Monday, August 27, 2007

Confessions part 2

I think I had five different cocks in my pussy and mouth that afternoon. I was naked and sweaty and worn out. I took another shower, put a robe on and walked to the kitchen for water. The girl with the gigantic boobs I saw shooting still photos was at the kitchen counter giving Big Max a blowjob. Since it was off camera, I thought I would join her. I wasn't sure if she was really bi, or the photos were just for show, but it seemed like a good way to get close to her pretty face. I learned her name is Sara Jay. She has beautiful skin and sparkling eyes, and seemed to be enjoying herself with his cock in her hand and her mouth moving up and down. I went for his balls. I took off my robe, kneeled down in front of him - took his balls in my hands and began to suck, keeping my eyes on Sara Jane's mouth. She went up and down and moaned, while licked and sucked Max’s balls. Then Paul came over and joined. I hadn't seen Paul since last February, and he was my entry into this group, so it was nice to see his cock again. Max and Paul decided to take the show to the other house the group had rented - so I threw on a t-shirt and shorts and jumped in the car with Sara Jay. I was pleasantly surprise at how sweet and genuine she is. I liked her immediately. And even though she looks like a porn star, there is something very innocent about her. At the other house, the shoot took place, but I didn't really watch. I could hear moans from the room, but I wasn't sure if spectators were appreciated. I kept peeking in and could see them both naked, with two of the biggest cocks I've ever seen, sticking in it her everywhere. I wanted some, but was afraid of the camera. I would have to wait. But I was getting wet. At one point during the shoot Paul walked out, naked, sweating, all 6 foot whatever he is, with his dick hard as a rock, looking for water. I handed him a bottle and sat quietly watching him drink it. I wondered if I was going to get that cock at some point. It looked so good. He went back to Sara Jay and gave it to her good. Sara was sweaty and satisfied when it was all over. I got back in her car with her and went returned to the main house, and made plans for dinner. While back at the house I talked to another girl who seemed interesting - although she was fully dressed - and learned her name was Claire. She had some kind of European accent and I had heard her talking to the guys about how she does everything, DP and all. I wanted to hear more, and hear her talk about in her accent. As we made light conversation with each other, one of the guys came over and said how beautiful we looked together. Claire responded, 'oh yeh' and moved in close to me, pulled up her top and pushed her big breasts against mine. I pulled up my t-shirt so our nipples could touch. She winked at me, and we caressed each other for his eyes. I probably enjoyed it more than him. He pulled his cock out of his pants, but then called back to a shoot . . . tease. I got some water and went out to the patio to relax and put on some fake nails to try and vamp up, and to chat with the other girls, who needed no vamping. Another really nice person I met was Dee Delmar. With her beautiful smile and long red hair, she looked like an Irish rose. (An Irish rose that takes a lot of black cock.) Dee Delmar sat naked, talking about her travels, while I admired her breasts and nipples. I couldn't help but wonder if she was bi. By this time it was evening and I hadn't eaten all day. Brutus, Max, Sara Jay and I were going to leave the house for a bit and go out to dinner, however, I was a little nervous about going to a nice restaurant with Sara Jay because she just looks soooo porno and I wasn't sure she had clothes with her there at the house that were public appropriate. At that point Sara Jay was wearing a something that could have been a bathing suit, or worn in a porno version of wonder woman. I was not sure if that was her dress for the restaurant. I took a shower and put on a dress for dinner that I would never where at home - much too short and tight - but it turned out, very conservative by this house standards. I noticed Sara Jay changing as well. Sara Jay put on a mini skirt without panties (I know because she said later in the restaurant that her pussy was sticking to the chair) and a top that managed to stretch enough to cover her nipples. I sat across from Sara Jay at dinner, and could not keep my eyes off her gigantic breasts. I finally stopped trying and just enjoyed the sight. I sat next to Brutus and got to stroke his cock under the table. Needless to say, it was a nice dinner. When we left and where waiting for our car at the valet, Sara Jay really shocked me. There was some high end sports car parked to the side which I began to admire, when she came over and started do porno poses next to it, and then asked big Max take photos of her almost fucking the car. We were all laughing, - this is right in front of the restaurant with outdoor tables and families dining! I kept looking around for cops. Finally, the valet guys brought us our car, and they thanked Sara Jay profusely for the show. Damn that girl got balls. She's a porn star and proud of it. My idol. Back at the house its kind of quiet. This was one-on-one time with Brutus and I got his body all to myself. Every inch is a masterpiece from his armpit to ass, and I licked it all, deep. I rode him, holding his arms down, pretending I was stronger. The orgasms kept coming. He doggie me, and went so deep it hurt, but in a good way. I got his load in my pussy that night and treasured it. I kept wondering, if I got pregnant that day, I would not know if it were Max or Brutus. Still to come, next day at the beach . . . my job as a fluffer . . . and being woken up by saliva dripping into my mouth.

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