Saturday, October 29, 2011


Yes I know it been a while since I updated the blog. I have been prodded with texts and emails in reference to when will I update. It not easy writing the stories they are all true stories but a lot time if I let time past some of the detail become a little foggy. So this update will not be as lengthy.

As many of you know I do dabble a bit in some form of S&M instead of writing about it I think I will just post 2 clips of some raunchy nasty sexy I had over the last couple of weeks with 2 different sluts. The first on was a sexy sub that enjoyed getting fucked up her ass brutally and spanked till she was black n blue

The first thing she did was when she got to my place was drop on her knees and look up to me and offered her mouth for me to use. I grabbed a lock of her hair to hold her head still then I fed her my dick. She did not complain when my dick slammed into her throat or when I forced it so deep her gag reflexes kicked in and tears seeped for the corner of her eyes. Quite the opposite she loved it. She enjoyed being owned and used for my sexual pleasure. For the next 5 hours she was a willing slave and nothing was barred especially her ass as she told me later she cums faster and more often when a hard dick is fucking her ass. She was supposed to stay for an hour or so. But I chuckled to myself as I lit some candles preparing to pour hot wax on her she picked up her phone and blatantly lied to her family on the other end. “Oh yes me and my girlfriends are at the bar I will be home much later don’t stay up” You’re such a bad bitch I scoffed, she puckered her lips making the sheeesh sound covering the mouth of the phone so they wouldn’t hear me

Knees up I commanded yes sir she replied excitedly and she brought her knees up to her breast as she lay on her back. I could hear her rapid breath as I clicked the handcuffs on her and got the hot wax the first drop hit her nipple instead of screaming in pain she uttered a moan of approval and she squirmed as I found other part of her body to torture. The last place the wax hit was her clit. I made sure I was deliberate and precise I watched it dribble down creating a hardened cast over her clit hood she hissed audibly and clenched her ass but stayed put. At closer inspection there was some thing else dripping from her cunt. She was forming a puddle of her fuck juice along with the hardening wax. It made a pool under her ass. The slut was ready to be fucked. I uncuffed her and put her on her knees doggie style and took my cane out and gave her a thorough spanking that left her ass bright red. Only then I fucked her ass till she came uncontrollably

The second video is of a total BBC slut. Mr. Ed introduced me to. He gave me a call one night late and said I got this slut that needs an old fashion gangbang tonight, she wants no romance, no names just a brutal fuck from some big black dick. Her words were “ I wanna get fucked up” all hole where open. By the time I got to her house the door was unlocked she was already on her knees taking some dick. For the next 2 hours the crew and me fucked every one of her holes and we each left a deposit in at least 2 holes. (It was 3 of us) when we got ready to leave she laid limp on the bed with cum oozing out of her ass and cunt, her breath smelled like dick but she had a smile on her face she could barley move. It was a good thing it was a Fri. and she did not have to go to work the next day. My last image of her was her on her bed; belly and face down almost passed out with her arm barley able to raise to wave good-bye.