Saturday, August 28, 2010


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Here is a special Photo of the week, deposit courtesy of Mr. Frank Steedz a new cummer in the porn biz. I met a very sexy hotwife named Naughty Fiona, I brought over 4 of my buddies to give her a night she will never forget. This Pic is just a little of what went on that day. I will post the full blog with a clip later in the week. The pic is just to wet your appetite. ;)


Monday, August 23, 2010


Hi everyone hope everybody is having a great week. I for one have been. It was my birthday last week and I must say had a great time. Thanks for all the calls and e-mails wishing me a happy B. Day. I did spend some time with Ana on my special day and she had a little surprise for me. She invited Lavender over. So it was me with two beautiful ladies hanging out naked at her pool, both taking care of me and of themselves. We had cake and drank mojitos all day lol, so you can imagine what happened. Ana did get me spanking Brand new camcorder I have been eying for a couple months now. It is amazing; all my new footage will be shot with greater clarity. I did shoot some footage of the girls blowing me but was so buzzed got only half decent video. I may post it on future blog date.

One new development I just opened a clip store on the clip4sale site. I will be posting full scenes there, where can download to keep if you don’t want to do a monthly site subscription. I just posted a scene I did with Lavender and one of her girlfriends Amy who is a dominatrix. It features one of Lavender cuck BF where they both humiliate and trash talk him while I fuck Lavender. Here is a short preview of it if you like it; the whole scene can be downloaded CLICK HERE for full scene

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Hi folks here is My latest DVD hot off the press. The Black Sluts Next Door 4 features 5 all black scenes. These Black sluts take lots of black creamy loads. There is a total of 6 sluts in this flick. All doing what they love... fucking Black Dick. Click HERE for the link

-B. Max

Saturday, August 7, 2010


I continue my training of Michelle into her decent to slutdom. Her master called me and told me she needed some more training. She has come a long way but really need to become a total slut whore. She just got her hair done and has been working out she wants to prove to you she will do anything you ask. I have come to believe this is the path she has chosen, she want to be your slut and ready for any thing. She can’t stop talking about your dick. I laughed to myself thinking how far she has come. She had a pretty high position in a corporate office people working for her huge expense account. But has giving all of that up to be come a slut for BBC.

Tell you what I told her husband I have couple guys that been asking me when is the next party. Get a hotel room in the city. I want to see how slutty she can be I am going to gangbang her with 3 of my buddies. He laughed and said you wont be disappointed.

As usual when I got there the slut was on her knees mouth open waiting for my dick her eyes looked at me and she said I love the feel of your penis getting bigger in my mouth. It really turns me on. I chuckled and clicked my camera on and said “unzip me slut” with glee in her eyes she unbuckled my belt and lustily licked sucked slurped my dick to life soon after my buddies arrived here is a visual library of what happed. Stay tuned to see clips of Michelle being gangbanged I plan to put the slut as a feature in my new DVD series called Housewives Gone Rogue

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Minx Checking out Max Newest DVDs

Met a new slut name Minx recently. I actually got referred to them from one of my buddies he said he had played this Latina chick. She wanted to get into porn and was looking for someone to break her in; loves sex did not want get screwed over by a sleazy producer so he gave her my number. She called me a couple days later and introduced herself as simply Minx. She explained to me she was just a normal wife but also very horny all the time. She is in her prime and loves black dick and wanted to make some extra money on the side.

Recently she was watching some footage her husband shot of her and was turned on watching herself perform in front of the camera. She told me she got really wet and excited when she is fucking especially when being watched. So she figured what better than turning her self to a slut and get paid for it. She was filmed by her husband before and would very much like to have is shot by a pro. I laughed and informed her I am not a pro but I do what I can. She wanted to audition and show me her assets. I had something planned later that night but told her I would see her at 5pm that day. She then put her husband Besto on the phone and he preceded to tell me what a turn on it is for him to fuck her and she is the real deal, loves big black dick and can’t get enough.

They are swingers but wanted to get into porn so we went over a couple things paperwork my address etc. At 4:30 they called and told me they were running late traffic through the tunnel was brutal and will be at my place in 45 min. well that turned out to be not that accurate 6pm, 7pm finally at quarter to 8. I called them to tell them I am canceling the meet. I am very busy and do not have time to waste. I had other plans for later that evening, so we will have reschedule. She sounded distraught on the phone she said please, we are 10 minutes away, we only need 5 minutes of your time can you make an exception and see me. Against my better judgment I agreed besides I thought to myself I am never going to make my 9pm booty call at this point.

Finally they arrived. I Looked through my window she was stunning wearing a white cocktail dress. I admired her ass as she came through the door. She was very shy, classy and sexy. She sat down and blushed as her husband was explaining to me. It not even about the money she just wants to be slutted out. I laughed and looked her dead in the eyes as she crossed her legs to try to hide the baby blue print panties that where being exposed. Her little dress rode her hips; she was not very successful in that endeavor. We decided to do shots of Petron she was defiantly nervous but relaxed after a couple shots. I suggested some herb to relax some more, which she readily agreed. Just then my date for later on texted me and told she won’t be able to make it. My night just got more interesting I thought texting her back. As I chatted with them, a thought went through my mind. Why don't we film tonight I asked, "really she said? I was hoping you would but we are here for you to meet us for future projects. Don’t want to mess up your evening plans. ” I said it ok my date for tonight canceled, you are already here why don't I film you and your husband. I would like that she said. So I got the camera out and started to film them making out.

It got hot and heavy and she started to suck some dick. She kept looking at the camera but soon forgot all about it when her husband grabbed her hair and start to talk to her nasty in Spanish. He pulled a black dildo out of her bag an started to jam it up her cunt the slut was creaming she was not a screamer but her pussy was quaking and saying a lot I could see her Cumming through the camera lens. I decided to get into the act I put the camera down and started to feed her my dick doggy while she sucked on her husband cock even after that pounding with the dildo and from her man her cunt was still tight. She had that nice round Puerto Rican ass the bouncing when it got fucked. I pounded that slut till her tight pussy almost pulled my rubber off. Then she proceeds to suck me like it was her last meal. She was a hot fuck especially when she murmured obscenities in Spanish. Since I could not fuck and film efficiently I took back the camera and filmed them fucking. It is always nice seeing lovers go at it. They fucked relentlessly till her pussy quaked and spilled his seed out. It was beautiful seeing cream leak out she was shocked at the mess she made on my bed and offered to wash it like a good slut. I kindly declined and instead had her suck me off again. It was a great shoot they left very happy I plan to put the episode on TBO DVD series in the coming months