Monday, June 22, 2009


While vacationing I got a couple calls one from Donny Hype and the other one from Mr. Ed they were telling me about this new chick I got to meet. Since I was on vacation I did not think much of it, after all I was hanging with Lavender she was giving me my daily BJs and I was on "island time” Sippin on Mojitos. NY was a world away to me, so I kinda forgot bout it. When I got back to NY while still unpacking I got a Yahoo Buzz from Donny asking if I contacted the couple. I sleeplessly admitted I had not and had completely forgotten about it. He then told me she is worth the trip he n Mr. Ed and some mutual friends hit while I was away she is a wild one he said she does everything Anal DP multiply guys she is a freak and just loves black guys. He also said she had a website and wanted to do videos. So I checked her site and was blown away. A petite MilF that would do it all I was defiantly interested after seeing the tour pages on her site. Donny gave me her number. I called the other guys from our crew that fucked her to see what she was all about. It not that I did not trust him lol just wanted to see different perspective before I called her. And they all confirmed she was a certified freak. Mr. Ed exclaimed man I want hit it again so when you set it up I’ll roll wit you, which cool with me (it is always good to do group sex scene with folks you know and trust).

Well I called up Cleo she was a really cool lady when I introduced myself the first thing she asked me was so when are we gonna fuck. I was floored I told her I liked that attitude how about Sunday I said. That would be awesome she said we have a studio out in Jersey can you meet us there? So I took down her address punched in My GPS. I called Mr. Ed gave him the info so we agreed to meet at my crib Sunday morning to head out there.

Sunday Morning at 3:30 AM I get a text from MR. Ed; saying dude I’m real sorry cant make it just coming from a party at this couples house and this chick wore me down been fucking all week so wont be able to make it. Later today. More Pussy for me I thought as fell back asleep.

I got up at 8:00am and promptly called another one of my boys Baja and asked him if he wanted to roll I sent him the link to her site, he said “shit Yeah” gimmie an hour to get to your crib. We got to Cleo studio right on time and met up with her husband Frank who was outside having a smoke we chatted a little about how we gonna shoot the video blah blah, but all was really interested is seeing his sexy wife. We went inside and she was like all the guys said sexy cute and horny she was wearing some black stilettos and hot pink dress she was defiantly fuckable.

She was an insatiable fuck she started by sucking me and Baja off. We went to work on her She had one of the prettiest and thickest set of pussy lips I have seen in a long time. Just puffy and ready to fuck. She had size “A” cup breast but her nipples were so long and suck-able it did not matter. They were almost like erasers I loved pulling and sucking on them. She also loved the nasty talk, and we gave her plenty of that as well. We marked up her body with magic markers naming her all sort of slutty names with arrows pointing to her holes indicating what the were for. This slut was so nasty she took a piss right there in the floor cuz she wanted to go to the bathroom but we made her stay there n piss in the floor. No break for her as we fucked over n over when her pussy was sore we then took her ass and had it open enough for us to give her a DP me an Baja had a Ball fucking this slut. Who knew such a sweet innocent looking face like that was capable of such nastiness.

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