Sunday, August 19, 2012


One of the joys of working at home is having a flexible schedule. And it does come in handy. I recently had a buddy call me up and say what are you doing right now. I was about to go out n get some lunch I said. Skip it he said I have something better I am at work my wife has the day off and is horny as fuck I want to send her to you. Now I have played with this couple before but never alone with the wife. It is pretty standard fare for swinging couples to be both present when you hook up.

This was unusual for them because she has never played without him being there. Are your serious I laughed? Hell yeah if you don't believe me text her n ask her which I did. Thus became a back n forth-slutty laced exchange between the wife and me. By the time she got to the elevator of her building her pussy was soaking wet. I want you so bad she texted me with a pic of her exposed cunt as I had instructed her to send me.

This clip is a lil of what went on, on my lunch break.


  1. Omigod that was SO HOT! I love the way you talk to your slut...the way you make her work for it, the way you stopped and switched on her.

    This one just did me in! Thank you, daddy.

  2. Nice. Wish I could do that in my lunch break!