Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Confession part 4

Confession part 4

Waking up I felt wetness dripping out of my pussy, and wondered it was
Paul's cum or my own juices. Brutus was lying next to me, on his side
with his back facing me. I love his back. I ran my fingers down the
sides of his spine, and then around this hips to find his cock. I held
his cock in my hand and felt it swell. Brutus rolled over and said good
morning. Knowing I would be heading to the airport soon I wanted more.
Brutus was ready for me and I got it. Lying on my back, him holding
himself over me, I felt his upper arms as he pushed his cock in my
pussy, deep and hard. Sleeping next to him was all the foreplay I
needed, and I came hard, soaking the bed. Wanting him to come, and still
not having his load in mouth, I asked if I could see. He said yes and
lay back on the bed. Straddling his legs I held his cock in my hand and
balls in my mouth. Sucking, stroking, then putting the cock down my
throat. I love his ass and cant' keep away from it, so I asked him to
turn over so I could have better access. He stayed on all fours so I
could stroke his cock while I ate his ass. I thought he was going to
shoot his load in my hand, so turned, and got my head down and between
his legs so I my mouth on his cock. I lay under him as he stayed in
doggie position. I sucked his cock and caressed his ass whole, which was
wet with my saliva, until he came. It shot down my throat and I was happy.

I then got coffee and water for Brutus and myself. Since the bed was
soaked, I stripped it and put everything in the laundry. I packed and
cleaned, and took a shower. I felt great, relaxed, and totally fucked
out. As people started to wake up, we made morning conversation. My bags
were by the door and Brutus was on the back patio and wanted to say
goodbye to those I had been with, and those with whom I had not had the
pleasure. I saw Big Max on the couch and leaned over the back of the
couch to give him a kiss good bye on his cheek. But, he grabbed my hair,
and asked how his slut was doing that morning. It was so unfair! He got
me aroused when I had to get to the airport! He told me I had to give
him a proper good bye, stood up, pulled out his cock and told me to get
on my knees. The couch was right in front of the glass doors to the back
patio, and I knew Brutus could see us. I didn't know if it was OK, and I
was nervous. But I got on my knees. Despite my nervousness I took him in
my hungry mouth I again wondered if Brutus would be OK with me sucking
on Max’s cock. Brutus walked in and I said I was just saying goodbye. My
body stiffened when Max motioned me to get up, he pulled my shorts to my
ankles and roughly pushed my body against the sofa. I felt the course
fabric of the sofa against my thigh and stomach I was totally exposed
and vulnerable I struggled to regain my balance, then I felt the
pressure of Max thick cock head prying open my aching pussy, his hands
pinning me down further complicating my efforts to regain my footing, it
was so surreal. I could not see Brutus but I felt his presence.

I was quickly reminded there was a cock in my pussy as I felt Max wet
spit slap against my now pulsing pussy he shoved in rudely with no mercy
after a couple strokes Max asked if it was ok if he took me in the back
and Brutus nodded yes. I was so relieved Brutus was OK with it. Max told
me stand up, took my hand and led me back to the bedroom.

He again told me to get on my knees and stuck his cock in my mouth. He
now started to fuck my face with abandon forcing my saliva to run down
his shaft. I looked up at him to see if he was enjoying my slutty
performance he growled and pushed my head further down and said, “don’t
forget the balls.” After a bit he lifted me up, said I could not leave
without a load of his cum in my pussy. I was dripping wet and ready to
beg for it. He teased me with it slapping my clit with his cock head
till I pleaded, ”please put it in” He put me in doggie on the mattress,
with towels under me. He grabbed my hair and shoved his cock in deep. I
screamed; it hurt. He told me to take it because it would a long time
until I had black cock again. I squirted, and soaked the towels He told
me I was good slut for taking his cock, and I came again. He told me
this load was insurance, to make sure he got me pregnant, and he shot
his cum in my pussy. I shuddered with the thought of being pregnant with
a black baby.

I needed another shower at this point, and to catch my breath. I washed
up, got dressed again, and went to the patio to finish saying my
goodbyes. Big Max decided to take a ride with Brutus to bring me to the
airport, and we went to breakfast on the way. I took a seat at the
booth, Max sat next to me and Brutus across from us both. I took the
opportunity to hold Max's cock under the table as we ate. Then I kissed
him and kissed him deep for the first time knowing full well everyone in
the restaurant (I was the only white woman in the restaurant) was
watching. When Brutus went for the newspaper Max asked for my number and
I gave it to him. I now had two big back cocks only a few hours from me
and I looked forward to seeing them both up in NY.

At the airport there was a huge line a couple of blocks long for
check-in, and they dropped me and bags off at the end. Brutus was
driving, and Max got out to carry my bag. I gave him a big kiss goodbye.
I wondered what all the while people on line thought of this white girl
and her black boyfriend. Then Brutus got out of the car and came over to
say goodbye. I gave him a big kiss as well. I could only imagine what
everyone thought . . . I was so satisfied and my body was fully relaxed.
I am not sure what the question is, but I do know, black cock is the
answer. Till the next pleasurefest.

-Married Slut

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