Saturday, August 7, 2010


I continue my training of Michelle into her decent to slutdom. Her master called me and told me she needed some more training. She has come a long way but really need to become a total slut whore. She just got her hair done and has been working out she wants to prove to you she will do anything you ask. I have come to believe this is the path she has chosen, she want to be your slut and ready for any thing. She can’t stop talking about your dick. I laughed to myself thinking how far she has come. She had a pretty high position in a corporate office people working for her huge expense account. But has giving all of that up to be come a slut for BBC.

Tell you what I told her husband I have couple guys that been asking me when is the next party. Get a hotel room in the city. I want to see how slutty she can be I am going to gangbang her with 3 of my buddies. He laughed and said you wont be disappointed.

As usual when I got there the slut was on her knees mouth open waiting for my dick her eyes looked at me and she said I love the feel of your penis getting bigger in my mouth. It really turns me on. I chuckled and clicked my camera on and said “unzip me slut” with glee in her eyes she unbuckled my belt and lustily licked sucked slurped my dick to life soon after my buddies arrived here is a visual library of what happed. Stay tuned to see clips of Michelle being gangbanged I plan to put the slut as a feature in my new DVD series called Housewives Gone Rogue

1 comment:

  1. Dear Big Max,

    Michelle is a lucky whore and being trained by you, an excellent whore.

    I only wish someday you will train me to be a good whore like Michelle.

    -Your Whore Amy