Thursday, February 3, 2011


Hello again it been a minute since I blogged. This cold and snowy winter have put a cramp on my style have not been able get out much since getting back from Florida. But that ok because. I was a total Man whore down there. Right now I wish I were still there. I had a blast, one of the best Christmas vacation to date. It was a nonstop fuck fest from the time I got there. The only time I did not play while down there was Christmas day/night. It got to the point I had to turn down pussy, and that is unheard for me. One particular night toward the end of my vacation I was driving home after attending a party one of my friends invited me to. I was exhausted I had fucked a wife earlier in the afternoon took a quick shower and ran off to have drink with him. After drinking for a couple hours we went to this swing party with 3 smoking wives my whole week seemed like that. Anyway I was driving home looking forward in getting to bed for much needed rest then I got a buzz on my phone it was an email from a couple that read on my profile I was in their area and wanted to know if I wanted to meet. There is no way I can fuck tonight I thought it had been nonstop the whole week, I decided to ignore the text till I got home. Back in the house where I was staying I got on the computer to see what was written, as tired as I was I was very curious to see who this couple was. As soon as I opened my email my dick began to stir the email read; if you are still in town my wife would love to fuck you. I had tentatively had plans to meet some people the following night, after opening the pics they sent me I decided those plans would have to go on hold. Mrs. T had a nice bubble ass I liked, and the pictures weren’t soft core they were nasty and raunchy she has multiple BBC filling all her orifices. I did not think it could happen but my dick got rock hard looking at them. I got on the phone and called and made plans to meet the next night.

We met at a little bar in mall had some drinks and chatted she was a lot cuter in person a lil shy and reserved. But I kept looking at her picturing her as her photos depicted her with her being assaulted with all those dicks and imagining myself doing that to her later. The more we talked the more I wanted to fuck her. If you had seen her, this sweet quiet innocent reserved woman you would have never suspected she was a lover of BBC and that was really turning me on. If she had taken a peek under the table she would have seen a huge bulge in my pants. At some point she got up to go to the ladies room, and that is when I saw that ass her pant was struggling to keep it together it was round swollen and beautiful. Her husband caught sighing and shaking my head in disbelief and laughed I chimed in “exactly” I quickly told him we need to get a room he smiled an said I already did. Despite his best effort to give me directions to the hotel, I got hopelessly lost in getting there. So by the time I got there I had a very horny slut waiting in a very slutty outfit wanting to get fucked. She immediately got on her knees and started to fish for my dick. The sweet girl I met earlier did a 180 and became a slut I grabbed her pony tail wrapped my hand around her and called her my bitch she loved it and started to suck me deeper and harder. She started to talk back to me dirty. We moved to the bedroom where I discovered her love of ass fucking I took her on the bed and sunk my dick into her waiting hole she was wet slick and tight with anticipation her pussy was like a glove it grabbed my dick snuggly and pulled it in and she was not quiet about it as soon as I said I and going to take your ass next I felt her body shake she and she said “yes take my ass I want your big black dick in my ass. Once I heard that I lubed up my dick and proceeded to fuck her ass all night till it became a gapping hole.

-B. Max