Sunday, December 12, 2010


Hi guys Max back again with another blog update. I had a visit from a hotwife I have played with frequently in the past. It was hot and amazing we always had casual fun sex, but this time was a little different. Her husband had mentioned to me how she had transformed, how submissive she had become how she loves it aggressive hard and rough. I had not played with them in about 8 months or so. So I was eager to see how she had changed. A lot of times husbands tell me OH yeah their wives are really submissive and like an aggressive and Dom guy. But 9 out of 10 times I have to keep my self in check because I am a pretty big guy and can hurt someone if I wanted to, and normally it is more of a fantasy than reality. They like the idea off being roughed up but can’t necessarily take it. In the past I had to hold back with other couples. So needless to say I was excited to test the new and improved slut. And let me tell you she did not disappoint. I was not gentle with her. I had never seen her that way. And she loved it. I did what ever wanted with her.
We stated out in the living room watching one of my videos. I could see her watching the video intently. I purposely put in a vid that was aggressive and forceful; to gauge her reaction. I could hear her breathing intensify as she kept crisscrossing her legs watching the scene unfold on the TV screen. After a couple sips of her Champaign she seemed transfixed. At that point I was ready I snapped her out of it by immediately grabbing a fist-full of her hair and forcing her face into my crotch as I unbuckled and unzipped my pants. She took to it like a duck to water or a slut to dick she started to suck my dick like it was her job. She did it well filling the room with the sounds of her slurping on my dick. I kept her head in place as she choked on my dick gasping for air but I kept her head in place forcing my dick even deeper in her throat despite her trying to shake loose for air. That act was forcing tears to flow from her eyes and her salvia to make a trail to my balls. When I finally released her, her chest was heaving and she gulped down massive quantities of air she was denied earlier. But the was something else a huge smile on her face with-out my prodding she went back down and sucking again at that point I knew I could use her however I wanted. I started to talk her like a slut yelling obscenities at her pulling her hair slapping her open face and commanding her to answer me in a clear voice I took all her holes ass, pussy and mouth she could not stop coming and begging for more. The more aggressive I got the more she was turned on. There is nothing like seeing a slut with mascara running down her face with a gapping pussy begging for your big dick to fuck her some more. Her husband held the camera and I fucked her ass till it was pulsating then took my dick and I face fucked so deep my balls bumped her lips we later took the party upstairs to my bedroom where her husband and me fucked her mercilessly for a couple hours


  1. nice one max I love the rough sex movies there are the best keep em coming homie..

  2. OMG what a sexy video clip. Max looks soooo amazing and she is so sexy. I just love REAL men like him. He certainly knows how to handle a woman and she is just sooo beautiful to watch. Wish I was there in person.

  3. Is this going to be released in a dvd? I can't wait to get my hands on it. I'm your biggest fan master big max. We need more hard, rough, bdsm from you. You are the ultimate master!

    - naughty Naomi

  4. Jenniferx74@gmail.comJanuary 6, 2011 at 10:57 AM

    Yes SIR!!! Thank you for posting.

    I became your biggest fan ever since I viewed one of your videos on AFF. Sir, you are the best!! Your long big black slut training muscle, Your delicious dark skin, the intensity at which you fuck, your lips, the commandments flowing from that harsh yet sexy voice of yours heightens the sensitivity of my erogenous zone.

    Pardon me for saying (I have to say 'pardon me' because a true slut sub must never advise but always live by the master's rules), I believe this is your niche because nobody in the market right now can fuck rough, talk dirty and humiliate like you can. You NEED/HAVE TO/MUST release videos with this content. We are out here to buy it and make it worth your while. This is what you do best...

    I could help but stick my dildo into my mouth and pussy while watching this video, my heart was racing faster than a Ferrari and my pussy is all wet.

    Off to clean up...


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