Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Meeting European Couple

What hot night last night, I hooked up with “gbextrem” from Italy (members here). They flew in to NYC on holiday on Monday. We had dinner last night and met for the first time after a couple months of corresponding.
It was great to finally meet them "R" & "G" were real cool n laid back. It was their first time in NYC and "G" the female half of the couple did not speak a word of English nor did I speak any Italian but I managed to convey I wanted to fuck her lol. Actually her husband who speaks very fluent English was able to translate. Even with the language barrier she knew what I wanted. Half way through dinner my finger were creeping under her dress it had her blushing much to the delight her husband. Before dinner was over they presented me with two bottles of Italian wine, which I am sure I am going to enjoy later in the week. When we got back to the hotel room "G" was on top of me kissing we both were rushing to take our clothes off while her husband snapped some pics.I am a big boy and have bigger than average dick but she took it in her ass no problem we fucked for a couple hours. There is nothing like fucking a lady and she is speaking to you in a foreign language.
 Needless to say we had a blast, so much so she wants to have more black guys bang her out. So tonight I am picking them up from their hotel and bringing them back to my crib she has never had an all black gang bang so I invited 3 of my buddies from this group to come a long for the party hopefully I will have some pix and footage for you guys in the next couple days Ciao

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