Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Several years ago I met this really hot-wife online. We really hit if off well, chatting and sharing pics she really loved BBC and her husband enjoyed filming her. She was an exhibitionist and loved being fucked in the ass, so I made a point in trying to hook-up with them. Any ways we finally met up couple years ago and it was explosive. She also follows the blog and asked if she could write about her experience, so here it is in her own words


The first time we met Big Max was in a hotel in Connecticut. We had been chatting for several months but because of the distance between us it took some advance planning. He called me from the parking lot right on time to find out the room number but while talking on the cell phone I was giving him directions to the room and walking in his direction at the same time. He was quite surprised when I met him on the walkway. Here we were walking towards each other and talking on our cell phones to each other!

Being the first time seeing each other in person, it was very exciting!!! Being the thoughtful sweetheart that he is, he brought me a couple of birthday gifts which I did not expect. He knew I loved to pose wearing a wig so he brought me a new long blonde wig to wear for our first encounter. I was very nervous but after we had a drink together I was more relaxed and the moisture between my legs was letting me know how excited I was. Before I even changed into my black outfit he asked me if I would like to see his big cock. I had seen him in pictures and videos so I knew he was well hung but I had no idea how huge it was until he removed it erect from his pants. Wow! It was uncut and huge and I could hardly get it in my mouth, taking as much of it in my mouth as I could without gagging. I sucked it for a couple minutes then he rolled me onto the bed, pulled up my dress (absolutely no panties for this meeting!) and starting to lick my extremely wet pussy. He commented on how wet my cunt was. I was holding his sexy baldhead, feeling his tongue lick and suck my pussy, moaning and wriggling and grinding my pussy into his mouth to let him know I loved it. He’s amazingly talented with his tongue and eats pussy like it is his last meal. Phew! I’m getting wet just writing about it now.

Since we had planned on shooting pics and vids together, we reluctantly stopped the warm-up and I put on my own wig and a black outfit. That’s probably one of the fastest times I ever got my hair, outfit and stockings on because I wanted to get right back to the action. He was totally nude now and I was happy to get on my knees and take that big cock into my mouth again. I love it when a man watches me suck his cock. But Max wasn’t having me have all the fun so he swung my ass around so he could eat my pussy some more while I sucked his black cock. He licked my pussy till I came in his mouth (only took about a minute!!) Like I said… HE’S GOOD!! One thing about me is that when I start having sex I get into it for real and forget the camera is even running. For me, one of the most exciting times of an evening or when I meet someone for the first encounter is the first time his cock goes in my pussy! Wow! He slipped in it slowly so I could feel every inch and I almost exploded instantly.

The first position we tried was me riding him on the couch both facing him and facing away so I could ride that big cock at my pace. It didn’t take long and I was Cumming again and again. Then I stood up in front of the couch and he fucked me hard doggie style. After I came again, we took a 5-minute break for me to put on the new wig and get back to the action. I sucked his cock again and then he fucked me missionary on the bed, OMG! That was intense and I was moaning and biting my lip as to not start screaming. Needless to say I am very multi-orgasmic and came so many times that evening I couldn’t keep track. When I watched the video later I could tell by my voice and actions that I came many times that evening. My husband and most men enjoy me verbally telling them “I’m Cumming!!” Then they seem to pick up the pace or get very excited themselves.

Next came one of the things I was really waiting for, the chance to feel that big cock in my ass!!! Big Max knew I was an anal lover for a long time. But would that big cock really fit in my ass? If I’m excited enough (which I certainly was!) and there is plenty of lube and some patience then it should be possible, although his cock would be the biggest I’ve ever had in my pussy let alone my ass. We moved back to the couch and I sat in his lap and slowly lowered myself onto his big cock. It took a minute but I eventually took most of it in my ass and started to ride up and down, rubbing my clit from side to side, making the orgasms more intense. Bingo! The orgasms just kept getting more intense as the evening went on. We moved around so he could doggie fuck my ass on the couch and I can’t even remember if he took his cock out or he just picked me up and turned me over. One thing I do remember is one of my earrings got tangled in my long blonde wig and Max was trying to untangle it at the same time as he was fucking my ass! Being the true gentlemen he never stopped fucking while he helped. After I came again we moved to the floor for more anal, this time I know he pulled it out of my ass! LOL. We both got down on the floor and he continued to slowly stick it in and out of my ass, I guess he liked the view! I know when I saw the video afterwards it was an amazing angle when he stood up and lowered it in and out over and over again. I couldn’t believe that was me!


Monday, January 11, 2010


Hi all, sorry been awhile since I updated the blog. Just been really busy and have not been around

Anyways I have been chatting with this sexy hotwife Tracy from outta town for some time now she has been and avid reader of the blog and wants very much to meet me and possible be on the blog. Well after many months of corresponding I think I am finally gonna meet this couple in a month or so. She has a fine ass and really wants a black dick down. I am looking forward in tapping it, in the meanwhile her are some of her pics. Stayed tuned till we meet