Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Seems unimaginable that only a couple of weeks ago I had no idea that I'm capable of doing all this nasty dirty and incredibly sexy things that Max makes me do in and out of bed. I'm all tucked in for the night, lying in bed my face snuggled on a pillow with his underwear spread across it. I can still smell his scent. He tossed them to me after he fucked me non-stop for hours and hours and hours... I close my eyes, take a deep breath in and inhale his sent of off the fabric, along with a strong aroma of sex that is still lingering in the air. My mind's beginning to wonder, remembering all the details of our sexual encounters how it all started...

Due to some circumstantial reasons sex stopped being a part of my life for almost 6 months. Well, I would masturbate almost every day, but I haven't had any encounters. That Thursday morning I finally decided to put an end to it, as I am not a kind of girl that you'd consider saint. I've done a fare share of perverted things in my life, but things to come I could've only fantasize of, not even dare to imagine them to abruptly turn into reality. And my intuition is telling me that it might be only a beginning.

My dear friend -J- started the whole thing by becoming seriously concerned about my sexual well-being. So she kindly hooked me up with a Phone number of some guy that supposedly had an exceptionally good dick. You'd think I should've jumped right on it after being on a dry run for such a long time, but somehow I ended up procrastinating not making the call for another couple of months. Something that morning felt right, so I punched his number in as I was heading down to the City from up north. I had no idea who the guy was, just knew that he was a porn producer. I might've seen some videos that he either did or part take in, but couldn’t exactly remember as it was years ago. After a quick chat I learned that he had some prior arrangements for the night but would kindly meet me for a cup of coffee in the afternoon.

"So called coffee", I thought, "That might potentially lead to a more pleasurable adventures". Somehow I felt confident that this meeting would lead to sex. Here I was, walking into a cozy coffee shop about to come face to face with a man who I was planning on giving myself to. I glanced over all the hardworking laptop-attached locals hoping to find him, but none of them seemed to be expecting a visitor. So I ordered a cappuccino, picked a seat and stared at the door with anticipation. My coffee hasn't finished brewing yet when in walked this confident looking black male. "Please, please be him!" I thought, trying to find the answer in his eyes. He looked straight at me and I thought I saw devilish flares of passion in his dark eyes. Couldn't help to notice his full, beautiful lips, just yearning to be kissed. I felt that sweet electric thrill shoot through my body, traveling all the way down to my pussy, making it twitch and moisten in anticipation, which made me blush like a schoolgirl. I walked to him like a hypnotized rabbit. In all actually, it may not have been that far off from being the truth, as the python with hypnotic abilities was confined in his pants. Barista's voice, informing me that my coffee was ready, got me out of the initial shock. I mumbled a quick "hello" and introduced myself.

The place was kind of crowded for a midweek afternoon so we had no choice, but to grab the only available table in a middle of the room next to some nerdy looking guy, who for sure listened to our entire conversation, probably trying to figure out the connection between us. At that point of time we were casually conversing about nothing and everything at the same time.
"Would you like to take a walk"- he asked. I just positively nodded in response, still trying to get out of the initial hypnoses state. As soon as we walked out, he grabbed my hand, making me immerged into a sudden cloud of security, and said that I look very sexy, which made me blush again. I was not sure where were we walking, but all of a sudden we stopped at his crib's door. I agreed to come inside "just to take a quick look". After a short chat in a living room we moved to the kitchen to get a drink. A few sips of liquor made me relax a bit. His arm naturally got wrapped around me, he looked into my eyes and said: "I am going to kiss you now". And then leaned in to kiss my mouth. His tongue reached in to tangle with mine. His hands began to move and roam my body. I could feel myself melting in his embrace. Gently he gripped my hand and moved it down to the bulge in his pants. My eyes widened as my hand felt his dick through jeans-covered stronghold. "Is it really THAT big?" I thought. It seemed like he read my mind and responded by unzipping his pants, and then reached in to pull his big black dick out. I wasted no time and wrapped my fingers around this thick and hard ebony flesh.

