Thursday, September 6, 2007

Confessions part 3

I woke fully accustomed to my role as slut. Brutus was already awake and sitting in the chair next to the bed typing away on his laptop. I got out of bed and I went to him to say good morning. I got on my knees and put my hands on his knees; slightly pressing them open, as a suggestion, not a demand. Brutus put his laptop aside and opened his knees to give me access to his cock. I took it in my hand and went with my mouth to his balls. I love holding his balls in my mouth and was looking forward to tasting the morning cum. Brutus lifted me up and put me on the bed on my back, climbed on top, and thrust his cock in my pussy. I was soaking wet as usual and loved how deep it went. I pressed on my lower belly with my fingers to feel the cock on the inside wall of my pussy – that made it hit both sides of my g-spot. I squirted all over the bed. But I didn’t care this time about getting a towel. We had a good night sleep and all day to the do the laundry.

Brutus turned me over and I took it from behind - doggie. Deep and hard with his large rough hands holding my hips, pulling me back on his cock, to his own rhythm. He did as he wished, and I loved it. He new my weakness and he pushed me down on my belly. He pushed his cock in, pressing against my ass, and then lifted my hips and put a pillow underneath, pushing my clit into the pillow with each ram of his cock. I came all over that pillow.

Brutus shot his load inside me. I loved it, but wondered, how the cream would taste in my mouth. I had all day.

While Brutus showered I walked, naked, into the kitchen for coffee. I didn’t need a robe anymore around the house. A young, cute guy I noticed yesterday was at the kitchen table. He seemed shy. Since he did not take any liberties with me yesterday, I wondered if he was saving it for a shoot, was shy and standoffish, or worse, not interested. I didn’t think that the case though by the way he looked at me. I learned his name was P. Boogie.
I sipped my coffee and said good morning. I then went to shower and left the door slightly ajar. P. Boogie did not come in though, and no one else was up yet. I never got to sample P. Boogie.

Since everyone else was still sleeping, Brutus and I took the opportunity to go for breakfast and back to the nude beach. It’s Saturday, and a bit more crowded. We pick a spot and the beach the attendant puts out our chairs and twists the umbrella stand into the stand. Brutus takes his place on the chair while others around us look on. I excuse myself to go to the walkway along the beach to get some exercise. I walk, jog a bit and sweat. After my cardio I went back to where I left Brutus in the sand. I did not bring a bathing suit, so, dripping with sweat, I strip out of my sweating exercise clothes and stand above him. Standing naked in public was new to me and I was got wet thinking I was being watched. I walked to the water with cream dripping out of my pussy. I kept my focus on the water and did not look around to see if eyes were on me.

I swam naked and walked back to our spot. This time I saw eyes on me and I felt the cream drip out of my pussy. Men, women and couples on the beach watched me walk. I wondered if they were swingers. Some came over to strike a conversation, nothing developed. I knew there were plenty of people back at the house to fuck. The sun was strong and we could not stay long since there was shooting on the agenda. I put on my beach cover, which was almost see-through, and walked back to the car. I didn’t care that the parking lot was full of people just arriving who walked right past me, and looked. I liked it.

At the house was a new bunch of people and shoots were being held in the living room and one of the bedrooms. I stood in my see-through cover-up, got a glass of water and asked Big Max if he needed a fluffer for any of his shoots. He said, of course, and I got excited about taking part. I showered off the beach and chose my porn best outfit: Red lace boy shorts which didn’t quite cover my ass crack, and a matching mini top, with platform acrylic heals. I did my makeup and walked back out into the kitchen. Kaycee a young, pretty girl who has a website and some movies under her belt, said I looked good. I was glad she approved of my slut look. She asked what I was up to and I told her I was just going to just hangout in case someone needed a fluffer. I got wet standing there, thinking I was ready for whoever might need my pussy or mouth.

D. Wise, a cute strong black guy, overheard and said I had to go to the bedroom with him to get him ready for his shoot. He didn’t ask - he just took my hand and pulled me back to the room. He pushed me down on my knees and shoved his cock in my mouth - all the way back to make me gag. I liked the roughness. He told me to get on the bed and bend over. I didn’t hesitate because I knew he was one of the tested guys and I would not need to condom. I got on knees and pulled my boy shorts down. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back and said in my ear – I didn’t tell you to do that. I’m not fucking you, I have shoot. His authority excited me. He told me to stay available, and walked out.

I got up and waited. When Kaycee came and I was needed I almost ran to the room. D-Wise called me over and told me to suck his cock, while the on-camera fuck girl and camera guy stood by. They all watched. He shoved it in hard and made me gag again, pushing me away when he was done. I loved my job.

I stood by and watched D.Wise fuck the on-camera girl and come on her ass. After his load was shot the Big Max who was shooting and directing the scene, told me to get back down on my knees, took out his cock and shoved it in. I was happy to oblige.

