Monday, August 23, 2010


Hi everyone hope everybody is having a great week. I for one have been. It was my birthday last week and I must say had a great time. Thanks for all the calls and e-mails wishing me a happy B. Day. I did spend some time with Ana on my special day and she had a little surprise for me. She invited Lavender over. So it was me with two beautiful ladies hanging out naked at her pool, both taking care of me and of themselves. We had cake and drank mojitos all day lol, so you can imagine what happened. Ana did get me spanking Brand new camcorder I have been eying for a couple months now. It is amazing; all my new footage will be shot with greater clarity. I did shoot some footage of the girls blowing me but was so buzzed got only half decent video. I may post it on future blog date.

One new development I just opened a clip store on the clip4sale site. I will be posting full scenes there, where can download to keep if you don’t want to do a monthly site subscription. I just posted a scene I did with Lavender and one of her girlfriends Amy who is a dominatrix. It features one of Lavender cuck BF where they both humiliate and trash talk him while I fuck Lavender. Here is a short preview of it if you like it; the whole scene can be downloaded CLICK HERE for full scene

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