Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Note From Big Max with Video

It has been a hectic couple weeks, traveling and shooting. I am not very good at this blog thing, this is my first one so bear with me.

I have been planning to go to Fla. For the last couple months to do this thing we call PleasureFest. A bunch of us usually rent a house in Fla. And spend the whole week shooting videos, partying and catching up with old friends… generally having a good time. The whole concept of it is: to have one place once a year and have guys and gals who have a porn website to meet and shoot videos for their respective sites. And it was a blast. Just image sitting a room with a bunch of sexy slutty ladies who love to fuck and not shy about it. A wet dream comes true. I usually just produce and direct but this year I got in on some of the action in front of the camera. A lot of my girlfriends and fans have repeatedly request that they see more of me on the site. So I got in front the camera a lot at this event, so you may see some exclusives with me in the next couple month on the site

The trip getting there was uneventful and pleasant I highly recommend flying Jet blue… nothing get me through a flight like direct TV LOL. Me, P. boogie, Black McNasty, and Slut Momo got to the Fort Lauderdale airport at the same time so we decided to take a cab together to the house. We manage to get all four of us and all 9 of our luggage in one town car, talk about a tight squeeze.
The house was really cool in but only in the looks dept. The AC did not work so it was hot sticky n wet… just the way I like it. A couple hours later after we unpacked Brutus Black arrived at the house. His flight had been delayed. After a couple drinks, and backslapping we started to discuss the plans for the week and all the hot pussy we were going to fuck. Then he Said “Oh yeah there is this married slut who is coming at the house tomorrow. She does not have a site but she is crazy about black men and want to be the house fluffer” at that point I thought this is going to be a hell of a week.
But I will let this married slut tell you her version of her trip to PleasureFest

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  1. Reading and seeing was hot. Hope to see the vids come up.