Sunday, May 27, 2012


Hi Max here again with another blog update, its been a busy year have not had the time to write my blog as constantly as I have in the past. So I have decided to do a little change up. and turn in a story that was written by a hot slut I met some time back she wrote this after we met. It is kinda nice n humbling to read in from someone else perspective. Here it is in her own words.

Roger, my then boyfriend and I had talked about the subject of a threesome many times…. I had always held back even though I guess deep down the thought of having two men sexually at the same time aroused me in ways I fantasized about when I was falling off to sleep at night. I am passionate about sex, most of all about the intimacy that goes with it, so I knew I didn’t just want someone who would “fuck” me, I wanted it to be an experience I would feel good about every time I thought about it.

Finally one night we were having drinks in a bar and I was feeling very relaxed and comfortable and sexual and I said “Roger, I think I am ready to have a threesome” He said “ Stacy, if I set this up, you cannot back down on me, you have to follow through”… “You have to leave every thing up to me, I will not give you ANY details until the night it is arranged” “You have to trust me to choose someone who will be just right for your first experience” So, I agreed.

He arranged the night, the place the person….

I had no details other than time to meet him at a bar in Grand Central on a hot summer night in August.

I was excited, nervous, and a little frightened…. But mostly highly aroused at what lay ahead in that night. I showered, shaved my legs and all the other areas I knew would be touched and tasted and played with and then rubbed oil and lotion all over my body so it felt soft and the smell of the musky oil along with what I knew was coming from my arousal was making me more excited than I can even explain. As I rubbed the oil I was excited at the thought of a strangers hands touching me… and two men making me feel things that seemed only possible in a fantasy. I wore a skirt, no stockings, pink, lacy panties and a summer blouse with no bra. It all felt just sensually heightened to the limit.

I met Roger at the bar and he ran his hands up and down my legs a little and felt that I was already very wet. His enthusiasm was overwhelming and made me just kind of intoxicated. We had a few shots at the bar and discussed what was coming in the hours ahead and I felt totally relaxed.

We got on the train; still had no details and he said we were going to Brooklyn. We didn’t talk much; I just kind of clung to him, going over in my mind who might be the third party, what he would look like, feel like and how sexually my life was going to change that night. Roger was very sweet and told me everything was going to be great and he knew he had picked the right person for this first time experience. Still no details…. Not even a clue.

When we arrived at a townhouse in Brooklyn, he rang the bell, but there was no answer, so he rang it again…..

Then out from the second floor a face appeared and said, “ I will be right down”….

The look of shock on my face was almost too much for Roger and he grabbed me and smiled and said … “This is going to be great”….. I will never forget seeing Max for the first time. His shaved head and totally engaging smile made me lose quite a bit of the apprehension and his body language when he came to the door made me know I had nothing to fear. His being black was such a turn on to me as my fantasies had so many times included black men and now to be face to face with one seemingly so perfect was erotic and exciting.

We walked in, Roger introduced me to Max who took my hand and just held it for a moment and gave me a hug and the smell of his body was clean and freshly showered and naturally musky… I was immediately attracted to him and knew I would not even have the slightest inclination to back down.

He showed us his home and the art on his walls, which was interesting to me, as I am also an artist; his work was quality and full of eroticism and classy sexuality. I felt myself getting aroused looking at his work…. who he was,

We drank some shots of tequila and a beer and ate some things Max had offered us, but I was so nervous it was hard to think of anything other than…. OH MY GOD what is going to happen next??? We chatted for a little while and then Max said “ You know I know a perfect way to allow you to relax Stacy”… and I reluctantly said “How?” He came over to the sofa where I was sitting with Roger and took one of my legs and took off my sandal and began slowly massaging my foot… It was exciting and the sensation of his hands on me was totally consuming, He slowly pulled me down onto the sofa so I was laying flat …… Roger began to kiss my mouth softly, deeply, Max dimmed the lights and the next thing I knew he was raising my skirt up all the way and pulling off my panties and his mouth began kissing and licking slowly but skillfully another set of lips… I knew I was dripping and his mouth was peaking every nerve and sensation I could have there, I felt as though I could have an orgasm intensely at this point, he eagerly devoured me while Roger kissed my lips and stroked my breasts that were also tingling and hard. …. I had never felt anything quite so sexually intense.

