Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Married slut and Max part 2

Back at Max’s place he had me try on the clothes on for him. He told me he was taking me to an adult video store. He took some photos of me in the outfits and picked the miniskirt and a tight t-shirt for the video store. I put on red high heals to match and was ready to go. I got excited thinking of the small booths, usually in the back, and wondering if a strange man would invite me into one.

I loved walking from the car to the store; being on the public sidewalk in my outfit with a big black man. I may as well have had “slut” across my forehead. The store owners did not mind me walking around, but the patrons were few and far between. I brushed up against one looking at movies, but he seemed to freeze with fear. Finally Max took me to the back and pulled out his cock. He told He told me to get on my knees in the hallway were the individual rooms are. I was sucking his cock as one man walked out the rooms and right by us. Max then told me to stand up and bend over. I leaned into one of the rooms and put my hands on the seat, with my ass sticking out the door. Max stood in the hallway and fucked me till I came on the floor. I was hoping a line would form, but the store was empty. My next visit will definitely be a weekday after work.

Back at the house I was ready for a nap. Max said I could go up stairs while he did some work. I lay in Max’s bed, all alone, as the sun went down. I layed there hugging his pillow catching wisps of his scent while looking at the pictures around the room of women, some faces, some bodies, mostly artistic photographs. I wanted my photograph on the wall too. I new each one photographed was likely someone Max fucked. And likely in that bed. I wanted to be added to the harem. I felt special for the moment though, because right then, I was the only one in his bed. And he let me sleep there. I liked to think he fucked the others, but they were not invited to sleep.

I tossed and turned and I don’t think I ever really slept. Max came in and told me to get dressed for dinner. He picked the coral strapless dress with brown shrug. I thought it exposed the most of my body of all the dresses he bought I was glad Max picked that one. It was a tube dress and clung to me, so underwear would not have been appropriate. Even if Max would have allowed it, that is.

We walked to the restaurant hand in hand, and I wondered if his neighbors thought he must have a lot of girlfriends. We took our seats at a small booth in a Thai restaurant Max chose, I sat against the wall looking out, and Max facing me. It was fun having different types of food and I loved my dish. I was feeling pretty relaxed I reached out to touch Max arm I love watching the contrast of his dark skin against mine. To my horror one of my breast popped out of the dress as I reached for him, I tried quickly to cover my self and felt my face getting red I was not sure if it was because of excitement or embarrassment of almost being caught exposed like that in a public place. Max just looked at me and smirked almost like he had mentally made that happen. My pussy was wet during dinner and I was concerned that the thin tight dress would show a wet spot. So I kept trying to be discrete, reaching under myself with parts of a paper napkin to blot my pussy. When we left I could feel a little wetness in between my thighs, but as long as I was not sitting down, I was not worried about a wet spot.

Max suggested a cool little bar for an after dinner drink. The weather was wonderful and I held on to his arm as he walked me to his local watering hole. He knew the bartender and I was complimented that he did not mind being seen with me. It was a really neat place with good wine by the glass. We picked a cozy dark corner at the bar we talked and cuddled I reached for his lap and had no shame in showing what I was after. He whispered things to remind me I was his slut. He told me he was my owner I would from now on call him Daddy and that he would walk me on a leash. I had to go to the ladies room to blot my pussy.

It was after midnight and we said our good nights to the bartender and headed back to the house. It was a long day for me and without my nap; I was feeling a bid wayward. Max suggested we lie down and we watch TV in bed for a bit. So after brushing my teeth and removing my make up, I hopped in bed with my shorts and t-shirt Max looked at me and said “What the hell are you doing, get those clothes off.” I quickly removed the last bit of clothing that separated me from max and snuggled close to Max. He let me take the remote control and I clicked. After midnight there is not much on. I came to a porn channel and had no interest and kept going. Then I came to another porn channel. I saw a man holding a girl by her neck, almost choking her, and I was entranced. The woman, of course, was beautiful. Max saw that I liked it and he told me to rub my pussy. I told him that I don’t masturbate on my back, I lie on my stomach and rub, but he said he didn’t care, it wasn’t for me, it was for him. He wanted to watch me rub my pussy as I watched the porn. I got aroused and wet and could feel my pussy start to ache. I was excited by it all, the beautiful woman on the TV screen, the fact she was being held down by her neck and almost choking by the strong man, and Max was watching me. I have never been aroused by something like that, and frankly, never seen anything like that before.

Max rolled on top and put his hands on my neck. He said, you like it huh? I pushed hard against his chest and tried to peel his arms off but he held me firm. I reached for his face to slap or scratch. I pressed my hips up and tried to free my legs from under his body. Before the weekend Max gave me a safe word and I had it on my lips, ready to use if I needed. I fought hard and got rough. But he was so much stronger than me; he chuckled at my attempts to free myself from his grip. Max pressed on my neck and felt the pressure against my esophagus. He had a firm grip and only a millimeter to press to make me choke. I froze, I didn’t flinch, and he had me. I relaxed my muscles. I felt relieved. I had someone else in total control of my life. The power he had over me was a relief and a turn on. He loosened his grip and let me speak. I begged him to fuck me. Max shoved his huge cock into my wet pussy and told me shut up and take it. I did and I loved it.

Max's thick cock was deep in my pussy and his hands on my neck; it made my body tremble. I didn’t have a towel under me, but I couldn’t hold back; my pussy shot out juices and I soaked the bed. Max did not stop. He pumped until his load came and he held it in me, telling me I was his slut and had to take his load. He hands were still on my neck, the weight of his body had me pinned, his sweat was dripping in my face and his load was in my pussy. I felt like I had my daddy, and all I could think to say was, thank you daddy. But I didn’t know what he would think if I called him that. So I whispered it. He said, your welcome slut, and rolled off me. I decided porn movies weren’t that dumb after all.

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