Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Hello All……..Ok, it has been a ridiculously long time since my first blog was posted. Fortunately for me however, my lack of posting has not been due to a lack of seeing Daddy or having exquisitely delicious experiences to share. It has been a crazy-busy time fraught with family illness and commitments that left me no spare time to write of all the new heights Daddy has brought me to over the past year and a half. Luckily for me he is a benevolent dictator and has understood my hardships and been very lenient with me throughout my lack of writing. The upside now that I find myself with a bit more time to devote to blogging, I have a great number of fabulous dick downs & dates with Daddy to pull highlights from & write about

I’ll share an account of one of our most recent rendezvous from a few weeks ago, its details remain vivid in my mind and its scenario & schedule mirrors so many of our interludes. I believe it will give a good window of what’s been going on in our time spent together and our evolutions throughout my blogging hiatus.

Our three hour distance from each other hasn’t really hindered our hook ups, rather just made us more efficient schedulers. Usually we find a mid-distance suite somewhere in between to save either of us from the full 3 hour trek. Because of the driving time we try to schedule so we have at least two nights to spend together. Two is good….but three is better, LOL, which we were able to indulge in on this particular occasion. Hubby’s presence on my dates with Daddy varies around his work schedule and/or my preference of the moment. Hubby is a good cuck, and his servitude is always enjoyed and appreciated when he is in attendance. I’ll share more on hubby’s role & progresses in a bit. He was invited to spend one night with us and when I get to that portion of our weekend I’ll enlighten you more on hubby. Daddy and I require our “alone” time as well so we often make plans that accommodate & incorporate both scenarios just as we did in this, our most recent hook up.

Late Friday morning, I hurried to grab my last bag of packed weekend essentials, shoved it in my car and screwed out of my driveway: Destination Daddy. Not ten minutes into my 2 hr ride, I could feel it happening…as it always does. My pussy (his actually-just attached to my body) KNOWS when it is returning to its true owner and despite my mind’s attempt to distract it until my arrival, it never blocks or prevents the “Pavlovian Pussy” spell Daddy cast upon me the very first time he put himself inside of me well over a year ago. I was ridiculously wet…seemingly for no reason, thoughts running through my mind at that time were focused on closely following my directions to a hotel & town we’d not stayed at before as well as if I’d remembered to pack everything I originally wanted to bring with me, etc, boring & benign.

Here is my theory for this strange pussy phenomenon; Daddy is a fair, patient, & fabulous teacher. He has dedicated many countless hours training my pussy in The Arts of Fucking & Being Fucked, painstakingly schooled her in how to properly take and please his HUGE, Superhuman, Cock. My hypothesis is this: All of the instruction, discipline & direction that Daddy has educated my pussy with have caused her to develop her own instinctual consciousness, completely separate from my own conscious thoughts. None of my conscious thoughts can distract my pussy from the wet and wanton focus of its mission. This always surprises me to some extent; that my pussy produces & expends more fluids in pre-cum just in the act of getting to him then has ever naturally been evoked by any other, even during my best B.D. (before daddy) heights of orgasm.

He is well aware of the effects he has on me and my ritualistic pussy soaked drive to all of our dating destinations, often he enjoys taunting me with it immediately when we first greet each other in the hotel parking lot. Pressing himself against me, my back against either of our vehicles side door, we embrace, he bends down to kiss me hello at the same time sliding his hand directly & deliberately up my skirt. A devilish grin comes to his mouth as he whispers to me, “Baby, did you miss Daddy?” in the same second his fingers very briefly stroke my already super slickened, now throbbing clit and pussy lips, his smile widens coupled with an expression of smug satisfaction in finding me yet again shamelessly soaked for him upon my arrival. Only seconds pass and he thrusts his magical fingers deep into my pussy, immediately locating my G-Spot then working it mercilessly. I gasp and bury my head into his chest; surely I would buckle to the ground if he & the car weren’t holding me up. In seconds he has me a mess, riled up to a feverish pitch, ready to let go with a gushing wet flood as he brings me just to the brink of cumming - then stops in the instant before I do. Continuing to clutch his shoulders, still smothering my face into his chest from attempting to hold quiet my panting & pre-orgasmic squeals, his fingers remaining deep within me, but still, the “Good Girl” in me fought against my pussy’s true desire & urge to buck on his momentarily motionless fingers and give sweet release to what they’d incited. I manage to whimper a weak, gasping, half-hearted, plea for him to stop, “Pleeeease, Daddy. So I can go check in…not looking a mess.” Obviously pleased with the quivering frenzy he had me in; he couldn’t resist one more torturous round of bringing me to just the edge of cumming all over myself once more before extracting his fingers, tightly gripping my ass cheeks as he straightened & pulled my skirt back to its original “pre-parking lot, mid-day, fingering” position.

Benevolently, he allowed me to have a cigarette, regroup & re-apply my lip gloss without teasing or taunting me and I was able to check in without looking like I had just been at an amusement park, sliding on water slides….fully dressed in a skirt and heels no less!

After check-in gets handled, we usually go to find our room location prior to getting our bags etc. from the car. Somehow our rationale for this ritual is flawed. The premise being it is better to find where you’ll be staying prior to lugging your stuff all through the hotel – once located it is usually easier & quicker to move our cars closer to the room’s location, less effort, distance & time wasted unloading & carrying our stuff in. Once the room is found & entered… (ummm…maybe to just put my purse down-one less thing to carry, you understand) …. quickly getting our belongings from the car seems to lose priority and becomes a super hard task to have ambition toward . A more proper “Hello” consisting of further tasting of Daddy’s wonderful lips, sweet tongue & dry humping my bare, panty-less pussy on his jeans, his already stiff cock presses tightly back against the fabric that momentarily imprisons it. To be honest at this point, I couldn’t give a shit less if a million dollars or scrolls containing the answers to all the universes’ secrets were sitting on the front seat of my unlocked car. We do make our way back to our cars before our first round of deep penetrating reunion on occasion, but admittedly those occasions are due much more to Daddy’s restraint than my own.

...To be continued

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