I remember moaning and saying, “ Oh my God this is heaven…”

Max then said… “I think we should go upstairs to the bedroom”…with absolutely no hesitation I followed him up the stairs and Roger was behind me…

When we got into the bedroom, Roger began to remove my clothes and touch my body and run his hands down until he was deeply fingering my pussy, it was so wet and he licked his fingers and went down and ate me for a few minutes, it made me almost scream, I knew Max was watching and he had removed his clothes and I couldn’t wait until I could have both of these men at once. Roger moved back and removed his clothes; I went to Max who was standing near the side of the bed

His naked body in front of me I just knew I wanted to surrender every part of myself to this experience. His skin was dark and soft and smelled aroused, his head which he told me to touch was smooth and I ran my fingers down his head and onto his face and then moved down and touched his chest and he took my hands and said “Look” “Look how the colors of our skin look together….” He moved my hands down further until I reached his cock…. It was hard and the biggest I had ever put my hands around, I rubbed it up and down and went around and touched his balls and held them in my hands, he moaned a little and I went down and began to suck his cock, it went deep in my mouth down my throat and I sucked and licked him and then his balls and back toward his ass, licking and tasting every part I could get my mouth around, his ass tasted sweet and I wanted to stick my tongue inside but waited. I wanted Max inside of me intensely…. Roger was watching and touching and jerking off the whole time this was going on and after a few minutes said, he wanted to fuck me, so I moved off of Max’s cock but slowly before I stopped went up his body and reached his face and said “I have to kiss those lips”… They were full and soft and inviting, so he was smiling that amazing smile and I began to kiss him and his tongue went inside of my mouth and he licked my lips and I licked his and explored the inside of his mouth and his lips with my tongue… Roger was behind me and I knew I was just dripping wet and ready for him and for Max, so Roger fucked me for a while asking me “ how I liked what was happening so far” and all I could do was moan and wait for more…. I had one orgasm right away thinking about how Roger had set up the most wonderful sexual experience I had ever had and having his cock inside of me and seeing his face and knowing Max was next was just too much and the orgasm came readily and easily.

Then Roger said… “Go let Max fuck you, suck his cock and let him fuck you…” So I went to Max and again started sucking his cock pulling him in my mouth as deep as I could tasting, feeling, my pussy dripping, Roger fingering me.

After a few minutes I came up and laid down on the bed and Max got on top of me, slowly, deliberately first sucking on my breasts and just licking my body and taking his tongue and moving up and down making me shiver, then going down and licking my pussy again with those amazing full lips that I had just a few minutes before hungrily kissed, and then he just rocked back and forth rubbing his cock all over my abdomen kind of teasing me asking me if I wanted his black cock inside of me…. I said, “Yes I want it. YES” After making me tell him again and again how I wanted it, he finally put his hard cock inside of me, it went in deep and I felt like the walls of my pussy were going to explode from the sensation of this man who attracted me on so many levels… his movements were deliberate and skilled yet made me feel desired in a way that I knew would remain with me for a long time. We just went on and on, Max remained hard and intense and I came over and over and squirted all over his bed, Roger was behind me fingering my ass and jerking off as he watched Max and I endlessly fuck, fuck, fuck… I had never felt such fullness inside of me.

Then Max asked me if I wanted him to fuck me in the ass… J I have an almost insatiable passion for anal sex, and that is an understatement so just the suggestion gave me another orgasm with Max still hard and deep inside.

He turned me over and I got on my knees in his bed, Roger got in front of me and I sucked his cock and licked his balls and M slowly, slowly went in my ass…He is very large, but he slid in effortlessly and as though my ass was made for the size of his cock. The sensation of Max deep in my ass and Rogers cock in my mouth made me climax again and I was squirting out my pussy while Max was fucking deeply and intensely my ass…. I just wanted him to stay in there forever and I felt like I could go on for hours like that.

After a while, Roger wanted to fuck me again for a while so Max pulled out of my ass and Roger got on top of me fucking me hard and my pussy was so open and wet, he just came with very little effort, almost screaming and then falling back on Max’s bed.

Max was still ready for more and so was I so Roger, exhausted laid on the floor and just watched Max fuck my opened up ass again and pull my hair and spank me a little, I was so happy!! Roger sat on the side and jerked off watching Max and I and that made me feel even more sexually aroused and I loved having Max fuck me in every possible way while Roger watched. I have no idea how many times I had an orgasm that night but it was more than ever before or since.

When we finally stopped and laid on the bed in total exhaustion, I kept thinking I wish I could stay there all night and just sleep for a while in that bed and wake up and let Max fuck me again… even more intensely.

He was so kind and we laid there, the three of us with me in the middle and it was fantastic… I did not want to leave when Roger said we had to get going…

I had no information on Max, didn’t know his last name even and wanted to try to remember how I got to his place or find out his name so I could make contact with him again to hopefully meet him one on one and continue what we began that night.

We got dressed and went downstairs and Max was already down there and I looked at his face and went up to him and kissed him and said, “thank you, I had the most amazing time of my life”…. He just held my hand for a few minutes. And Roger was talking to him a little and I felt happy but kind of sad thinking I might not see him again, so we left and Roger and I walked towards the train and stopped for coffee and I was still dripping wet and that got Roger all aroused again, so we went off the side street and he fingered and licked his fingers again of what Max had put inside of me.


  1. What a hot story. Ive been working on my wife for months. I would love to set my wife up in a club setting and let her go wild. She wants to do it but is afraid she will lose me or something. Im so ready to see her in action and bbc would be awesome!

  2. Great story max, please keep em cumming