Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Florida Trip

In six days daddy will be sending me to Florida to fuck one of his friends. He told me his friend was in charge of me while I'm there and to do what ever he said and fuck whomever he told me. I am looking forward to it. But daddy said I could not go unless I drove to Brooklyn to give him his pussy. I am so busy, but I want daddy to have his friends fuck me. And I want daddy's cock, so I throw work in the car and cut out early, and hit the road for Brooklyn. When I arrived, I was prepared for daddy to tell me to get on my knees as soon as he opened the door for me. I knocked. No answer. I rang. No answer. I tried the handle, the door was open. I walked in and heard the shower running. I did not know what to do because daddy had always greeted me and told me what to do. I put my bag on the couch. No sound. I took off my coat. No sound. I decided to walk up stairs, but was afraid it was presumptuous. I was afraid daddy would be mad and would punish me. He did not tell me to come in and go to his room. But I did. Daddy came out of the shower with a towel on. I was ready for his command. But e said hello and took a phone call. I sat on the bed. When he got off the line he started to put his clothes on. I asked, don't you want me to suck your cock? He said, I'll fuck you when I want.

We chatted and caught up. I asked daddy what we were going to do that night. He said I was going to give him my pussy. I hoped other men would watch and I suggested he fuck me at the swing club. He said, he'll see how he feels. I went to the bathroom and got some water, and started to relax. It seemed that daddy had forgot how snide i had been on the phone the week earlier when he got mad and said he was going to punish me. I started to relax and think about getting fucked, rather than punished.

Daddy's roommate was away and I suggested we fuck in his bed. Daddy told me no, but one of his friends would be coming over later he wanted me to fuck, and he may have me fuck him there. Daddy called his friend and told him the slut who was going fuck him had arrived, and he put me on phone. I said hello. I was getting wet. When we hung up, daddy said his friend was on his over so he needed to fuck me first. He started to unzip his pants. I was nervous, daddy's cock’s so big, he would stretch me out - I was afraid his friend would not get off if I were too stretched out. Daddy said he did not care. He said he always had to be the first, and then the last, fuck. I opened my legs.

Daddy asked me I liked the fishnets stockings I had put on for him. I said, yes, don't you? He said, I want them off. If you like them, take them off, or I will rip them off. I said, no, let me take them off, I want to wear them for your friend when he comes over. He let me close my legs and take them off. I laid back and he put cock in. Slowly, thank god. He pulled out, then back in, further. Then out, and back in further. I was nervous it would go to far. I had not had cock in weeks and I did not want it to hurt. Daddy assured me, he would not hurt me - that he would go slow, and work me into his cock. He said he did want not to hurt his pussy cause he had a lot of fucking planned for it. He glided in and out, going a little further, a little harder, each time. My pussy juices building up and I asked for a towel. He grabbed one and lifted my hips and put the towel under us. He started to pound. I was ready for the whole cock and pushed back against it. I thought about daddy's big black cock pounding me, without a condom and was so glad he did not wait till after his friend was done with me. I knew I would use a condom with his friend and I wanted the raw black cock inside. I shot my load and soaked daddy. He said it was ok, I needed it because it had been a while. He then to get up and get ready for his friend who was on his way. I was worried that after that, I would not be able to come for his friend, because I would be just craving more daddy. But I got up, determined to be a good girl for daddy and washed up.

I put my stockings and dress back on and curled my hair. I freshened d up my makeup, and as I was trying to decide if I looked slutty enough for daddy I heard the doorbell ring. I answered it and invited Robert in. Daddy had told me we would be waiting in his office and that he wanted me to bring his friend to his roommate’s room. I led Robert upstairs. He said I looked beautiful and that he was so horny and that I should come to Brooklyn more often. We kissed. We stood at the end of the bed with the lights out, our clothes on kissing. Deeply. I hoped that daddy could hear me be a good slut for his friend. But even if he could not hear, I knew about the camera.

Behind him on the bookshelf, with a t-shirt thrown over it, was a night vision camera pointed at his roommate’s bed. So I knew daddy would be watching and seeing if I had been a good slut. Robert did not know it was there.

I sat down on the bed and asked if I could suck his cock. He said, please, and unzipped hi pants. I asked for a condom and rolled it on, while I sucked his balls. I put his cock in mouth and looked up at him. He had a smile on his face and I was glad I could be of service. He asked me to lie down. I moved up the bed and lied back as he took off his clothes. I spread open my legs and lowered himself on top with his cock entering my pussy. I thought about daddy and worried if my pussy was too stretched, but felt it go and I heard him moan. He seemed happy, and I hoped I was pleasing him, and daddy.

I knew Robert was married, and would not want to b e on film. I was glad his back was to the camera - or more so, that he was on top, pounding me. He lifted my legs over his shoulders and pushed in deeper. I knew I would squirt. It was not just daddy's cock that made me squirt. It was all black cock. I begged for more, more black cock, and he gave it to me. I shouted, I screamed, wanted daddy to know I was fucking his friend. I wondered if he could hear, and I shot my load; I squirted all over the bed. Robert said he liked it, he wanted more, he kept pounding and it started to build up again. I was going to squirt again. I was a slut. Daddy's slut, and he was having me fuck his friends. I shot my load again. Daddy's friend came. I wondered if he saw the camera.

When he left, daddy came in and got the camera. He said he anted to watch his slut fuck. At one part he turned to me and said, good slut. I got wet; He kept watching the video. At one point he turned to me and said, what are you doing? I had not realized I had started to touch myself. I snapped my hand back. He got up and said, you are here for my pleasure, not your own. I said, yes daddy. He took me to his room to fuck me. I laid back, anticipating the thick cock and the squirting that was ready to cum out. But he would not let me cum. He pumped my pussy and kept telling me I was not allowed to cum, that this fuck is for him. He would pull out any time I got close to squirting. I loved it. I had to hold back. He kept doing it to me i was so delirious I was on edge if he breathed on me I think I would have cummed he kept telling me don’t you dare cum or I am sending you home. I was never so turned on. Then abruptly daddy stopped fucking I was literally shaking I needed to cum so badly but I bit my tongue in asking daddy for release. Then I heard him tell me “you can go to sleep now slut”. Frustrated but I knew better than to argue with daddy I eventually drifted to sleep. It seemed like I had just closed my eyes. I felt daddies heavy dick on my face and him moving my body to position as he got ready to insert in me A rush of pleasure rushed to my denied pussy as daddy thrust into me I looked at the clock it was 4 am he was pumping me hard and good. I felt the familiar feeling coming back. I so desperately wanted to cum. Daddy sensed it and growled at me. You can cum now slut. I exploded and sprayed the bed and daddy my body shook it was so intense I was shaking all over. Daddy just kept on fucking me I don’t know how many more times I came Finally I heard Daddy say give me your mouth I scooted over to and open wide. Daddy grabbed my hair and shoved his cock in my waiting mouth and drained is juices in me.

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