The desire to take a closer look at this monster was so overwhelming that I dropped down to my knees in an instant. I gasped and stared at it in amazement of just how big and beautiful this cock was. It was way longer and thicker than I expected, my first sensation is fear. Will I be able to take it inside me, my mouth, my pussy, my ass? I've never had a cock that large inside my body before!! Then, in attempt to overcome my fear, starting at the cock root, I slowly began to slide my wet tongue up the vein bulging black shaft, gently kissing and mouthing it with my lips, feeling the large veins bump gently on my mouth. Suddenly I got pulled up onto my feet and lead into the bedroom. We stripped off our clothes in a matter of seconds and got in bed. His mouth and hands were everywhere. I felt him on my neck, my breasts, and my legs. His mouth made a trek lower and lower until he reached the apex of my thighs. I felt his tongue and lips working my clit while his hands were still exploring my body. Glancing down between my legs and seeing his dark head between my milky thighs seemed to push me over the edge quicker than ever before. Allowing me to stay on my back he positioned his cock at the entrance to my cunt. "Please take it easy on me, it's been awhile" I whispered.
He lifted my hips higher off the mattress, forcing the head of his dick inside, splitting my gashing with juice pussy open, stretching it to the limit. My body opened to him, wet and soft, as he continued pounding inside deeply, penetrating all the way in with his long, deep thrusts. My pussy contracted in spasms, my fingers clenched against his back, as I came, grasping him as if to prevent myself from falling from the edge of a cliff. Occasionally changing positions, we had non-stop sex for 2 hours that day. It seemed that my pussy could cum and cum and cum, orgasms in waves, gushing hot juices for hours.

I absolutely LOVED being fucked by this man in any imaginable way. I knew he had a date later that night but his dick felt incredible and for the moment I did not care, it had been too long, all I was concerned with was getting as much dick as I can. I kept thinking to myself why did the hell I took so long to call him. After what seemed like my 10th orgasm we slumped in bed I laid on my side looking at him and thinking how good this man made my cunt feel. I could see the light sweat on his body; he was laying face down back toward me I reach out to stroke his back. Max turned around and looked at me with those devilish eyes glancing at the clock and said “You know I am seeing someone tonight what are yah trying to do wear me out?” We both chuckled then he leaned over and kissed me. I did not want to let go but I knew he had to go.

Would you mind coming up and seeing me sometime I asked, as we got dressed. “You have not taken my ass yet” I don’t know how those words came out of my mouth, it’s not like me to tell someone I just met how much I loved anal sex. But I felt so comfortable and turned on at the same time. The fact he was going to fuck another horny woman that night actually turned me on.

Which leads to where I am right now in bed with a well fucked ass Max left a couple hours ago but I can still feel his dick in my ass. He did indeed make the trip to my place. I was instructed to wear nothing when he got there but the day was cool and I did not think he would mind me wearing a sexy camisole top. I was very excited when his car pulled up I waited at the door looking at him as he pulled his bag out and felt wetness in my cunt My God he had not touched me yet but I could feel my cunt dripping. I reached up and hugged him as he stepped inside the house. I went to kiss him but he held back and said “ I told you naked” fear and confusion raced in my mind I honestly did not think it was big deal I was partly naked. “Get in the bedroom and take it off,” he calmly said.

I laid in bed not sure what as going to happen fear an excitement gripped me as Max entered my bedroom with a paddle in his hand. You are going to have to learn to follow instructions. In all my 35 years I have never been spanked not even by my parents. My heart started to race I tried to speak but Max said shut and get over my knee. My mind was telling me to stop this right now it is absurd, but my curiosity was too much I found myself compelled to lay on his lap. The first sting was like cold water, my eyes flew open I tried to move but his forearm kept me in position he rained blows down on my soft white ass alternating with the paddle and his hand as much as it hurt and I screamed I did not want him to stop I have never had anyone do that to me I could feel my cunt drooling on his lap. Never in a million years did I think I would be turned on by this. As sudden as he started he stopped “on your back slut” he said instinctively I said “yes daddy” Max looked at me with lust and proceeded to spit on my ass and rubbed lube on his dick he did not even attempt to take my cunt I felt the plumb like head of his dick pushing on my ass. The pain from the spanking somehow eased the initial pain of his big dick probing my ass, pretty soon Max was sawing away pumping my ass with his delicious meat. Nothing turns me on more that my ass being taken. It did not take long for me to cum.


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