me nervous I replied.
Which I think for some odd reason reassured her.

I kissed her and felt her body quiver she was a great kisser our
tongues entwined and jousted for dominance my hands crept below
the hem of her dress and was welcomed by her dewy wet cunt a gasp
then a moan of oh god! Escaped out her mouth My finger buried itself
in her fingering her till her body quaked, she moan I want to suck your
cock I threw my self on the bed and she quickly pounced on me and
feverishly started to undress me and went to work on my dick despite
fucking earlier this slut was still horny I could feel her grunts vibrations
as she lavished her lips and tongue on my dick I was in ecstasy. I grabbed
her hair and forced my dick further in her mouth. She gagged and I felt
the salvia running down to my balls she sucked my dick with gusto
but I wanted to fuck this slut so I flipped her on her back and slipped
on a rubber. She was trembling with anticipation I took my dick and
slapped it on her wet pussy several times forcing her thighs to shake
and expand. Her legs were spread pussy was wet and se was moaning
a slipped the length of my rod over the slit of her pussy lips she looked
down at it. I watched the bulbous cock head slid towards her navel,
“that how far is gonna go up your pussy” I proudly told her. I swear an
extra droplet of her pussy cream collected at the bottom of her fuck hole.
“Please I want it” she cracked Put it in for me I commanded her. “Ok”
she moaned and took my dick and inserted it in her married pussy.

It was like she had not been fucked at all her pussy was so tight all I kept hearing was OH OH OH over and over. I eased into her adjusting my movement to accommodate her expanding pussy letting her get used to the size. It did not take long before I was sawing away at full speed with her cunt juice making my dick milky white. I felt her first orgasm as she clutched my back and said fuck me harder. I lifted one of her legs for maximum penetration, by this time she was no longer nervous she was taking my dick like a champ. Get on top I told her I want you to ride daddy dick. Such a different perspective and feeling when a slut is on top of you grinding and making your dick go places that send her to orbit. From my view I watched her clench her eyes bit her lips as she nutted again I grabbed her hair and brought her face close to mine and muttered obscenities which drove her wild she kissed me again hard and sent my dick in over drive driving in her like a jack hammer. It sounded like a machine gun how hard n fast out bodies slapped against each other. Finally she slumped on my chest heaving, but there was very happy smile. We took a small break but that did not last long. Soon she was on her knees bouncing that perfect ass on my dick she no longer talked like a lady I was pulling her hair and fucking deep and hard, her cunt was so wet it sloshed when I fucked. Her hands were uncontrollably clutching the bed sheets. Then she took her hand reach under and massaged my balls and moaned I want your cum. I needed to nut too, so I got on my back and had her lick my balls. A warm mouth on my balls always does it for me. I exploded all over her face. It was very hot

It was a very hot n fun time Fiona fucked all 4 of us. Each of us fucking her in our own way. Frank Steedz deposited his load in her pussy a couple times J. Royal all over her ass and freaky plastered her breast. She spent 5 hours servicing us. Got to love a woman like that. By the time we left, she had that dreamy look on her face and told us she is going to sleep very well that night as she kissed us all good night. All 4 scenes will be on DVD stay tuned.

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