Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lavender Rayne

Hi Y'all Big Max here. Just finished up a hot shoot with my home girl Lavender Rayne, as usual we always have a good time when she stops by. She is a real down to earth a gal real submissive too. We started off the afternoon just shooting the shit drinking n catching up Later on Big Dee showed up and she started modeling some sexy lingerie she recently bought. Big Dee started to take some photos. We were only supposed to take photos for another project I had in mind. But one thing lead to another and next thing you know we started to fuck the enclosed pics are the photos we took before we got nasty. It was in intense cause she loves an aggressive fuck which is totally my style. And for the first time in in less than a year of hooking up with her, she was finally able to take my dick all the way. She was like a school girl at Christmas after she took all of it. I will post a small clip of the vid soon but in the meanwhile enjoy the pics.

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  1. Hi Big,

    Amy here. Just love to see your cock.
    Do me some day?