Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Weekend Gang Bang

Hi Guys Big Max here again filling in you in bout my weekend. I hooked with the sexy Silken who by the way is a member here. She is so fine I met her bout 4 or 5 years ago. Met her and her husband at the Plaza hotel in NYC through a mutual friend. They were on their way to the airport and I invited them to my place. This sexy thing had some of the smoothest legs I have ever seen and I wanted to fuck her the first time we met. We had brunch then as she sat on my couch I told her to open her legs and I saw she was wearing some skimpy panties with an very dark spot in the middle… well I fingered her pussy and she sucked my dick while her husband watched. We were really getting into it then her husband reminded us they had a plane to catch. Ever since that day I have been dying to fuck this slut wife. Fast-forward 6 years to now. Her cuck husband called me 8 am Sat morning to tell me they were in town staying at a friend’s apt. And his mistress informed him she needed some dick but not his dick. You see she has been training him he had become her cuck-boy. She has been denying him her pussy very frequently. Since the last time I have met them she had made several black boyfriends and no longer fucks him. He is forced to stay home while she goes out on "dates" she something goes away on weekend without him and let the poor bastard stay home n suffer she has taken total control of his manhood. All he can do is watch her take BBC and watch superior black dick fuck his wife better than he ever could. He is constantly humiliated, but he has no choice in the matter. He worships her and does not want to lose her, so he does as she says. Any way she was very horny and wanted some black dick that night, so she instructed him to find her some good Dick that will fuck her well or he wont be allowed any release for another 3 months. She allows him to jerk off to the point of almost cuming and then she makes him stop. He is in constant torture. When she is ready she allows him to cum. So when he called me he was very desperate. She got him so wrapped around her finger he just wants to please her. I could hear the desperation in his voice when he asked me do I have some guys that can come over and fuck his wife. I told him I could assemble a crew so we agreed to meet at 7pm that night. My guys and me arrived a little later than promised, and I rang the bell and his wife silken opened the door. She was a sight for sore eyes, she was dressed to get fucked a tight body Black leather pumps and thongs that barley hid her round ass She wore a sexy black bustier. She was ready to get fucked. Her eyes lit up when she saw and recognized me I immediately offered her my lips and tongue we kissed as the other guys filed in. I told the cuck we needed some refreshment the got up and got all of us some drinks. Silken then got up n excused herself and went into the bedroom and emerged with a collar for her cuck. She put on him and told him he is just to watch and see how real men fuck her. I signaled the guys and we where all on top of her (it was 4 of us) fondling licking n kissing her she soon had 4 hard black Dicks around her. She got on her knees and started to suck us of like the wanton slut she was. Our dicks were slapping all over her face all you could hear was her slurping wet sounds along with us moaning encouraging her to get nasty. Pretty soon we took he to the bedroom. I took off her panties and threw it at the cuck’s face n told him to wear it around his neck cuz that the closest he gets to his wife pussy that night. She giggled and told him to get naked and jerk off but don’t he dare cum. Then the guys and me proceeded to give he the fucking of her life we all took turns on her. Both her holes were constantly occupied when she screamed too loud one of the guys would stuff her mouth with cock. She kept looking at the cuck telling him how good we are fucking her, how he would never fulfill her like BBC. After awhile she was Cuming so much she even forgot he was there. Every time one dick got soft there was a hard one to replace it. We had the cuck running around getting us water towels and lube whenever we wanted. At one point in the night I said “bitch come over here and eat your wife pussy it is getting dry, cuz that all you good for. Smell how a well fuck cunt smells like after it been fuck by BBC.” He ate her out like had not eaten in days soon after I told him “enough get back and sit in the corner.” The guys and me fed her some more Dick. Silken was getting sore and could not cum any more, and said I need your cum please come on me. As if taking a cue 2 of the guys came in her open mouth she swallowed almost every drop the rest seeped down the side of her cheek and on her neck she thanked them for fucking her so good. My other buddy pumped his load in her pulsating pussy. And finally when I came I squirted my warm seed all over her tits then she smiled. And mouthed a thank u to me. She looked at her cuck hubby and curled her finger at him indicating she want him on the bed with her she then coyly said "I have some work for you it’s clean up time" then he proceeded to lick up all the excess cum of her body we all laughed at him as we marched out the room and got dressed.


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Afternoon Fuck

Hope every one had a happy Halloween. And got lots of treats. Mine was very good matter of fact it was excellent I got a visit from a very sexy slut wife I have not seen in a while she called me n told me her husband was away and she was very horny and wanted to get fucked in the worst way. She had a half day and wanted to know if she could cum over. Of course being the "man slut" I am how could I refuse. It was a great afternoon fuck we played for a couple hours some on camera and some off camera. This slut liked it big raw hard and fast very flexible and full of energy she loved being my submissive personal fuck toy. I put together small parts of our Halloween afternoon fuck. There is 2 parts first part starts off with us fucking in progress and the second clip is me fucking her holding the camera n talking nasty to her. Hope you enjoy. The full 40 min version will be posted on my site in the coming weeks.