I was then called out by Paul and told to come with him and Brutus to the other house where they were shooting and where I may be needed. I threw on a T-shirt and shorts and followed them to the car. At the other house I met a beautiful blond wife, with her husband, the cameraman. I was invited to stay in the bedroom and watch. She sat on the bed between Paul and Brutus with the camera rolling, taking both their cocks in her hands and began to suck – switching from one cock to the other. They were both long and hard and I was envious. Brutus grabbed her pussy, pulling her panties aside and shoved his huge fingers in her cunt. She was wet, and I was wet, knowing what she was feeling. I couldn’t wait to have to fingers in me again.

The shoot went on for a while, and I watched. Stepping out of the way of the cameraman as he maneuvered around the bed. After the loads were shot, we returned to the main house and made a plan for the evening. There was going to be a party that night with other, non-shooting swingers, and I was looking forward to it. The party was to take place at a hotel with a nude/sex bar on the roof, and I thought it was a perfect venue.

I chose a dress I thought was just slutty enough for the party, but I ok for public, since Brutus and I were first going to grab a bite to eat. I showered and blew out my hair and put the dress on. I stood in the bathroom, which was a community bathroom, and did my make-up. Spending most of the day sweaty with my hair pulled, I was determined to look ‘done’ for a change. Big Max walked in as I put on my mascara and told me to assume the position get on my knees. I told him I did not want to mess up my hair and makeup. He just sneered and said, get on you knees slut. I hesitated. I had a lot of cock in my mouth that day and the house was soooo hot, I knew any extra movements would make me sweat in my dress and ruin my makeup. He then put his hands on my shoulders and said, ‘down’. I got down, and took his cock in my mouth. I thought he might just want a little suck. As soon as I had that long thick cock in my hand and in my mouth, I didn’t want it to be a short suck. All the arousal I held back while watching Brutus and Paul shoot their scene was at the surface and with Max’s dick in my mouth I didn’t think I could not hold back the damn. He told me to stand and bend over, with my hands against the tiled wall, and he lifted my dress and wrapped it around his hands to hold me steady. I knew I was about to explode and as he shoved his huge cock into my pussy, my vagina exploded and burst cum all over the bathroom floor wetting his legs and thighs. Max shoved it in a number of times, and I don’t know if he blew a load or not – I was in a post orgasm delirious moment. He then pulled out, told me to finish getting ready and walked away. I wiped down my legs and finished my make-up and tried my best to make my dress look presentable.

We never made it to the party unfortunately, and ended up hitting the hay early. I think shooting, fucking and partying took its toll. Brutus tossed and turned so I put in earplugs to get a good night sleep. Out like a light and deaf to the world, I was in a deep slumber.

In a half dream, half awake state, I felt a foreign sensation I could not identify. It was moisture in my mouth, as if I was drooling. But I was lying on my back. I realized my mouth was open and warm wetness was dripping in. My first thought was of being in a horror film, or a nightmare. I did not know what it was, and was repulsed, but frozen still. I opened my eyes but did not see a thing - the room was black. I didn’t hear any sounds since my earplugs were in. I felt a presence over me. I was a little relieved, realizing it was a person – a person over me, dripping saliva in my mouth. I though Brutus must be feeling better. I took a sigh of relief and lifted me head off my pillow to meet his mouth. We kissed. I was aroused. I lifted my hands and put them on his arms as they straddled me. I froze, I was scared again. I could tell by his arms it was not Brutus; I had no idea who was on top of me.

I could not see anything. I reached out my right hand and felt Brutus’ back. He seemed to be asleep. Did he know someone was in the room? I had no idea. I took out my earplugs and a person whispering; it was Paul. I knew his voice. He whispered and dripped saliva in my mouth, while I laid next to Brutus in the dark. I was incredibly aroused. But scared and nervous. I did not want to wake Brutus, for two reasons: I knew he was not feeling well and needed a good night sleep. And, I did not know how he felt about someone coming into his bed. I had no idea about the house etiquette and did not know how to react. So I did not react, I laid there - frozen, trying not to respond to Paul. I could not stop my pussy from reacting though and it was aching and creaming.

Brutus stirred, and I whispered to him, asking, ‘is this was ok.’ He said it was fine. Not a ringing endorsement, but an open door. I was unsure how to proceed. I did not need to decide – Paul took the lead. As Brutus went to the bathroom Paul told me to suck his cock, which he stuck in my face. It was hard from the angle with him above me and my head on pillow, but I did as he said. Feeling his hard cock aroused me more. He turned me over and plunged it in my pussy. It went so deep but I tried not to scream. I was relieved Brutus came back and participated. I felt like that was an endorsement and I started to relax. Two huge, strong, black men taking me, just like I watched them do earlier in the day. This time I was the lucky slut though getting all the Black cock. I released my cum a number of times and took it hard from both of them. Paul released his load in my pussy, kissed me hard and left. I was so happy to finally have him that weekend.

Still to come, my final morning and goodbye to pleasurefest . . .

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