Monday, November 8, 2010


Last weekend was interesting. I went out of my comfort zone to go and meet a couple from out of state. I had met them at a party while back, I normally don't drive too far from home to meet folks, but his wife was hot and I wanted to get some one on one time with her. We texted back n forth about the meet I had a rough week of meeting couples 5 cancellation with in a week or so. I was ready for some new pussy. But as we texted back and forth I began to lose interest when the husband told me he was trying to get maybe 6 or 7 other guys to join us. I don't mind gangbangs but for me they have to be local. I am not going to go out of my way to wait in line for my turn in a gangbang of that magnitude. Although it had been a week I had not gotten laid. I was not desperate I told him if there going to be that many guys I am not going to show up thanks for the offer though. Couple hours later the husband texted and told him only 3 had confirmed but he had his doubts would, I reconsider coming if it were a smaller group. Why not I surmised so we agreed to meet at a club he knows at 9 PM.

I left my house a lil early to get there on time. I arrived at the club at about quarter to nine and waited for my party. And waited I did. There is a reason I do not go to clubs I just don't like em. I am not 18 any more and find the process of being frisked after entering a club, pretending to be interested in the conversation with the inebriated bubbly 22 year old which I have nothing in common with at the bar, and getting wasted on cheap liquor with the delusion of having a good time is not my cup of tea, so least to say I was a bit annoyed. When the 2-hour mark passed and no one showed up I was ready to leave. I don't know about you guys, but drinking usually impairs on my ability to fuck well. That is why I normally don't drink heavy before meeting folks… but I was at a bar taking up real estate so I had to drink something. I was on my 4th beer and 2nd Tequila shot when I kid you not a 73-year-old lady approached and tried to hit on me. I know she was that old because I over heard her talking the a another lady explaining how she celebrated her 72nd last year. I smiled and carried light convo with her but when it became obvious this cougar was on the hunt i grabbed my blackberry and pretended i had important text coming though. I nodded to her inquires while furiously punching on random buttons on my phone. She eventually got the message and moved on. Finally at about 11:30 they showed up an apologized for the delay they over slept. My first instinct was to leave but I had traveled so far and it would have been a waste.

She was stunning, tight top a lil mini dress with no panties which was apparent after hugged kissed and fondled her hello… so being mad went out the window lol. We settled into a dark corner booth at the back where another guy they had known joined us. The both of us immediately started hitting and fondling Sasha while her husband proudly looked on. Both our hand where under the table alternately fingering her wet cunt, each fighting to get position. She loved the attention of having two black men toying with her like that. As she downed her Long island ice tea we both got bolder spreading her legs laying them on our laps alternately kissing her we both sat on either side of her taking turn tweaking on her now aroused nipples and making puddles under her pussy lips even thought we were at a public place my dick was throbbing and I am not shy I unzipped my pants zipper a took her hand and firmly placed it on my dick. Sasha made an audible gasp and involuntarily griped it and whispered “Oh my God,” and that I how it went back and forth. Finally Sasha was so horny she said lets get a room I want to fuck. By this time it was 1 AM

What happened in the motel room was a scene which repeated itself many times in the course of the night, Sasha was on her knees in front of me In her hands was my dick. My dick head was glistening from Sasha licking and sucking it. She began licking it from top to bottom. I was hypnotized at the sight of a hotwife taking my 10 inched down her throat looking at me with those lusty eyes begging for BBC. as i slapped her face with it. Ten minutes later we were in the bed and I was poised above Sasha with the head of my rigid Dick at the entrance to her pussy. Slowly I began entering her, pausing every inch or so to savor the feeling and to watch Sasha reactions. Her eyes were wide open and so was her mouth. "Do it!" her husband yelled I laughed and, pushed my cock all the way in her and then beginning to fuck her with a ferocity Sasha picked up this rhythm, locked her feet behind my ass and pumped for all she was worth. It didn't take long for Sasha to cum hard, and then Sasha rolled over and began to suck on my new buddy dick. All though out the morning she alternated in taking our dick in her pussy and mouth, like a true slut she liked it brutal raw hard with nasty talk finally and over an hour of fucking my buddy blew his load in her cunt her eyes lit up as she felt his load seep in side her deep she had a big smile asking for more. After he pulled out her husband was begging her to push it out he wanted to see cum drip out but he had cum so deep in her it was not happening. Then I started to fuck her again she was in heat whispering to me are you going to cum in me too. That type of nasty talk always triggers something in me I paused a moment listening to her moan before pounding away furiously for another half hour. I finally froze pulled my dick out and stroked it like a mad man pushed my dick head at her cunt opening and came on and inside her, filing her with cum, I could hear her whisper, "Give it all to me”

-B. Max

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  1. As always Big Max has intrigued me to want to be the one whose under him. So he can fill me with the love he fills all these beautiful women with. One day Big Max.... ill ride with you into the sunset. xoxoxo