Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Another update for the blog. Every once in a while I talk with people on the net and they sometimes discretely tell me about their wife’s naughty adventures. In this update a husband from Europe I been chatting with for a while sent me a few pics of his wife. She looked absolutely amazing and he said she had the brains and the personality to go with it. She is very petite and adores big dick and he likes to watch her get it and participate.

Well we finally met and it was hot and wild so much so I decided to write about it. When I got the call from her husband to meet at first I did not believe it was them. I get a lot of folks saying they want to meet if they are not near to me geographically. I rarely take any of it seriously so it took me a while to register who it was. But when I made the connection I was thrilled to be finally meeting them. I always enjoy breeding new wives. It was agreed that I meet the husband at the hotel bar the following evening. We met at the bar had a couple drinks and chatted. Then I asked him what room his wife was in he told me and asked me if I he should come with me and I replied no you stay at the bar join us a bit later. He agreed to that.

When I entered the room this petite drop-dead brunette was sitting nervously on the bed sipping a glass of chardonnay. Her hands shaking she kissed me on both cheeks with her accent she greeted me hello. She was wearing business chic a tight form fitting business suit with very long sexy legs. She wore stocking and sexy pumps to match. I sat next to her and started talking to her assertively telling her how sexy she looked. I deliberately used nasty language in my conversation telling how I loved her body and where I intended to put my big black dick in her. I used phrases like white cunt, slut for black dick, and Cumming inside her pussy. I could she her breathing quicken with those words. Despite the language barrier she knew those words and it was having a deliberate effect on her body she was swaying as I spoke I leaned over n said spread your legs she scooted up to the edge of the bed. With her tight black skirt bunched up at her thighs it was difficult for her to spread wide. I took my hand and forced it’s way between her legs to her sopping wet cunt she moaned yesss my fingers found her expensive panties and pulled them to the side and sunk 2 fingers in her.

There was no resistance or a dry spot it slipped in like butter. She moaned and gyrated while I finger fucked her and played with her clit, I unzipped my pants and placed her well manicured hand on my now enlarged dick “oh my” she whispered in her French accent by this time I was ready to fuck she could not have weighed more than 53 kilos I lifted her and positioned her on her knees doggies style and peeled off her skirt. Her ass was perfect the thong she wore framed her ass perfectly her globes taunted me and the thin sliver of material sunk in her crack when she bent over accentuating her bubble. I got behind her and watched my reflection on the wall mirror: a massive black man about to pounce another on mans wife. There was a quiet thud when I plopped my dick between her ass cheeks I slapped my harden dick between her cheeks I dried fucked her crack till she started to push back and fuck me back begging for me to put it in.

I obliged and put her on her back. There is nothing like watching a woman’s expression when a big dick first enters her. it a mixture of awe, pleasure and a shortness of breath, which were the exact expressions she gave me. I glided in with no discomfort she wanted to fuck and that we did. As we fucked she started to utter obscenities in French I have no idea what she said but it was sexy as hell. I started to really work her cunt swiveling my hip aiming my dick-head to get optimal penetration controlling my pace hitting those sweet spots that made her moan. I leaned over her, covering her body with my massive frame; all you could see of her were 2 legs sticking up in the air and her arms locked around my neck. I grabbed her ass from underneath to hold her still so I could fuck with precision I started to whisper more nasty talk telling her she was my slut for the night and she going to make me cum in her, all of a sudden her hands gripped my back scratching my skin she started to babble in French. I had no Idea what she was saying but she held me tight for a minute. She was so wet and still gyrating when I got off her and put her in the doggie position again. With no panties on, her ass looked even more inviting. Her pussy was so wet and loose from earlier I pounded her relentlessly I could feel her pussy spasm grip and release on my shaft. As my pelvis hit her ass she pushed back with abandonment with the tell-tale signs of her Cumming. (Later that night I got a text from her husband saying congratulations you are the first guy she came from fucking… outside of him) After that It did not matter what I did to her or how many positions I fucked she took it and asked for more. My favorite was having her ride me as I lifted her by the hips and slamming her body back on my dick hearing her wet cunt slosh the her juices on my hips with my dick opening her making that hole even wider.

Her eyes fluttered and she kept saying say oui oui over n over. “Tell me to you like black dick” I demanded Oh God yes I do, I want your cum she said, “its going to have to be in side your cunt” I told her, noo she said my husband I cant. “Oh yes you will… do you me to keep fucking you” no answer I paused my strokes and she tried to buck back but I held her still and said “in your pussy” please she said I want you to fuck me, I slowly gilded in her humping slow and calculated hitting her honey spot and whispered do you want my black seed in your cunt dripping out then she sighed with her resistance now gone she said yes please dump your load in me. I turned her over so she was lying in her back and I me towering over her and said “say it you want my load in you.” She looked at me with pleading eyes watching me jack my dick off she matched my movement fingering her cunt and repeated yes please give it to me breed me. With a roar I mounted her pussy and stuck my cock head and unloaded my baby batter in her gapping pussy at. As soon and the warm fluid hit her pussy lips she exploded and came. It was so hot watching her hump the air as my cum oozed out of her married hole. Before leaving I kissed her good bye and told her “make time tomorrow evening I am bringing a friend maybe we will give you your first DP” Yes please I would like that very much she said as she hugged me goodbye.